KMST v.1.2.440 & Nova Pirate Hints

Well, there was a patch yesterday and today there was another one. It was relatively small; only a couple of maps were added to Pantheon. However, a lot of information was added regarding the Nova Pirate. The above image is not really related, but it’s another Inkwell’s Diary entry. Here’s what he left:

압도적인 힘의 도래, 하이퍼 에너지 대방출!

An overwhelming force is coming, hyper-energy release!

Also, the members of the Henesys Secret Diary (AKA people who bought the most NX) got this message (got it from, thanks):

Now, I have no idea what the Inkwell’s Diary entry is about. It looks like a revamped Aran (in fact, the same Aran dude is there). And the girl in the picture above seems like the Nova pirate~. I’m saying this because I kind of thought it would be a female (KYRIN IS A FEMALE INSTRUCTOR, MY LOGIC IS AWESOME). Plus, this new item was added:

It’s a brand new type of gun or whatever that is! And uh, there’s also this shield:

Well, every single new job has a shield nowadays so that’s not a surprise.

As for the KMST update, there were just a couple of skill changes and more Pantheon maps. Blah, meh.

Except this new image^. Another image that was added is the Kaiser vs. Magnus picture that we already saw. Come on, release the tutorial already…

And here are the skill changes:



Kaiser (Beginner)
Echo of Hero -> Exclusive Spell.

Kaiser (1st)
Dragon Slash
Second Strike Damage Increased by 10% (40% max level -> 50% at max level).
Third Strike Damage Increased by 10% (50% max level -> 60% at max level).

Kaiser (3rd)
Number of Enemies Hit Decreased (8 -> 6).

Will of Sword (Transfiguration)
Damage Decreased (500% per hit for 3 hits at max level -> 300% per hit for 4 hits at max level).
Number of Hits Increased (3 -> 4).

Kaiser (4th)
Blue Streak
Range Decreased.

Sword Strike
Explosion Number of Hits Increased (2 -> 4).

Advanced Will of Sword
Damage Decreased (500% per hit for 5 hits at max level -> 400% per hits for 4 hits at max level).
Number of Hits Decreased (5 -> 4).

Nova’s Champion
Duration Increased (240 seconds at max level -> 900 seconds at max level).

Will of Sword (Transfiguration)
Damage Decreased (500% per hit for 7 hits at max level -> 400% per hits for 5 hits at max level).
Number of Hits Decreased (7 -> 5).

Massive nerf, it had to come. More nerf’s coming soon.


UPDATE: Pirate Revamp was confirmed to be released on August 8th! Link.

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67 comments on “KMST v.1.2.440 & Nova Pirate Hints

    • Scine I can’t reply to your other comment, watever.
      Look, first characters to have shields were ONLY the 1h Warriors, Bandits or the Mages. Now there are, what? 2 More classes with a shield? This the 3rd?
      Look, others eather are 2Handed (In fact, 7 Classes have no Shield, the rest got ACTUAL shields or Sub-Equips( PhantomCards, MercedesArrows, etc.)

      • Mikhail the April fools joke. im just getting tired of shield equips everywhere.On a Jett,Dragon Warrior,Kasier,Lumi,Mech,etc it just getting annoying how like nexon is putting more job after the legends update

      • Well then shoudnt they balance stuff out NAND give adventurer classes sub weps? Like for bucc a sword? Sin and gunnerrs can have their star and bullets vs wasting item Inv. Warriors caan ha e steriods

      • hahahahahaha warriors can have steroids lol i could imagine that but in my opinion if the first nova class has one all of them should have one

    Obiously, the animation is for Aran. Maha AND polearm? xP
    I guess it might be some type of hint for…. -gasp- 5th job?
    Well, seems too… powerful for 4th job. Hmm…

    Anyways, seems like our Nova pirate is directly from Megaman-Starforce!
    Really, a Dragon-looking Buster? Inb4 Speaking Dragon Soul.

    For the hairstyles, I’d say 3rd. 2nd is too much like Kat&Ana, 1st and 4th are meh.

      • If it’s 5th job, it’s weird they give a hint from Aran. It would make more sense for explorers. I hope 5th is for all classes not just for Aran/Heroes

      • You’ve probably already figured this out by now, but I’ve figured out that the Aran skill in the GIF image is a new release called the “Hyper Skill.”

        Every class is getting one at level 140, but only Aran’s and Mercedes’s have been shown so far.

        As for my source, I really don’t have one–but I assure you I speak the truth. Do a little digging around if you must.

  2. If arans are going to get revamped again then NX is being stupid. Arans are like one of the easiest to fund class to hit max and also one of the strongest ones unfunded… I think arans should get nerfed… This isnt just fair if they buff the arans.

  3. The skill changes do not count as ‘massive nerf’. The massive nerf will come a bit later. I mean, the main skill for each job advancement did not get nerfed, and Dragon Slash even got a slight improvement according to the post. In any case, I hope for some kind of an exciting new event/exclusive content for GMS though, since the Renegades Festival thing has become so mundane already.

  4. Arans haven’t interested me since I found out they played like street fighter, with all the annoyances that timing one’s button mashing entails, while every special attack depletes the entire combo meter instead of simply using part of it up like Demon Slayer’s DF.

    However, the lovely new Nova pirate interests me. Until she comes out as another temporary class and I lose interest in her event based nature.

    Because fuck event based character creation.

  5. Cool a new pirate. But like said looks kore an aran revamp or something if ask me. The maha dude is there in the last animation plus since when do pirates use pole arms. Tho technically bucks can hold anything and still use summer sault kick. I myself from 10-30’use a pole arm cause gave me more DMg this was when they first came out tho

    • I actually would not mind an Aran type pirate: can use sub wep of a sword? Not that I want to hit 1 button over and over agian I like just holding down a button once. But would be nice to c combo attack like Aran. Like kick boxing bucc less arms more leg action=P

  6. I bet everyone thinks its a gun..but a blade will actually come out of well as lasers cuz theres always lasers now

  7. wether its 5th job or a heroes revamp i hope mercs get lightning flare back, that skill was SICK looking. also they should change the animation of the water fairy back to the dragon, that looked sooooo cool!

  8. This will just be a revamp for aran i think /Remember that aran/db/mikhail/evan/the legends are ressiricted in kms 😛

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