Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #36 & KMST v.1.2.445

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

Another entry by Inkwell, showing us the skill that was recently added to KMST to Luminous. I was actually hoping to record a video of me using the skill (through hacks), but it seems like it will be released soon enough anyway. Funny, it’s supposed to be Luminous but the girl in the animation doesn’t even have a Shining Rod :).

Well, he left the following message:

“빛과 어둠의 힘이 만날 때, 비로소 나의 힘을 알게 될 거야!”

“When you see the power of darkness and light, only then you’ll know my true strength!”

As for the KMST patch, nothing interesting really. First, Magnus was changed a bit.

A new Death Count system was added to Magnus. Whenever a party member dies, a count is added. If it ever reaches 20, Magnus becomes stronger. Another new thing is the fact that now you can get back in the game and get your ass kicked once again whenever you die with no EXP loss.

Azwan also returned. Not too many changes. In fact, only some mobs had their HP’s and EXP’s lowered but that’s about it for the monster changes. I think it also mentions that the Honors EXP required for some levels lowered. The rest is just a description of Azwan that we don’t care about.

[Click to enlarge and view the LARGE animation]

Hyper Skill previews were added. The above is just an idea of an Hyper Skill, but it’s pretty legit. Hold on, isn’t that girl the one who sang with Angelic Burster?

The window for Hyper Skills was also added. You have a reset button at the bottom left, and there are 3 types of skills:

[S]trength (강화) => Stat strengthening
[P]assive (패시브) => 3rd/4th job skills enhancement
[A]ctive (액티브) => New active skills.

Remember those types from the Tempest Meeting Preview?

^Demon Force things

^Some Hyper Skills obviously have cooldowns.

^Recommended skill.

^That book is a classic.

Well, that’s all for now. More about the Hyper Skills really soon!


36 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #36 & KMST v.1.2.445

    • What the hell are you saying?
      First, in the patch, only Heros and Novas will get the Hyper Skills.
      LATER: EVERYBODY gets Hyperskills. But LATER.

    • demon slayer maybe use both fury and hp since fury’s gauges 120 at lvl 120 unless they can raise the gauge it,but who knows i may be incorrect but i hope they use both cause it makes more sense since having a hyper skill at lvl 140 and use both since some buff you need hp and other attacks you need fury. 😀

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