KMST v.1.2.441 ~ Kaiser Storyline


UPDATE: There was a mini patch today. There’s more information about the Pirate Nova!

Enjoy this video for now. I’ll leave my extractor on and I’ll check it either today or tomorrow. Although, aside from storyline (I’ll explain it tomorrow or a day after for sure), this is it in a nutshell -> Character slot max increased to 18, emblem added to Kaisers [and the Nova pirate] (in fact, they have coordinators: . Not sure what those are, though, YET), 4 new potential stamps and a miracle cube were added, and 3 new pets.

The Miracle Cubes adds Additional Potential:

Pretty much another line (or two, two is the max) of Rare, Unique, etc. (any potential rank) on an item that has a potential. Thanks KremeChoco of for the image and explanation~.

Also, a new NPC (3000109) named Angelic Buster was added:

And a new picture:

Enjoy and see you~


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