Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #31!

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ME GUSTA! Yay, another (hotter) wallpaper~

Oh you care about what he left? That sucks, because there’s nothing new. “Battlefield’s Idol, Angelic Buster.” Blah Blah:

상큼 발랄 그녀의 데뷔!

Her fresh, youthful debut!

Debut again? Fresh? That Nexon…

But hey, new wallpaper. Sucks that it’s pretty small. That’s all I cared about.


P.S. – There’s a new event for the Kaiser figure that Nexon made:

What they’re doing is moving it to different locations in Korea at different times. The locations are:

  • Caribbean Bay- 7/28~7/29 at 8:00 A.M. to 23:00 P.M. (what)
  • Haeundea, Busan – 8/4~8/5 at 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Yep, just two locations.

If you see Kaiser, you’ll get a badge with a code on the back and, if you redeem it in Cash Shop, you’ll get a full “Epic” set.

Dolls and tumblers will also be given out in the event.

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31 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #31!

  1. I wonder if the guy beside Kaiser is going to be a Thief Nova Job, his NPC char in game seems to be holding some sort of giant dagger or something o.o

  2. I personally like her ‘old’ look (the right side) better. Not all colorful, but nice and plain. I like dat.

    Also, what’s with the perv looks of Kaiser and the other guy? (left)
    Inb4 lovebuff

  3. i hope ur kidding when you say ‘hottter’ cuz u getting turned on by that stupid sht is pathetic!1 u must be real ugly oxoxoxo

    • I’m not kidding. I guess you don’t get turned on because you haven’t reached the age of liking females.
      Do you still say “ew” when you encounter girls? Because of you do, and you play this game, you’re pathetic.

      • I am like so shy to talk to hot girls. To not good looking girls I just speak to them straight without any hesitation ha ha. And yes the Angelic Buster is hot considering its a Maplestory character. She is the 2nd hottest figure in Maplestory while General Hilla is first. Well in game graphics and all Angelic would win but from pics and all Hilla wins.

      • I agree it may be a bunch of pixels in your eyes but for most guys it makes up a very arousing picture . Not saying I’m turn on by it but still she is good looking even if is just a drawing. Now you Wanamaker talk about hot girls from anime look up Yoko from Gurren Lagan (English name forgot original) she turns any straight guy on

  4. No new info again? SERIOUSLY?!

    By this time before Luminous and Kaiser we had a pretty good idea of how much ass they’d kick. Is Angelic Buster just a cocktease, a pretty class who’s really shitty and unoriginal like Jett? Is…is Angelic Buster really just a carbon copy of Jett?!

    This secrecy, it is unnerving.

  5. how do you translate korean/ japanese im interested to do it myself since i started playing jms p.s Jett sucks Hayato rules

  6. 23:00 PM = 11:00 PM (time system that almost the rest of the world uses, besides good ol’ America)

    although, if you’re using a 24 hour time system there’s no need for PM….

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