KMS v.1.2.170 ~ Magnus

I was waiting for some events notes for Magnus, but there were none. All they gave was the patch summary and the Hot Time events notification. That Nexon.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the Magnus patch~

Magnus was released and a lot of things were revealed about the fight against him that I didn’t discuss when it came to KMST simply because nobody knew (i.e. his rewards). Let’s start with what we already know, however.

First off, Magnus is found in Helisium. Helisium is a new dungeon for levels 90+, but all we care about is Magnus.

You can reach Helisium by going to the top-right portal in Pantheon.

OR you can go to the top-right portal of Dimensional Portal.

More about Magnus. He was a traitor of the Novans, you have to help them, blah blah that kind of thing.

To fight Magnus, you have to recapture Helisium HQ by surpassing the Tyrant Citadel and confronting him. If you are a Novan, you’ll get a quest to kill him. You don’t have to be a Novan to fight Magnus, however.

To fight Magnus, you have to be level 100+. The party can be of any size.

There are also two different modes: Normal and Boner Hard. You can enter both modes as many times as you want, but you can only FINISH Normal mode once per day and Hard mode once per week.

There’s also the Death Count system that you see above, which we discussed in the past. If you die 20 times, you are done. Just quit because he will destroy you.

Magnus also has a zone of his own, which is pretty unfair. You can only deal damage on Magnus and use potions if you are within the poles/pillars.

What truly sucks is that he can change it as much as he wants, forcing you to get even closer (dayum) to him.

Next system he has is the Bombing System. He has 3 types of bombs: Green, Blue, and Purple. Green = takes 50% of your HP, Blue & Purple = instant death.

Another thing attached to the Magnus fight is a tool that sprays Sleeping Gas. When you are caught in Sleeping Gas, you can’t move, use skills, attack,  or even use potions. You can escape it if a party member has Dispel or Shining Redemption.

Magnus has several attacks that we barely care about but I have nothing better to say. Keep in mind that you can click on the images to see the animations (waste of my memory, to be honest):




^Aerial Stump.


^Aerial Breath.

Magnus also gives some pretty sick rewards. One of them is the really cool 2-handed sword I talked about (a nerf’ed version, at least) that adds 50 on all stats and 250 Weapon ATT!!!! He can also drops Tyrant equipment such as the ones above. The one on the right (Altair Nova, +50 all stats, +30 Weapon/Magic ATT, +150 Weapon/Magic DEF, 2 slots) is the one you get from Hard mode, and the one on the left (Altair Runt, +30 all stats, +17 Weapon/Magic ATT, +70 Weapon/Magic DEF, 1 slot) is from Normal mode.

Guess what else you can get? That’s right, COINS. You can trade the coins for Tyrant equipment.

That’s all for Magnus.

Azwan returned. Hold on, let me look into my pocket and see if there are any damns in there that I could possibly give.

*BRB*. EDIT: Problems – pocket is wet (and it’s NOT water). EDIT 2: LOL I’m not actually editing this post. EDIT 3: I THINK I FOUND SOME! EDIT 4: Oh wait that was, uh, something else. EDIT 7: Could not find any, sorry.

I know you guys love Hot Time Events as much as I hate them, so let’s go over the rewards that you will never get because I will D/C all of you on every single upcoming Hot Time events.

Just kidding. The first Hot Time is on the 18th and the rewards are: 20 Tempest Coins, 100% Lucky Day Scroll, and Milky Angel chair. Only 10 people per server will get a 5-star enhancement scroll (30% chance of succeeding). On the 19th, the rewards are: 20 Tempest Coins, 50% Vicious Hammer, and 100% Additional Potential Stamp. Also, 10 people per server will receive 100,000 Maple Points.

Er, those dates kill me. It’s so sad, I just wasted another summer doing nothing. By nothing, I mean it. NOTHING. No studying, vacationing, or anything at all :(.

To cheer me up, please post how you spent your summer below. It really ticks me off that I did nothing.


UPDATE: I also forgot to mention that the Red Leaf High event was added to GMS.

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27 comments on “KMS v.1.2.170 ~ Magnus

  1. Well, for me is even worse, since I start school February and July was an one-month break, and it follows a quarter grade system, so basically I’ve tests which I don’t fking remember the content -_-

  2. Dat sword will probly be 2,1 bil, but the lack of slots might convince people to get a godly empress sword instead. Also, for summer I went to Korea.

    • You got a point there. No doubt that is an epic sword ( looks fking awsome to) the lack of slots would make it quite useless in the hands of a funded person Who could easily make thier own and Chances are in gms already have made Thier godly empress swords. Also if you can’t pot it kinda Nubish other then for looks to have. On a side note does any one know if you can pot it? Or even enhance it by any chance? Regardless of any thing any one says I would want that sword. Looks awsome and I’m poor =S so would be good enough for me.

  3. thank you someone just like me. i did NOTHING this entire summer. in fact i would be excited for school if i didnt have to wake up so early.

    • Eh I dont WANa go back =[ plz mommy nooooo! Spent 1/2 my summer school for an extra credit and rest on maple farming ren coins.. So nothing worth while =s

  4. shakar, is there any chance that you’ll talk abit about the 2 new exclusive classes for jms?
    It seems like they’ve done some nice job (well, considering to Jett >.>), I heard that they interest alot of ppl and it’s hard to find some translated information about these two.
    If it’s alot of work for you, maybe you can make a poll i order to see if it does interest alot of ppl?

    • It’s a lot of work for me >_<.
      By the way, the jobs aren't too exciting to be honest. They deviate from the classic MapleStory jobs way too much; you can tell a Japanese thought of those jobs (even though they were developed in Korea).

      • Those jobs interest me a lot >.> I like kaiser more than hayato but hayato is still awesome, and kanna is freakin awesome and way better than lame OP angelic burster. I don’t think you should talk about them though, because thats what japanese maple blogs are for..

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