Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #37

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“Phantom’s Beautiful Finale” (Pronounced FEE-NAL-EE):

“언제나 마지막을 장식하는 건 바로 나, 팬텀이야!”

“His finale is always the last decorated thing, Phantom’s!”

I’ll pull a Shakar and call it a new job. I’m obviously kidding, you have to be completely blind and stupid to call it anything but a Hyper Skill that belongs to Phantom.

Great, another ultimate added to all heroes and Novans.


By shakar96 Posted in kMS

17 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #37

  1. oh and im more excited for the more powerful 3rd/4th job skill than i am for these stupid ultimates… also im psyched for the passive skills as well

  2. Nexon is revamping the older classes and adding a 5th job to all of them?

    Nope, they’re just tacking some ultimates onto a few of the newer classes and calling it a day.

    And so power creep continues marching on.

  3. wow most of you r all so negative and boring, sucking the excitement out of everything. i for one thing these skills look awesome

  4. I was so excited for hyper skills until I found out that theres a level requirement to get each skill. Hell to the no Im not leveling my aran and all the other heros to level 200 😡

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