Inkwell’s Diary – Nova Pirate

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Yeah, I lost track of what entry number it is, LOL. This entry is about the Nova pirate that we were introduced too last post. DAMMIT, she has wings also (which are translucent, or semi-transparent) -_-. Nexon America -> ALIENS. Nexon Korean -> DRAGONS WOOHOO FOOTBALL. Oh wait, the people of the Nova tribe ARE dragons… o_o.

That noob Inkwell left:

메이플 월드가 열광할 전장의 아이돌 등장 임박!

The Maple World loves the approaching appearance of the war’s idol!

Penis. Never mind, I have a better outro ->The Kaiser update (v.1.2.167 ?, v.1.2.166 will go out live tomorrow but it’s not the Kaiser patch. Although,  the Kaiser update might just be a mini patch) is in two days. KTHXBYE.


P.S. – Had no better outro 😐 FIXED.

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26 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary – Nova Pirate

  1. Is this Nova Pirate coming out as at the same time Kasiar will? Are they making a Nova of all classes all at once? 😛

  2. Fixed. Sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused…
    Oh wait, I didn’t cause any. Males like penises (therefore they always draw them everywhere and laugh like donkeys) and so do females (sex organ of the opposite sex).

      • 4chan -> Animated GIF’s (18+).
        There is SOME anime porn (which is romance, in a way). Most of it is not, however.
        Well, those are GIF’s but if you’re happy with pictures, I think there’s a section under the 18+ section.
        IF NOT, just go to Reddit and look for anime porn.
        lolwhat o_o

    • You may be surprised, but you can find a lot of that also. In fact, I have a book about butterfly, flower, and human sex. I’m sure there’s also a book for whales.
      But since you request whale PORN, you can just Google it. It’s under animal porn.

  3. Hey this looks awesome! Look at the weP kinda looks like a claw(for thieves) but since it is pirate making me think it’s a new wep gun knuckle ? Combinng both pirate weps into a fist cannon. Looks promising! Korea nexon don’t fail me now… And as said before looks a bit like mega man. Wonder if they use dex or str I think str?

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