Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #24!

I KNEW IT. If you saw my Kaiser post, you have already seen the new Pantheon server that is coming out soon. It’s actually the name of Kaiser’s home town.

The entry is named “Residents of Pantheon,” and it shows some of the residents in the image above. Last entry (look at my last post), they showed us what the town itself looked like. Now they show us some other Kaisers (THE HORNS GAVE IT AWAY).

Here’s what he left:

신비에 둘러싸인 노바 족 주민들을 만났다.
2012년 7월 26일! 판테온에서 펼쳐질 그들의 이야기가 기대된다

I was surrounded by mysterious people when I met the Nova tribe.
July 26th, 2012! The stories from Pantheon will be revealed.

Okay cool, it might be released in the next day or two. I might not be here.


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