Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #like over 30

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DAFUQ IS THIS? They are all (all the heroes, at least) back, AGAIN? I’m starting to get tired of those “oh make as many characters of the new job as you can, we will never bring it back” and then, a month later, “Oh, we are giving you a second chance. BUT WE WILL TAKE IT AWAY AND NEVER BRING IT BACK SO SPEND ALL YOUR NX!!!!

Honestly, I really feel like Nexon is trying to mess with me sometimes:

True story by the way^.

GAH. Well, all Inkwell left was “We are back!”. *Oinks*. Yeah yeah, all the temporary jobs are back in business. Great.

Enjoy another boring weekend of summer.


By shakar96 Posted in kMS

24 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #like over 30

  1. 4th, no wait, am I third if the same person who’s first is also second? Bullshit idk. All I know is there’s most likely going to be hot times for the hero classes and servers are going to be flooded with Phantom and Mercedes noobs.

  2. Sharkar, can you please make a different header? My mom thinks I’m looking at some perverted hentai website whenever I visit…

  3. Its funny how people could make Luminous(es) and now they have to wait ’til it gets re-released with the other heroes. GJ Nexon.

  4. So whens the next Major 3 or 6 parter Update gonna be? lol

    Special 3rd Job Bowman?
    Thief Resistance?
    Other 3 Novas?
    Other 4 Chief Knight Cygnus NPC/Characters?

    I think Tempest is a bit of a drag compared to the oh so successful Legends update, and i guess Justice was good too. and Jetts PWNS ALL

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