KMST v.1.2.447 ~ Mystic Bosses

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As predicted, Nexon released a patch today that not only released the heroes but also released Mystic bosses and changed Silent Crusade. Unfortunately, midnight ban hit quickly after I logged in so I couldn’t record the fight, but I still got some pictures.

So, two new “event” icons were added. The bottom one is something we don’t care about for now:

Marine/fruit/fossil. Museum event. It’s dumb anyway.

The one on top of it is what we care about. It teleports you to the maps that have Mystic bosses:

There is a boss in Henesys, Pantheon, and Leafre.

You’ll be teleported to wherever you choose (in this case Henesys) and you’ll see this new, evil-looking window. Enter it and accept some quests.

The boss only appears every 20 minutes on a random channel. Thus, it’s pretty hard to find (not in KMST but in the real MapleStory).

The bosses include Zakum, Horntail, Von Leon, Hilla, and Arkarium. Although any environmental factors don’t apply (i.e. – potion cooldown), it’s still pretty tough to fight them.

The bosses are EXACTLY the same as the original. Same attacks, same HP, same damage, same everything!

How did that affect me? A level 107 Kaiser? Well, let’s explore my experiences with those bosses.

I got completely nuked by Hilla, who constantly dealt really high damage on me.

Von Leon? Psh, with no potion cooldown, I completely destroyed him and his mother. Along with a trick I found:

When I stood there at the top, he couldn’t touch me. Yay. I managed to completely solo that fur ball.

Horn Tail was not to bad, I ALMOST soloed completely his left head…

Until a couple of people joined in and the head was down within a second.

Arkarium? Well, he destroyed me. Constantly healing himself and 1-HKO’ing me.

Hence, I only managed to defeat 3 bosses – Zakum, Horn Tail, and Von Leon.

At the end of the fight, you’ll get a specific amount of those USE items above. The USE items mainly contain Silent Crusade Coins and Deer Milk/Sunrise Dew.

In addition, there is an Attack Rangking. Yes, Rangking. The top attacker gets a medal:

– Von Leon: +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 STR.

– Hilla: +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 DEX.

– Arkarium: +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 INT.

– Zakum: +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 LUK.

– Horntail: +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +500 MaxHP/MaxMP. Has 3 heads but still forever alone.

Also, when you defeat a boss, you’ll complete one quest. When you complete ALL the quests, you’ll get the following medal:

– Mystic Gate Researcher: +5 All Stats, +3 Weapon/Magic ATT.

By the way, none of them are temporary. Nexon, I’m proud of you.

Two more things that were changed were Helisium Tower and Silent Crusade. First off, Helisium Tower quests are now useless; you can fight Magnus without doing any. Also, some changes were made to some mobs.

As for Silent Crusade, a number of level 115 equipment were added to the shop, and the new Mystic Bosses are a part of Silent Crusade.

The new equipment are shown above. Note that only 3 of the items shown above (everything but the earrings) are a part of a set.

In addition, it seems like the Red Leaf High, which is a new event in GMS that came from TWMS, will be hitting KMS. Since KMS can’t stand being derivative, it will probably turn it in to a theme dungeon or something. Or make it in any way better. A couple of maps were added, you can check it here.

There will be 7 chapters. Oh boy, can’t wait.

Image galore:

^subscribe to OTP or die.

^Approve accounts and no characters can be deleted (what… That seems so stupid).

^Can’t change 2nd password. That’s also stupid.

Lastly for today, some Hyper Skills changed. For the most part, only text changed and Evan got its Hyper Skills moved from 10th grow to 9th grow.

More information after midnight ban ends. Bye!


By shakar96 Posted in kMST

32 comments on “KMST v.1.2.447 ~ Mystic Bosses

  1. The medal says “Cygnus” but Cygnus isn’t one of the bosses you fight, it’s Hilla…
    Just wanted to point that out.

  2. You put Horntail twice on the medals.I believe the first one is Arkarium .
    On another note: Does that mean we can use the icon to teleport to Henesys,Leafre, and Pantheon at anytime, wherever we want?

  3. Uhm, I think I found a mistake.
    Where you list the medals, you list two Horntail medals.The first one is Arkarium, not Horntail.

  4. “Nexon, I’m proud of you.”…
    Well, that’s something i certanily weren’t expecting to see here…

    Oh, it’s KMS… wait for GMS to bring that and nerf them bad to defense or something like that and have the time limit on them.

  5. hey shakar just asking, will GMS get Mikhail? Cuz it stupid if they dont then KMS will have an exclusive class meaning that GMS Jett will look terrible compared to Mikhail.

    • Nexon likes to release things in summer and winter mostly being new jobs . So following their already predictable patter he should be out this winter which would mean temptest is next summer?

    • No, I actually used Gigaslasher. The skill attacks 12 times, each of which deals about 13k damage. That’s ~150k per attack.
      Don’t forget that Gigaslasher is a holding skill (or whatever it’s called, like Rapid Fire), so I managed to use it a number of times per second. It still took long but it wasn’t too bad.

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