KMST v.1.2.438 ~ Kaiser!

UPDATE: New Inkwell’s Diary entry added!

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I seriously hate when they do that, show us a hint of a job on one day and release it on the next. I also hate how it’s ANOTHER new job. I already covered 3 jobs this summer, and we already know of at least 3 more that will come in the future (a pirate from the same race, the Nova race, and the JMS classes). +_+

Anyway, this patch added the new job along with changes to Luminous’ storyline (finally can pick between darkness and light). That will be covered later on today, because there’s a lot of info about Kaiser. Crap, this job has so many skills +_+. Luckily, though, each skill is small (not a lot of translations, but still a LOT). Let’s go.

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