KMS v.1.2.172 ~ Maple School

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Well, not much was added since the KMST patch. In fact, only 3 new pets and an event were added. Let’s gooo!

Well, first things first, I never told you all the rewards of the box. Aside from the infamous Reindeer Milk and Sunrise Dew, you can also get 80% Chaos Scrolls, Armor for stats 60%, banana buffs, personality traits potions, transformation, secret recipe, enhancement scroll, white scroll 80%, or potential scroll.

And I did mention a new event. The event goes like this: Every day, there will be a discount on a specific Cash Shop item. For example, today there’s a 50% discount on Miracle Cubes.

You are only limited to buying a specific amount of that item on sale!

As I mentioned previously, 3 more pets were added. Like every new pet, they give you skills. +3/5/7 ATT for having 1/2/3 of the pets, respectively.

Well, that’s about it for this patch. Nothing more for me to talk about, frankly. On another note, Mihile came out today.  Remember that there are Cash Shop specials until the 12th, and that there are 6 days of 2X EXP.


And can’t forget about this video! Maple World World is only getting better and better :).


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22 comments on “KMS v.1.2.172 ~ Maple School

  1. Shakar if you can you should remove the “first” and “second” comments. Enough people! Leave the space for someone whit something to say.

  2. I will not relect slimm as mayor. He let aliens invade New Leaf City and is bearly doing anything about it. Plus his recent fiscal policies have made signifcant cutbacks in quest rewards

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