KMST v.1.2.449 ~ Maple School

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As predicted, the Maple School event that was recently added to GMS from TWMS now came to KMST. But, of course, Nexon Korea can’t just accept content from other MapleStories without changing it! And so, they did.

At first, you will get an event quest that will send you to the Maple School and add ANOTHER event icon. When you double-click that icon, you will see your progress:

The event is divided into 7 chapters, which are a piece of cake to finish. Hence, the EXP isn’t that great. Surprisingly (although, we are talking about KMS so not-so-surprisingly), however, the rewards are (well, relatively great):

The badges above can be obtained when you have a specific amount of ‘Your class was good’ Stamps:

You get a specific amount after you complete a chapter. Note that you can do each chapter over after you complete it.

The badges above can be obtained when you have (from left to right) 10, 20, and 40 stamps. +5/8/10 all stats. They only last for 5 days (+_+).

When you finish all the chapters, you’ll get a medal that adds 8 Weapon/Magic ATT, 10 Accuracy, and 8 Avoidability. Lasts for 30 days.

And a 30-day (of course orange and not green, NEXON) mushroom mount.

Now a little bit about the chapters. In the first chapter, you have to hit the reactors at the top and get tools to fix the chairs/desks (the NPC’s). Note that the ghosts deal high damage and you can’t use potions (although that might just be a glitch. In fact, this whole event is glitched) or deal damage on them.

By the way, on some chapters, there’s a cooldown on potions.

In the second chapter, you just have to kill some evil-looking purple slimes and get microphones from them. Psh, that should take you 5 seconds.

The third chapter requires you to kill a girl (oh no!) and get music sheets from her. You can tell it’s getting hot in that picture^.

The next chapter requires you to kill the cats. Kill those kittens. The kittens will drop crayons, and you have to paint the picture to clear the chapter.

After you slaughter some cats, you have to kill the big, bad gingers and protect the cooking pot for 2 minutes.

After that, you have to kill 20 rats and kill one cat (Nexon and their memes):

The Robin Hood cat actually takes a bit of time to kill, so be prepared.

The final chapter requires you to kill the shirtless (yet ‘jacked’) guy. Do it, so easy. You also get the most amount of stamps from this stage.

Aside from stamps, you also get a Level 7 Maple School Box. Guess what the box contains?

Just guess.

No really, please guess.

Actually don’t, Guess is way too expensive.

Well, here we go…

I’m going to tell you the rewards…





Thumbs up if you didn’t guess it right (3 ups, 1337 downs).

I should also mention that you can only enter up to 10 times in one day. Any time after that requires NX (Nexon, oh you!). Unlike GMS, however, the EXP is TERRIBLE. Looks like nobody will pay NX to enter.


UPDATE: ANOTHER COMIC! I spent extra time on this but I think it turned out pretty bad:

^Click to enlarge!

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41 comments on “KMST v.1.2.449 ~ Maple School

  1. loooool same here. It’s hilarious how Nexon Korea can’t make content really good, so they just add godly items ( 10+all stats badge) and reindeer milk and sunrise dew to make you still want to do it.

    • =um yea… more like godly Temp crap…

      in fact its like this…

      Nexon: “We give you Carrot on Stick? okay? You like carrots yes?” “now Hop Hop around for us, be our NXbitch, waste more of you moneys, and ruin your life, Thanks yous” herpderp…

      Us People: FUCKINAHSJDHJK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAGE!!!!!!!! NEXON, YOU LYING PIECE OF SHET!!! YOU RUIN MY LIFE!!!! (Adam Sandler reference from Bullet Proof)

    • who fucking cares? its like who fucking cares about fags that yell,

      IMA FIRST TO COMMENT on new thread BETCHES, RAR!!!”

      Seriously people like you need to get a job and get a life. Its utterly stupid.

      anyway rant aside… here comes another rant or two…

      Okay as it looks whats done with Tempest is done….

      But honestly I wished Luminous and Angelic Burster’s class types were switched.
      (Luminous = Light/Darkness Pirate with a Angelic’s soul knuckle’s special ability to absorb dark or light energy, Kinda like the gaunlet in the Onimusha series)

      and as for Angelica, (well shet+fml), everything about her
      SCREAMS “Mahou Shoujo” or “Magical Transformation Girl with
      Moe~~Moe~~Kyun~<3", (K-ON! reference)
      and yet shes a FUCKING PIRATE?! To an otaku maniac like myself thats just BLASHPHEMY!! LOL

      but whatever KoreanNexon… sometimes I wished Japan was the original creators of Maple. They would have made it so…much…cooler in a traditional sense.

      Hence Hayato and Kanna which IMHO the best thing to come to Maple EVAR!!!

      • oh by the way Shakar, youre not considered a fag if YOU yell out FIRST in your own blong… 🙂

      • Dude, It’s kms who made Hayato and Kanna for jms..
        I read it somewhere and it makes perfect sence to me, gms failed making a jet, so the only good char making server = kms 😀

        And btw to me it makes perfect sence with the pirate being ab, and lumi being mage.
        Looks at their skills they screen the classes that they are, and i know the ab has the classic anime girl with huge hammer and transform look, but that just means it’s gotten more “anime like”, that’s got nothing to do with being a mage, cus that’s not mage like in anime’s either.

  2. shakar, when the job adv. changes were implemented with the 10 30 60 100,
    did you see if the character card deck changed to those values also or are they still the same pleas reply^^

  3. No offence but I loved your blog so much more when you weren’t trying to be funny. I still love your blog but its not as great anymore, seems like your trying to hard to gain fans.
    It worked out for alot of people but just not for me.

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