KMS v.1.2.173 ~ Warrior/Mage Hyper Skills

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Unsurprisingly, today a patch arrived at KMS and it included the content that was up in the server a number of days ago. Yesterday, actually, another patch came to KMST and it added a couple of changes to warriors, but mainly Paladins. This KMS patch made them even more overpowered. I am aware of your desire to allow me to enlighten you with what went on, and thus I ask you to click on the link below to continue reading if you haven’t already.

Since I already began talking about the warriors being buffed, I will get that out of the way right now. The range of Charge Blow increased, while Advanced Charge got buffed. Damage => 400% per 2 hits -> 230% per 6 hits, Number of monsters hit => 6 -> 8. Blast’s damage was also increased, from 200% to a whooping 510% at max level! Remember, it still has 6 hits of 510% each!! I believe it’s a typo, however.

Aside from that, more Hyper Skill changes. They will all be updated when Nexon stops changing them (because so far, Nexon made changes on every single patch).

Along with the Hyper Skills, the Evolving System was added. Luckily for you and me, I already explained it in my previous post. Not much new information, except for the fact that the coins are from monsters/quests.

Now, I didn’t cover this because I thought it was an event, but now it seems like it’s an actual system. It’s called the Jewel Craft System. Basically, there’s a bunny placed in different towns:

You have to get 10 jewelery powders and an empty ring from the Thanksgiving event, and visit your local bunny to turn your powders into jewelery and combine it with the ring.

Lovely, we get to have one of the weakest rings in the game. But hey, it’s FREE and can have a hidden potential.

Another benefit to using the system is another gift; a box, received upon combining the jewelery powder. The box contains all the secrets of the ancient bunny civilization.

I’m sure many of you would love to see all those secrets. I’ll give you a couple of clues: 1 item relates to the sun, the way it rises (maybe SUNRISE), and some water or DEW. The second relates to their worst fears, the DEER, and what they did to the fallen, MILK them. Do not worry if you cannot understand my clues, it may take years but it will be worth the knowledge.

And what do you know, a new event was added to celebrate mid-autumn (more specifically, Thanksgiving). I don’t know about you, but it still feels like summer here ^_^. The event involves bunnies, autumnic animals.

Well, on certain days this month there will be 3X drop events. How cool, now I can obtain the rarest drop in the Maple World in just 17 years instead of 51.

Wait, it doesn’t even work that way. There’s still a chance that it will take infinitely as much time. MATH :|.

By definition, monsters are mean. In MapleStory, however, they give you Thanksgiving gifts! If you are level 13 or over, monsters will drop bags that contain the above items. Even a bunny Cash Shop weapon :P.

Also, if you are level 13+, every time the clock hits :10 or :40, you can go and fight a loom. The fight is competitive; you have to deal more damage than the other team. The reward is a box, and the amount you get depends on whether you won or not. Victory = 3, Draw = 2, Defeat = 1.

The box contains the above items, ranging from the classics (RM/SD, can’t even write it out anymore) to 3X or 5X Giant Potions. Everything is untradeable^^.

BUT WAIT, if you call now we’ll give you a second order for FREE. But WAITT! You will also get this bonus sticker.

No, really, wait. The fun doesn’t end there! At XX:20 and XX:50, you have a chance of killing papa bunny. The reward is 1 box, and the rewards from the box are shown above. All untradeable except the scroll/MMB~.

Then there are some events I don’t care about and hence you shouldn’t care about also because I am well aware of what would interest you as an average MapleStory player. Thus, after half a second of thinking, I decided to skip some of the unnecessary ones and jump right into this:

Woohoo, a puzzle! It’s called Yut Game. From all the events I listed above, you can get sticks. You can use the sticks to move around the puzzle and gets some awesome rewards.

The rewards are listed above^.

Lastly, there are challenging goals offered to you. If you complete them, you will get a 3-dimensional rectangular prism.

The amount of goals you complete yields to your rewards. 6 goals = hairpin, 7 goals = Magnus chair. 8 goals – medal.

Of course, you get boxes that have rewards. The rewards are shown above pretty clearly (well, when the picture is enlarged).

That’s everything I see on the website as of right now. I ask you to please direct your attention to GMS, who emerged with a new episode of Maple World World:


In a nutshell: KONY 2012 in MapleStory.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day (I know I will, going to sleep right now) and, perhaps, week! For those of you who don’t follow my twitter and are Jewish, happy new year!


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21 comments on “KMS v.1.2.173 ~ Warrior/Mage Hyper Skills

  1. Is it just me or does the KMS team seem to think that an update means to add either a new job or class, item crafting system, abilities, or seasonal bosses? Maybe if you’re lucky, a new area and some revamps.

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