Tempest Meeting Preview

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For whatever reason, Nexon decided to give us a preview of the 4th update of the Tempest update. No KMST patch yet. As you know, it’s mostly about Angelic Buster and Hyper Skills~

They start off with the recent update, the Angelic Buster update. 1. She’s an idol and she wants love (that crap again). 2. She uses a Soul Shooter and a Soul Ring. 3. Two systems => Soul Charge (damage increases, cooldowns removed) system and Dress Up system (transformation).

[Click to view the animations]

Then they give us info about the Magnus update. They said the bossing style is unique, but that’s what they say about every boss.

[Click to view the animation]

He also has two attack systems: Bombing and Zone Control. No info about that other than the animations.

Magnus also drops level 150 equips. Yay.

That’s his map, a new theme dungeon (dammit Nexon), filled with cats and unicorns. An Internet dream coming true.

Now, they babble about the Hyper Skills again:

1. You get them at level 140.
2. 3 types => Stats strengthening (passive), enhancement of 3rd/4th job skills, and new active skills.
3. Initialization of your skill set is free. However, the price increases as you reset your skills.
4. Only heros (? Could be warriors also. Why would they show us an Aran preview?) and Novas have it. Other jobs will get it later.

[Click to view the animation]

Aran Hyper Skill^

[Click to view the animation]

Kaiser’s Hyper Skill^

Update is coming to KMST very soon. VERY soon.


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18 comments on “Tempest Meeting Preview

  1. Aran is a hero, that’s why they gave his hyper skill…
    The 5 heroes + the nova classes will get thier hyper skills in the 6th update, the rest must wait.

  2. Cool. Finally level 150 equips..
    I’m still curious about future Novas (mage, thief, bowman) and the other misterious race.

    Thanks Shakar, ur the best 😀

  3. to say the truth im realy disapointed. how this update is bigger than bigbang? just new classes and bosses all the time. i thought it would be 5th job or total game revamp like bigbang. screw u nexon

    • Heros and Nova are getting them first. They are focusing on the Heros first because they are … well … the Heros. They defeated the Black Mage with their power, so therefore they are getting their Hyper Skills first. Nova is getting their Hyper Skills first too because they are the new classes therefore it means less of a revamp 😛

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