Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #21!

“Crossroads of Destiny,” why do I even bother -_-. Needless to say, this entry is about Luminous.

돌이킬 수 없는 운명의 갈림길! 선택은 신중히!

Cool white space

Irreversible crossroad of destiny! Be careful of what you choose!

Yeah cool NOPE.

Now it’s time for random stuff. First, this was a TV commercial about Luminous:


Uh, yeah, who cares. Doesn’t give us any info.

And remember, there’s Hot Time event today. The rewards are: 1 Character Slot, 1 Happy Lucky Day Scroll (+10% success rate on scrolls, untradeable), 1 AP reset scroll (lasts for seven days, tradeable within your account).

Tomorrow, you can get an SP reset scroll (tradeable within your account), an enhancement scroll (untradeable), Positive Chaos Scroll 50% (untradeable), and 100 per world will receive a hair coupon. #YOLO

So uh, that’s all I have. Enjoy your weekend I guess.



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57 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #21!

    • By the way, does any1 have a video of Inkwell’s conference with subtitles translated? And… Is it possible that we get the 5th job adv due to job adv lv. arrangements.

      An event with 1 Happy Lucky Day Scroll… This is new right?

      • +1
        I love how Shakar is always so negative in a funny way, but this is too much…
        Seriously, no comment? NOTHING?????

      • What do I have to say? They showed us like 12345673241035465706540321346789 pictures of Luminous and the two sides already -_-.
        Enough, we get it. Show us some info of the new job.

      • It’s just info that we already knew, and an event that has happened alot. Not much to say about this… I think it’s weird the inkwell’s diary is saying things that aren’t knew to us… clues of what we already know.

    • Actually I didn’t rush on this one. I mean, there’s nothing more I can write.
      I can write an essay about Luminous and the entry but that’s just redundant.

      • To be fair, look at what Max is doing. he covered the same post but stayed neutral. I get the feeling that you have some kind of hate towards Nexon. Which = Facepalm

    • dont bother reading them… guys if you dont like shakar’s blog, dont follow it. if you want to here orangemushroom’s side check his blog out, its very nice. in fact, if shakar was to post the same things as orange mushroom then there would be no point in shakar’s existing. guys, shakar offer’s comedic relief to boring patches and unoriginal content. Shakar’s blog has character and if dont like the negative attitude (even though posts here are hilarious) then just go check out orangemushroom’s. They cover the same things, just with different opinions

  1. is that means you can actually choose being a white magic or black magic illuminous? or… just gimmick game, again?

  2. please don’t come to shakar blog just to say bad things, shakar have one of the best blogs, if you don’t like him, is easy, just don’t come here, shakar ever make good posts, usually if he said the update is bad really is, he have his only way to post, some people don’t like, but if you don’t like, go read others maplestory blogs, in the internet have a lot of them and shakar i like so much you blog, dont change because haters.

    • Agree with him… The only thing I actually don’t like on the blog is the comment section full of haters 😛

  3. What can I say? Your attitude has changed a lot recently, Shakar, everyone has seen that quickly change, and no one likes it.
    Before your attitude was happy, or just normal, now all your posts contains hate.
    Luminous lack of information (Derpxon) isn’t a logic reason.
    What’s the matter?

  4. This could be a sign for 5th job telling us that we can choose to have our dark powers take over or to have our light power take over. The Luminous we previously saw may come with tweaks to make it seem more appealing to the player.

  5. Right. Luminous is the Black Magician after having his powers sealed. And the final boss is actually the Black Magician of the past. No new info here.

      • They’ve been hinting at it from the start, with the glowing eyes of doom and him wearing the Black Magician’s robe in the ToG comic, not to mention his black magic and the appearance of his dark half in the commercial.

        Because it would be unrealistically coincidental for their to be a black magic user completely unrelated to the Black Magician. And the final boss doesn’t seem the type to settle down and start a family, which rules out Luminous being his son. Them being brothers would just be lame. “OH LOL WE FORGOT TO MENTION DA BM HAS A BRO!” Just…no.

        Between Demon Slayer and Dragon Slayer, there’s already precedent for bad guys hanging up their evulz for the sake of ADVENTURE…or just ulterior motives. And it would explain why the last hero is a mage. Because the Black Magician is one, too.

      • I wouldn’t rule out what he’s said just yet. With the last update to Neo City, and with the Silent Crusade’s questline; it’s become more and more apparent that there is a large influence of time travel (or lack thereof) with the Black Mage and his seal. I’d like to keep my mind open and see what Nexon does with this.

        @Anon – Keep on thinking outside the box. One of us speculators is bound to get something right one of these days~

    • YES! If luminous is the black mage, he can’t be the L class. SO, the pirate hero (L class) is about to come!! I like luminous but I was so disappointed with the fact that there were 2 mage heros and no pirate hero!

      • And, in the end, there will be 6 heros (in the present, not in the past)
        Speculation FTW! ^.^

  6. shakar has info on this post look, at max blog it doesn’t even have the event and video. So all you guys who said shakar rushed look at max(sorry max if your offended by this)

    • what are you talking about max’s blog already had both the video and the events posted a couple days ago

    • Max already has the video in his last post, and hot times aren’t important to announce, since the majority of viewers on this blog are from GMS anyway.

  7. honestly shakar no offence but i read your blog because sometimes you post before max or have info that he doesn’t, but i have one thing to say to you. don’t like maplestory don’t play it. don’t make a blog about it. if you do like it you don’t show it. seriously you know a lot of people don’t like you or your blog, i mean it’s okay if yours is different from max but you don’t gotta be an a-hole all the time like seriously it looks like you hate kms and gms, so like try and be less of d-bag

    • And I’m sick of people getting bothered by his so-called ‘negativeness’. You can stop commenting on it since you know he won’t stop. Just like how he should stop playing Maple Story and writing blogs if he doesn’t like it, you people should stop reading his blog and posting useless comments if you don’t like it.

      Guess what, sometimes he has information that Max doesn’t have as well. He also takes the time to make more detailed posts or gets out of his way to do something Max didn’t do in some cases.

      I’m not being bias, as the same can be said for Max. That’s the reason why I read both blogs (as well as other sources of information, but nevermind that). It’s funny seeing you pointing out Shakar’s flaws when they’re flaws most human bloggers possess. Also for being a huge hypocrite.

  8. @ Herp a Derp : Max posted the video in one of his earlier posts, makin HIM the non-rusher. And about those events, I’m not sure what Max posted about it, but KMS has tons of events and this is just another Hot Time. Do not forget that Max is like always the first one to post new info about KMS.
    I’m not saying that Shakar is a worse blogger, but he just has a different perspective on what to post and how to present this. I personally only dislike his negativity on things.

  9. What if, during the final black mage fight (god knows when that will even happen), there is some element of PVP involved? Like players can fight with another depending on whether you chose to fight for the light or chose to fight for darkness. Cos like what someone posted a few posts back, 5th job may provide skills based on whether you chose light or darkness. And Luminous could just be a prototype based on this thesis.

    Perhaps the new 6xxx jobs could be something of like a permanent bad guy, someone who will fight for the black mage and support him till the very end. On the other hand, perhaps there will be a separate race to be permanently good, and im hoping it to be the resistance. The 5 heroes could have gotten their powers corrupted while they got sealed, and the adventurers could pretty much choose for themselves. KOC? Well they did fall under black mage in the future right?

  10. Y’all needa know something. Shakar is a JOKE. If you wanna play KMS too, just go to That’s what this little shit did, and even there Shakar is laughed at and trolled. He just gets his info from them. Whatta little douche.

    • Are you retarded? I made my own account. And all the info is in the official MapleStory website and common sense. By the way, I play KMST so I get to understand and learn everything beforehand. You fail.
      WolfRaven, I’m ashamed in you. You got it all wrong, you’re the big joke here, not I.

      • I’m with Shakar… Most ppl go to blogs before going to leafre. And most ppl only know leafre cause of blogs like spadow, shakar96, and max’s blog

      • shakar u rock!!
        even if ppl say u sucks cuz u negative dont listen..its good!! it makes me LOL sometime 🙂

      • actually, nexon removed KSSN part& Cellphone number from the Registration, so u can sign up for a free nexon kr account

    • you are such a douche bag wolfraven, get off this blog and never post your comments here again because nobody wants to read them.

  11. Everyone needs to stop complaining like foreal.. its just a freakin game you come to a blog to get info, not to get mad if the blogger has different opinions than you lol

  12. Well I like shakar really i do he sais things how it is like this post we already know about this hero light and darkness we have that information and the vid lets just be honest its SHIT O_O i’m not really the comments type of person but some people just make me sick with always talking bullshit about you :S if they dont like ur blog just GO TO ANOTHER BLOG !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Visiting websites one doesn’t like, just to complain about said website.

    Truly, the MapleStory community is made of stupidity and fail.

    At least complain about something worth complaining about, like the fact that it takes 6+ months for GMS to see any of this stuff. Or the fact that it will inevitably glitched and FUBAR once it does come out in Global. Or the fact that Luminous is getting all the infodumps while Dragon Slayer is still a mystery.

    But there’s no point to complaining about a website you don’t have to visit in the first place. Unless that website is Nexon’s, since it’s actually relevant to playing MapleStory.

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