KMST v.1.2.450 ~ Adventurer Hyper Skills (Part I)

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In MapleStory, no patches for more than a week yields to a gigantic one the following week. Yesterday, a giant patch hit KMST that not only added Hyper Skills, but lots of other things also. Yes, I’m almost 40 hours late, but if you want quality, you need to give me some time. Also, I’m taking the SAT’s AGAIN (NOPE, taking it over and over till I get as high as possible) on October and December, so until that time I’ll be very busy.

But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy what I had to waste my time to make instead of relaxing or studying.

Adventurer Hyper Skills (Warriors & Mages)

Hyper Skills are now finally added to warriors and magicians. And Mihile (I refuse to call that thing a class). Here they are:


Hyper STR: STR: +50.

Hyper DEX: DEX: +50.

Hyper INT: INT: +50.

Hyper LUK: LUK: +50.

Hyper Critical Rate: Critical Rate: +10%.

Hyper Accuracy: Accuracy: +20%.

Hyper Max Heart Point: MaxHP: +15%.

Hyper Max Magic Point: MaxMP: +15%.

Hyper Max Demon Force: MaxDF: +50.

Hyper Physical Guard: Weapon DEF: +500.

Hyper Magical Guard: Magic DEF: +500.

Hyper Movement: Speed: +10.

Hyper Jump: Jump: +10.

Epic Adventurer: MP Cost: 100, for 60 seconds, Damage: +10%, Maximum Damage: +50000. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Only affects adventurers in your party.


Advanced Combo – Reinforcement: Damage of each combo counter increases by 2%.

Advanced Combo – Bonus Chance: Combo Counter charge probability: +20%.

Advanced Combo – Boss Killer: Damage against bosses increases by 2% per combo count.

Advanced Final Attack – Accuracy: Accuracy: +20%.

Advanced Final Attack – Bonus Damage: Damage: +20.

Advanced Final Attack – Bonus Probability: Probability: +10%.

Raging Blow – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Raging Blow – Extra Targets: Amount of Enemies Attacked: +2.

Raging Blow – Bonus Attacks: +1 attack.

Rage Uprising: MP Cost: 200, Damage: 500%, Attacks up to 8 enemies 8 times. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Maximum Damage: 9999999.
^Effects: Effect, Hit/0.

Valhalla: MP Cost: 300, Duration: 30 seconds, Damage: +50, Abnormal Status Resistance/Elemental Resistance: +100. Cooldown: 90 seconds.
^Effects: Effect.


Threat – Persistance: Duration: +20 seconds.

Threat – Bonus Chance: Chance: +20%.

Threat – Enhancement: When you damage the enemy, DEF -20% for 8 seconds.

Blast – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Blast – Critical Rate: Critical Rate: +20%.

Blast – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Sanctuary- Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Sanctuary- Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Sanctuary- Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown: -50%.

Smite: MP Cost: 400, 500% damage to up to 15 enemies in front. Attacks stun for less than 20 seconds. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Maximum Damage: 9999999.
^Effects: Effect, Hit/0, Mob.

Sychlo Sungtiti: MP Cost: 600, completely invulnerable for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 600 seconds.
^Effects: Effect, Repeat,

Dark Knight

Hyper Body – Persistance: Duration: +20 seconds.

Hyper Body – Extra MP: MP: +20%.

Hyper Body – Extra HP: HP: +20%

Dark Force – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Dark Force – Critical Damage: Critical Damage: +10%.

Dark Force – Critical Rate: Critical Rate: +10%.

Dark Impale – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Dark Impale – Ignore Guard: Monster’s DEF Ignored: +20%.

Dark Impale – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Dark Synthesis: MP Cost: 200, Deals 300% damage on up to 8 enemies 10 times. Cooldown: 8 seconds. Maximum Damage: 3000000.
^Effects: Effect, Effect0, Hit/0.

Dark Thirst: MP Cost: {not available}, Duration: 30 seconds, Weapon ATT: +30%, Drain: 100%. Cooldown: 90 seconds.
^Effects: Effect, Effect0.

Arch Magic (Fire, Poison)

Poison Mist – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Poison Mist – Damage Over Time Persistance: Damage Over Time Duration: +10 seconds

Poison Mist – Damage Over Time Reinforcement: Damage Over Time Damage: +20%

Paralyze – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Paralyze – Damage Over Time Reinforcement: Damage Over Time Damage: +20%.

Paralyze – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Mist Eruption – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1 .

Mist Eruption – Ignore Guard: Monser’s DEF Ignored: +20%.

Mist Eruption – Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown: -50%.

Megiddo Flame: MP Cost: 500, Deals 700% damage to 1 enemy in front 6 times. Then, continuously deals 700% damage every second for 30 seconds. Ignores any attacks or reflections. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Maximum Damage: 9999999.
^Effects: Effect, Hit/0,

Fire Aura: Toggled Skill. When triggered, MP Cost: 300. Surrounds the enemies and deals 500% damage on them for a certain period of time. Ignores any attacks or effects of reflections.
^Effects: Effect, Hit/0, Repeat.

Arch Mage (Ice, Lightning)

Teleport Mastery – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Teleport Mastery – Extra Target: Number of Enemies Hit: +2.

Teleport Mastery – Add Range: Travel Distance: +100.

Chain Lightning – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Chain Lightning – Extra Target: Number of Enemies Hit: +2.

Chain Lightning – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Galacial Chains – Extra Target: Number of Enemies Hit: +2.

Galacial Chains – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Galacial Chains – Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown: -100%.

Lightning Spear: Key Skill. MP Cost: 30, Deals 700% damage on up to 15 enemies and damages them for 8 seconds. After 8 seconds, 100% damage is dealt. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Maximum Damage: 9999999
^Effects: Hit/0, Keydown, Keydownend, Prepare, Special.

Ice Aura: Toggle Skill. When triggered, MP Cost: 100, 20% chance to stance nearby enemies, Damage: +20%, Abnormal Status/Elemental Resistance: +20%.
^Effects: Effect, Repeat.


Holy Magic Shell – Extra Guard: Guard Count: +2.

Holy Magic Shell – Persistance: Duration: +5 seconds.

Holy Magic Shell – Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown: -50%.

Holy Symbol – EXP: EXP: +10%. Only applies to you.

Holy Symbol – Imbue Body: Abnormal Status/Elemental Resistance: +20%.

Holy Symbol – Extra Drop: Drop Rate: +20%.

Advanced Bless – Bonus Damage: Weapon/Magic ATT: +20.

Advanced Bless – Enhancement: Weapon/Magic DEF: +200, Accuracy/Avoidability: +180.

Advanced Bless – Extra Points: Maximum HP/MP: +1000.

Heaven’s Door: MP Cost: 500. Deals 1200% damage to up to 15 enemies 8 times, and at the same time revives any allies. Cooldown: 180 seconds, Maximum Damage: 9999999.
^Effects: Affected, Effect, Effect0, Hit/0 (failed).

Vengeance of Angels: Toggle Skill. When activated, MP Cost: 100. Magic ATT: +50, Monster’s DEF Ignored: +20%, Angel Ray Damage: +20%, Angel Ray Number of Attacks: +1, Maximum Damage: 100000, Attack Speed: +1.Only available for Angel Ray and Teleport.
^Effects: Effect, Repeat.


Soul Endure – Persistance: Duration: +20 seconds.

Soul Endure – Bonus DEF: DEF: +20%.

Soul Endure – Imbue Body: Abnormal Status/Elemental Resistance: +#%.

Shining Blast – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Shining Blast – Extra Target: Number of Enemies Hit: +2.

Shining Blast – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1.

Soul Assault – Reinforcement: Damage: +20%.

Soul Assault – Bonus Chances: Probability: +20%.

Soul Assault – Bonus Attacks: Number of Attacks: +1

Deadly Charge: MP Cost: 300. Deals 1000% damage on up to 15 enemies 8 times with a 100% chance to initiate Final Attack. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Maximum Damage: 9999999.
^Effects: Effect, Hit/0, Mob.

Queen of Tomorrow: MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 seconds. Damage: +10%, Maximum Damage: 50000. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
^Effects: Attected, Effect.

Sacred Cube: MP Cost: 200, For 180 seconds, Weapon ATT: +20, MaxHP: +20%, Taken Damage: 20% reduction.
^Effects: Effect, Repeat.

Cool! Not really, show me some buccaneer skills please.

Evolving System

Well, a new odd system came out along with the skills called the Evolving System. Before I get into what it is, I’ll give you a little background. First off, this new NPC was added to Edelstein, and guess who it is? Orca.

Remember Orca’s twin, Sue, and Dr. Gelimer? Well, they messed up a little bit…

Oh no! Sue escaped!

Haha, she’s destroying Orca.

Yep, she got owned.

What does this have to do with anything? It doesn’t. I think she wants you to go find Sue for her but I’m not sure (didn’t bother checking, just held “enter”).

Whatever, the lab of the Evolving World is open. That means that you can enter and see this guy:

ESS – Evolving System… Huh… Something. I thought I’d remember by now, but I forgot. Wow.

What he’ll do is help you get to the Evolving World. You can only enter 5 times a day for 30 minutes, so use it wisely! I also heard the EXP is good, so that may be good news for you.

Before you enter, you can design your map. You can add Cores, Monster Skins, BGM’s, Map Skins, and other buffs (i.e. EXP, drop, hard difficulty, etc.) to ‘design’ the map.

Here’s an example of a core^. I increased the drop rate, HP of the monsters, and changed the landscape. You can get those items from inside the Evolving World and then use them.

The map is pretty cool, it’s all made of neon. Also, there are lots of portals in each map, and it’s really tough NOT to get lost. So watch out! Remember, you can only enter 5 times a day.

The maps are pretty slick, they have different Neon monsters:

Each map also has different quests, and from the quests you can get Evolving Coins. The coins can be traded in the shop of the main map:

Stuff we don’t care about… Stuff we don’t care about…


Secondary weapons for everyone! YAY! BECAUSE NOT ENOUGH JOBS HAVE THEM!!

Actually, a new NPC was added (named Nebel) to sell secondary equipment for Adventurers. Wow, thanks for making shields completely obsolete.

Last few changes – Expeditions for Hilla/Zakum/Von Leon only require 1 person. Thanksgiving events were added, but that will be covered when it hits KMS.

New maps^^.

Champions update will soon come to GMS. Read about it here, or watch the videos:


Another one of… those. I couldn’t watch the whole video, to be honest. Why did they pick a girl with an accent? It’s a bit annoying to listen to (I 100% mean NO offense, I have an accent also). And sorry to point the obvious but the whole point of the last scene is to show that he was indeed fired, but he’s denying it, thus making the scene more humorous to men who haven’t been alive since the 1980’s.


Another video. Oh God, those effects. And those text effects.

Well, that’s about it for today. Busy, busy days. I actually hope the next patch won’t be as big as this one.


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45 comments on “KMST v.1.2.450 ~ Adventurer Hyper Skills (Part I)

    • No she is just more sexier in that picture~~~ Screw Angelic Buster. She is like a pink version of Hatsune Miku. And no i am no and Otaku

  1. Champions update is so stupid. GMS already has nebulites, which is like another potential. So altogether, people in GMS can have up to basically 5 lines. So rigged

  2. I agree w/ you Shakar on the text on these GMS videos…They’re terrible!! Thouuugh the Jett and Renegade titles weren’t that bad.

  3. Good luck on your SAT. Decided on your major?

    Question about Vengeance of Angels. What exactly does it mean by “Only available for Angel Ray and Teleport.”
    Does this mean you can only use those skill when VoA is Toggled on or only those skill are affected by VoA.

  4. OH YEA, finally I think I sense “Resistance Thief” a coming.

    Orca? or “Weapon X” or something that came out from Gelimer’s Lab and became all dark magic energy something something like Thief?

    POLEASEEE let it be Orca…. 😦

  5. Anybody else noticed Orca holds what looks like a “cane”?
    and she’s hovering, like SHE CAN FLY!! like peter pan?

    A flying dark magic using Thief/Phantom? Dark Phantom? OH SNAP!!!! I Jizzed my Jimmies.!!!

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t most of the skills within the Bishop’s skillbook unable to damage enemies? And don’t they only affect Undead type enemies? So does the Bishop’s HS affect ANY enemy regardless of the enemies’ type? Please explain.

    • What are you talking about? Bishops can attack anything besides monsters that have holy resistance. There are very few of those in the maple world. Holy Symbol isn’t an attack skill to begin with. It’s a party buff. The Hyper skill additions to it will effect the caster. I’m not sure if they will effect the party as well, need clarification on this. A few of them specifically say that it is not for the party even though it’s an addition to a party skill.

  7. Lol Shakar
    Didn’t know you were a senior in High school too 😛

    Good work, considering you should be focusing on college apps soon 🙂

    • Ignore him. He’s just another ignorant hater that don’t know where kms bloggers, including Max gets their patch sources from.
      Shakar extracts patches himself btw.

  8. Shields are going to have weapon potential now so they are not obsolete. Thanks for showing the shops for the secondary weapons and going more into detail about them.

  9. ooh i love the cute new mappies. (maps)

    makes me wanna bring out my half eaten crayons from grade skrewools and draw lines go up and down and squigglys to the bosses. How fun is dat? :3

    oh btw Mercedes in that new splash channel screenie reminds of Astarotte.
    X3 hnngh!!

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  11. Huh. Maybe I should have read this article first. That neon world looks kind of like Tron, in a way. I also like some of the Hyper skills I/L archmages get, especially those Chain Lightening bonuses. Now to calmly wait while Nexon America implements this into GMS.

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