(Early) Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I am quite aware that today is the 29th while Halloween is on the 31st, but I decided to write this today because I most likely won’t have power, and therefore I also won’t have Internet connection, in the next few days (7-10 days, dammit electricity companies) due to Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully the hurricane won’t hit this area too hard and nobody will get injured here (God forbid any injuries :(). Ironic how exactly on this day last year we had a snow storm.

For those of you who also live on the eastern coast, you probably won’t get to enjoy the holiday because of the storm. However, I wish you a happy Halloween anyway~. I won’t babble about how the cancellation of trick-or-treating would protect your teeth because that’s a lie, especially because you will get to consume a LARGER amount of candy without trick-or-treating. I don’t know about you, but I have bags of candy that I was prepared to give out and now they will all be mine to eat :P. High quality candy also: KitKats and Crunches ^_^. I refuse to give kids low-quality candy like Wonka or other brands. If you are going to let kids eat candy, at least let them eat some high quality candy. Simple anthropology.

Well, for those of you who are also from the U.S. but not from the east, have a good one! Stay safe; don’t get lured into people’s houses by candy. Now that I think about it, actually, isn’t Halloween a very dangerous holiday? Adults are giving little children candy o_o. Isn’t that what pedophiles do? o_O.

Stay safe nonetheless and enjoy your holiday. Or just stay home and enjoy the new AWESOME (not really) events in MAPLESTORY! WOOT! I think that’s what you would do if you are not from the U.S. anyway…

Well, have a good/safe one! See you (hopefully soon)!


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21 comments on “(Early) Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh dang Shakar you live near this hurricane too? Im in the heart of the hurricane right now and all it is, is really windy and a little rain this had too much hype :[.

  2. Shakar I expected more of you… I mean seriously you don’t say that there are kids watching you know? LOOOOOOOL jk don’t let pedobear get you 😀 hahaha jk jk I’m not for the US but we still celebrate Halloween in Argentina so Happy early Halloween and enjoy your teeth~ 😛

  3. Stay safe, and remember, hurricanes are tricky. They sometimes use fake kittens and puppies to lure you out so they can snatch you up. THE MORE YOU KNOW~

  4. “Well, for those of you who are also from the U.S. but not from the east, have a good one! ” What about those not the the US! The UK celebrate Halloween too ya know. :p

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