Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entries #33 & 34

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You have probably seen this entry in other places and this image in the background. The entry was accompanied by a small patch in KMST that didn’t do much but remove the useless MP bar from Angelic Burster. I was not at home either but, again, no important information anyway.

So, for this entry (the “older” one: Angelic Burster Photo Shoot & Interview), Inkwell (well, Angelic Burster) left:

“누구나 꿈꾸지만 아무나 표현할 수 없는 아름다움”
“제 열정을 여러분께 소개할 시간이 무척 기대 되요.”

XoXo AngelicBurster

“Everybody dreams of beauty, but not anyone can express it.”
“I look forward to meeting you with passion”

XoXo AngelicBurster


And now the newest entry:

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Titled “Exclusive to the public! Angelic Burster’s Secret Room”:

신비한 매력의 엔젤릭버스터! 비밀스런 그녀의 방 전격 공개!

The mystical and charming Angelic Burster! Her secret room is surprisingly open!

Yes, Angelic Burster stuff. I think she might be a tad better than Mercedes (appearance-wise). And Cygnus. COMBINED. WITH MAKEUP ON.



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18 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entries #33 & 34

  1. I actually prefer AB before make up. Pink twin tails (or whatever they are actually called) are just not my thing. My favourite character for looks is Crow; if only he was female…

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