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It wasn’t released yet, but I just couldn’t stop myself from posting about this due to all the fail associated with the class. Let’s start with the video above. There’s a reason to why the top comments are “This video gave me cancer.”, “I want to punch him in the soul…”, or “The only good part was the sexy girl at the end.” Frankly, that was probably one of the stupidest video I have seen. The way he said “Soul” and “Mihile” (by the way, I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all this time), in addition to his overall lamitude (he tries to ‘act black’ but he fails at it. The beginning of the video, “Mihile’s got soul, baby,” etc. Big fail.), made me go:

[Taken from this video]

The ending wasn’t amusing, and the girl wasn’t that hot; you guys act as if you have never seen an average-looking female +_+.

“Fill yourself with souls.”

No thanks.

But hey, it doesn’t end there yet! MapleStory had another post about Mihile.

>”For Black Wing eyes ONLY. Mihile is the target of our organization-wide surveillance efforts.”

Cocaine is one hell of a drug… What does Mihile have ANYTHING to do with Black Wings? In fact, he was just a kid when Nineheart & Cygnus discovered him and had NOTHING to do with Black Wings.

>”..all reports indicate that he will return to the Maple World…”

RETURN? HE WAS JUST BORN WHEN WE START THE STORYLINE! And, ever since he began training with Nineheart & Cygnus, he NEVER disappeared!

Whoever wrote this, you are NOT Charlie Sheen. You can’t bang 7 grams of rocks and be normal, so don’t even try it. Kids, don’t do drugs.

So, that’s the highlight of his features? 1 fact about his appearance, 2 Beginner skills, and only 1 4th job skill?

And they showed a picture of Soul Blade and Echo of Hero, yet they didn’t mention the skills.


Apparently, the update is called New Dawn. The fact that they call every PATCH a new name is incredibly stupid. For example, we referred to the 6 updates of Tempest as ‘Tempest.’ When it comes to GMS, each of the 6 patches will have its own name. I mean, the patch of just the pirate revamp and Hilla had its own name (Mutiny).

And Dawn? Mihile is the knight of light, so I guess that’s somewhat fitting. The light rises during dawn; makes sense.

For some reason, that made me Laugh Out Loud.

*Caution: Highly dangerous, does not cooperate with authority.

“Does not cooperate with authority,” HAHA, so bad-ass.

As for everything else: Damage => Doesn’t look too high to be honest, Agility: Not true, the skills’ delays are high, The Soul Shield Thing: What, the hell.

BUT HEY, GUESS WHAT? 2X EXP AND DROPS THIS WEEKEND! Ohohoh I got sniped so hard; I always made fun of Nexon for being unoriginal and repetitive in their events (my comic) but they sure proved me wrong.

[Credits to aslemn => Southperry thread, BasilMarket account]

As a result of the working habit at Nexon (which you can see above), the following changes will occur on September 5th:

As we announced back in May, the MTS will be permanently removed at the end of the summer.  This is a reminder that you have until 11pm Pacific on September 4th to remove your items from the MTS.  Any items remaining in your MTS inventory after the 9/4 maintenance will be deleted and cannot be retrieved again.

MTS goes boom boom. So get your stuff off of MTS right now.

I don’t think I’ll cover Mihile when it comes to GMS, just saying.


UPDATE: Woot, worked on my 2nd comic since you guys loved (hehe not really) the previous one:

Click to enlarge^^.

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68 comments on “GMS – Mihile

    • DUDE your humor sucks! Stop it already! The ONLY people that actually like it are other kids like you! -_- If you’re going to hate and trash talk about Global MS quit playing or even posting about it! I KNOW you have to approve comments before showing up on public and most likely you wont accept this 🙂

      • LOL, you don’t have to come here, you know.
        I want to hear some humor from you. Please, I’d be delighted to hear how funny YOU are. And by that I mean dedicate an entire post for this. You can paste it on and you don’t have to include images, I’ll figure it out.
        I hope you’re not as stupid as this guy. You better hope you win; you can’t just trash-talk about someone and say that you can do better when you really can’t.
        Good luck. I’ll be waiting for the link. If you want to keep it private, by no means, you can contact me via e-mail at
        ~shakar96. The guy you decided to visit the blog of only to mock his ways.

      • Uhhhh yeah but shakar does have a point >.> I wouldnt be suprised if nexon was run by dogs. They did say they were trying to fix mts but really nexon just gave up and decided to tell us this three months later O___o

      • I guarantee you are a kid sitting in your room with no friends who needs to pick on people more popular than you to feel important. You are scum, nobody needs you. Quit life.

      • Oh he actually did accept this.

        The only reason I come to your blog is see the kms information. I also go to Max’s blog but he doesn’t constantly post shet about Nexon for every little thing you didn’t like. Also unlike you my humor comes natural.

        P.S: you’re starting to rage/rant/cry more and more in each post, than actual information.

  1. 2nd, finally MIKHAIL. I find it so stupid that GMS renamed Mikhail, an epic russian-like(probably) name to a corruption of it: Mihile. Well, *aawfhakjfLgfj*.

    • It has always been Mihile. The Cygnus Knights instructor that was named Mikhail in KMS was named Mihile in GMS.
      Except for the Cygnus boss’s summon, which NexonNA translated to just Mikhail.

      • Ikr, it’s been Mihile since ever, but, just, wtf. This is a wtf-able thing you can wtf whenever you feel like wtf-ing something.

      • a joke i would have used is why would they say he doesnt cooperate with authority. MAKES SENSE THE GUY ONLY WORKS FOR THE RULER OF THE WORLD

  2. Thank God you’re not covering the Mihile update… getting tired of the side comments… I’m actually here to know about the update, not what you think about it… You say Nexon is repetitive? Try looking back on your previous updates and see how much you repeat stuff over and over… and way to jump on the “meme” band wagon dude, way original…

  3. Oh boy, GMS jacking up another class. I am not surprised. I don’t think the video was funny at all, if even they’re trying to get to that point. Just because you act “black” doesn’t make it funny. It makes you look stupid.

  4. hahahahah. Shakar, your funny as hell. As of Mihile, Seems alright, but gms is so dam dumb. THEY THINK BLACK IS FUNNY, what dumb little fags. Btw love the comic :P.

    stupid shakar, now my stomach hurts out of laughing so hard… specially for that GM Fido (now i know why Server Maintenance lasts that long: they can’t stop sniffing each other’s ass). xDDD The division by zero comic was pretty clever too, there’s no better way to describe the: ” GMS Exclusive Content”.

    very nice post, and don’t even pay attention of those that complains about your humor, no one can satisfy the 100% of the people. but still you have a lot of people that will keep coming back.

    also, on a side note: i don’t even understand why people complains anyway… We all know the GMS team can’t handle MS, there is always something that fails, breaks, or leads to exploits or something, customer support is a joke too, and it’s not a secret that they only want to squeeze as much money as they can from players before they realize how things works.

  6. This is sad, why do prepubescent jersey shore/beiber fans have to come on various blogs and just simply bitch? i am willing to put up money that there are 100+ ways to find out about updates, if you don’t like one specific source, GO TO ANOTHER SOURCE. srsly, also, LF> Resistance thief.

  7. Hey Shakar just read the hate comments above and wanted to say. dude ur blog is really good. its informative and humorous. dont stop doing what you do because u are appreciated. ps:i like ur brand of humor

  8. I really could care less a out this new char… Not much into warrior jobs + have a dawn warrior I don’t need another that can reAch 4th job. Btw does anyone else find it dumb that they made only 1 of the KOC into a 4 th job thingy! I mean granted it would be dumb to have 4th job for other jobs but this wasn’t that great ether. Is warrior revampm coming out at the same time? This is crap compared to kiaser grated stuff from now sucks anyways compared to the “future” … (now in kms)
    Keep up tue good work but I can’t read some stuff in hour comic=s plz make it clearer thx

  9. Your comic= absolutely hilarious. You need to make more of these. You are super creative and hilarious, thank god I’m subscribed to your blog. XD

  10. Alright, that girl is clearly good looking. The fact you say you don’t find her hot just lends to the idea you’re trying to come off as cool for saying you don’t think she is. Which she clearly is.
    Also yeah, that comic is appalling. I liked the text humor but it’s just so off putting when there’s ugly half-assed stick men everywhere. You can clearly make better stuff than that; since the lines don’t even meet on 90% of the images you can tell you weren’t even trying.

  11. nothing but trolls, herpderps, faggotry and utter stupidity reeks of this post. rofl

    only part i like is the Asian dude goin suicideo, which i would do after vomitting at all this immature drivel.

    and i like the GMS World World dude trying to act funny it was Epic win video.

    (ps not that you guys would give a shiete about my opinion, but i guess that feeling is mutual herpiddyderpcerp :p)

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I dont find shakar’s humor funny but I like his blog a lot because its not just a plain old boring blog like most bloggers do. And because he doesn’t just talk about events and updates only and when he shares his opinions they’re USUALLY true… I hope this sounded like a nice compliment? O___O

  13. Shakar >.> love your posts !dont listen to those C*nts!!!!!!!
    hope enter your website and know about KMS updates that should take place in future in GMS & help me make some ME$0$ …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thx for all Good Luck ,God speed!!!SHAKARRRRRR!!!

  14. …what? He wasn’t trying to act “black”. He was trying to act “hip”, as in, by using 70’s lingo and vocal cadence, as well as gestures derived from the disco era, in which Soul music was a thriving genre, as well as the high-pitched voice over used in repetition, which was thematic in retro films. Seriously, if you think that was “acting black”, then you should get out more.

    …and then the memes… Oh dear lord with the memes… It’s like Reddit’s plunger or something… There’s criticizing a localization team’s effort, and then there’s just plain bashing. It’s funny at the beginning, but then it just keeps going and completely kills the mellow…

  15. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the Mihile class. I mean, alot of people were bitching after Phantom that they wanted a new job, so they threw one together so that they could cool down while Luminous and Kaiser were being made. Though Shakar, I can see where you are coming from with this blog.

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