30 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #25!

  1. Here is my idea of the story. The people from that place of Nova, w/e it’s called, were a quite society. They stayed away from the outside world and praised the supreme beings called the Dragon Lords. To protect these dragon lords special warriors were trained (the Nova race). They all got gifted with the power of one of the supreme dragons. Then, there was one Nova person thingy, that went rouge. He heard of the great power that was the Black Mage, and seeing how he, Magnus, also wanted power, he decided to join the Black Mage and try to conquer the world with him, and he became a Black Mage General. Since Magnus is so power hunger, he doesn’t care who he has to take out to gain more power. Even if that means taking out Guwaru (another Black Mage general). Now, he is fighting against his own people (Nova), because he now works for the Black Mage, and Nova is trying to stop him…

    … so much for “evil” jobs :/

    • no no, real story is, magnus was a bastard mum was a dragon woman and dad was demon slayer, than they abındoneed him and magnus went to black mage, mage accepted him and staretd to mess around, later than he found orca’s sister alone and raped to her she died.. guwaru saw it and said “mwhahaha ima gonna tell it everyone lullzzzz” magnus killed him. ta daa done.

  2. This is off topic but image tht pantheon was the introduction to the maple universe. You click on the world map and it shows the maple world as a planet and pantheon as another planet next to it. As time goes by nexon will add more planets to go to—

  3. —-also when the picture of the sanctuary came out i noticed it had lots of moons in the background. It may sound a little stupid but i think its a pretty intresting idea

  4. So Magnus is a new boss. Which was obvious once the new class was revealed to be Kaiser. Apparently, though, the battle will take place in the new area which can be seen in the background.

    Seems like it’ll be a Kaiser exclusive, though. Which effectively makes it crap, since Kaiser will soon be nerfed and thrown out with the trash. Unless Nexon introduces PERMANENT new content, I stand unimpressed. Is it really so hard to, you know, not make new content event based? The direction they’ve taken Maple, I absolutely hate it. It’s pure gambling and events now, and that’s terrible. There’s no longer the sense of stability the game used to have, where your class wouldn’t suddenly suck/disappear. Equipment didn’t have a larger influence on damage than the class’s abilities. And the gap between the lucky gamblers and the everymapler wasn’t huge.

    This bipolar MapleStory needs to change. Same new content, but with the old ADD IT PERMANENTLY attitude.

    • I would think that once all the Heroes were released they would make it a permanent category, like adventurers or cygnus knights. I think this would solve the problem. Same if they ever release the Resistance Thief class.

    • Could be that Magnus and kaiser are brothers. But Magnus was the younger one making kaiser heir to a throne(of nova)? Like how mercedes is a queen? So Magnus runs off to the black Mage because he is power hungry , 2nd born= no throne , and clearly he doesn’t have a big enough sword( if you know what I mean) .

  5. Just as a guess here, but since there is the new 6xxx class file, does that mean we will expect more of these Nova classes? This is basically a DB Warrior – I am scared to see the next ones. A magician with hurricane? :S

    • I’m confused about the “A magician with hurricane” comment, I’m not sure if you’re saying it sarcastically/ in a “Bet you they won’t do this…oh wait” kind of way or really haven’t seen the skill “Spectral Light” for Luminous…

  6. Jetts FTW 🙂
    Solar Array’s vertical range is flippin SUEWHEATTTT!!!!!

    Phantom’s (Magic Gaurd, Karma, and Holy Symbol) skill stealing combo buffs is EPIC!!

    So I dont understand why everyone hates on Jetts.
    It has Double Jump, where you can jump twice to go higher than a Demon Slayer would, and Solary Array is overpowering with 500% dmg in 2 hits, plus that godly veritcal range that can hit enemies from top and below. And I havent even hit 4th job on Jett. Wow!! lol

    okay haters…. HATE!!. 🙂

    • Let me also add, double jump may reach and may jump as high as a Mechanic could in some certain maps. Sorry if you are cringing your teeth and pulling your hair out as you read my annoying posts, but Jett’s double jump + Solar Array and Missle’s Rush attack are so much FUN!! XD

      Still it sucks we don’t have Pirate Revamp. 😦
      Whats up wit dat?

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