Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #30

Another one, no extra information:

상승하는 미소녀력!
전장의 아이돌 엔젤릭버스터☆

Rise of a beautiful girl’s force!
Angelic Buster, the war’s idol ☆



P.S. – For those of you who haven’t seen it:

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25 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #30

  1. I’m really sad that there isn’t a 5th job. And they invented that hyper skill thing. Is there still the possibility of a 5th job?

  2. I don’t how they muster up the details for a 5th job. Imagine all the names, the skills, the animations, creating a 5th job would require a shet load of work. Not to mention you have over 9000 different characters to create a 5th job for each.

    I mean think about it. What do you call a Dark Knight for 5th Job? Dark Knight Master? or Darker Knight? Dark God Bringer?
    and Advanced Dark Impale? Super Dark Impale? Super Maple Warrior?

    I mean its like DragonBall SF shet. and Super Saiyan 5 6 7..10 crap.

    anyways Hyper Skills is the best and realistically reasonable thing for Nexon to do,
    plus you get them at lvl140, Hyper Skills I feel is like having 3 or 4 more skills in 4th job. Just more EPIC!!!

    okay im done, please hate nicely at my “i have no life” comment 🙂

  3. Max has some info on a new boss stronger than the black Mage
    And there being a race called high reps on grandis

  4. Can someone explain the kaiser storyline to me? Like I saw the tutorial and I had no idea what happened during the whole cube struggle

  5. No new info?

    Inkwell’s probably just too busy jerkin’ it to Angelic Buster. But then again, AREN’T WE ALL?

    Goddamn Nexon Korea, keeping info about Buster’s abilities secret after the letdown that was Kaiser.

  6. Wtf!! This character is so copied from Grandchase’s character Amy! Both Amy and Angelic Buster are pop idols, have pink hair that looks the same . Nexon, where’s your shit creativity?

  7. @Copycat

    Haven’t you noticed that angelic buster isn’t a pop idol and they both have COMPLETELY different weapons and attacks? The only similarity is their hair -_-

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