KMS – Current Events

UPDATE: Posted this too early, Hyper Skills were released (didn’t notice o_o). That might come either later on today or even tomorrow.

As you know, there were NO patches for KMST or KMS in the past few days. However, that doesn’t stop me from annoying you guys about other things that are happening in KMS, small details that many don’t care about.

Hopefully the next post will be a little more interesting (but annoying for me), perhaps about Adventurer Hyper Skills. Can’t wait to see how Nexon can possibly mess with pirates by giving them a terrible Hyper Skill. If I have time, I will create a list of how many revamps each class got. Until then, I can assure you that pirates only had ONE, while every other class had MORE THAN 1. Nexon just doesn’t like pirates, maybe because it promotes unethical and illegal activities that children (and their parents) would not enjoy to engage in (but they like ALIENS, because they’re educational).

Drifted off-topic, as usual, but have no fear! I shall cover everything I wanted to cover below. Hence, I advise you to click on the hyperlink titled “Continue reading β†’” if you are viewing this post from the home page.

The signups for the 3rd term of KMST are up until September 16th. All you have to do is log in to the MapleStory website on Internet Explorer, visit this link, and click on the green button. On the pop-up, type your e-mail and click next. Good Luck!

Also, Happy Time event continues again for the 4th week. You know the drill, you get the above rewards for each day you log in the website and claim your reward.

There’s also a chance to get extra rewards, one of the above items.

You can guess from the comic above what I’m going to say next. On September 20th, Heroes and Novans can no longer be created. The spontaneity of the news shocked me, as I’m sure it shocked you.

Also, on a late note, please take a moment of silence (if you haven’t already) to remember all the lives lost in the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001. If you don’t know what I’m talking about (I really hope you are not from the U.S.), click on the picture above to learn more.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. I actually can’t wait for the long weekend, I didn’t sleep last night and my eyes are literally red and hurt really badly when I stare at the computer.

Stay safe! Enjoy yourself!


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19 comments on “KMS – Current Events

  1. Shakar, Pirates have had 2 revamps, no 3….
    1 being with the Adventurer rebalance. This was like 6 months before BB. Then they had a small rebalance with Big Bang. Then their 3rd one with Justice/Mutiny

  2. Yar, I be notice of thy revamps for Pirates matie…argh.

    Lets do a head count of how many revamps have occured throughout the ages of Maplestory

    Adventurer rebalance Pre-Big Bang

    Yet another rebalance Post BB

    Then came Chaos Balance or Nerfs for Dual Blades and Mechs IDK o_O?

    The came Jump/Ascension? (Warrior/Magicians/Archers)

    Then came the Advance of the Union/Alliance buffs/nerfs of

    Then Post Justice/Renegades we got what seems to be Thief and Pirates own Jump major Revamp (FINALLY RAR!!!!!!!! T_T)

    Dual Blade revamp/buff Post Justice………aka Mutiny patch with Pirates revamp, for GMSers

    Now, we got Champions (GMS version) (Warriors/Magicians/Archers 2nd Official major buff revamp i guess…) plus Evan/Aran’s 3rd revamp or buff….

    So yea it seems to me that Warriors/Mages/Archers and Evans/Arans get the most revamped classes out there.

    Dual Blades, Legends, Resistance, and Cygnus had like 2 major revamps, and maybe a 3rd small revamp

    then lastly Thieves and Pirates… had like 1 and only 1 major revamp… IDK

    but yea Nexon seems to like thier Swords, Magic and Bow and Arrow type classes more than anything, and if you think about it makes sense.

    Power/Def Tanks, Magic freaks, and Crit Long Range Freaks… i guess its an Asian thing.

    Thieves are and were a big hit thanks to Narutards.

    Pirates get the least amount of love cus its a Western Culture thing. Asians dont give a crap for Pirates, they like Ninjas and Samurais and Magic nerds….enuff said.

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