Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #41

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So, it has been a while. I totally forgot what MapleStory was, to be honest. No updates recently, nothing at all. I have to admit that for me it’s great; it allows me to focus on other things. Although from the picture above you can already tell that, sadly, I won’t be enjoying that for long.

Inkwell left the following message:

아직 잊지 않았지?

You still didn’t forget?

우리들이 남아 있다는 걸 말이야!

That we remain what we mean!

More Hyper Skills, kind of expected that to happen.

Enjoy your weekend!


21 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #41

    • Excited for it too, but knowing GMS, they will probably give everyone hyper skills, revamp them, then revamp all the other classes again, then finally throw in the pirate hyper skills along with a new thief class which they would promote much more.

  1. Lol, no wonder you didn’t blog for a while. I thought something bad happened to you. So next time try to tell us that you are not going to blog for a while =D

  2. Shakar just stop blogging I could tell you rather focus on more important things. It sounds like you don’t like blogging anyways

    • hi troll, i for one enjoy his blogging as it provides a fresh perspective to the game rather than max or the others so yea. keep it up shakar

      • gotta agree with you sir 🙂
        It’s almost like shakar is the only blogger that has the same perspective of the game as most of us have.

      • True that… Even though I already know the updates before he posts something, I always come here to read…. Idk y but I like how he writes stuff.

      • I never said I hated shakar. Its called a SUGGESTION. I said that because it feels like he would be happier to quit blogging since he always complains about posting big posts. AND he said he forgot about maplestory. He clearly likes enjoying life rather than blogging about a game hes getting tired of.

      • Do you even know what a troll is sir? He was making a suggestion from what he observed from Shakars new post.

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