KMS v.1.2.164 ~ Tempest Part I

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I’m not spending too much time on this because nothing important was added. In a nutshell:

  • Job advancements changed: level 70 -> 60, 120 -> 100. SP is resetted for everyone.
  • Secondary stat removed.
  • Amount of SP received at each advancement increased (that’s new). 4 for adventurers & Aran, 5 at first job and 4 for the rest for Resistance, Heroes, and Mihile.
  • Quest changes, extra EXP given at some levels (I don’t get why).
  • Updates’ dates revealed: 7/5, 7,12, 7/26, 8/9, and 8/23.
  • Skills’ max levels changed. Generally: Masteries = 10, Boosters = 10, Noob ad-ons to other skills = 5, Passive buff skills = 5.

That’s all.


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36 comments on “KMS v.1.2.164 ~ Tempest Part I

  1. I can’t believe it was a 5hrs and 45 minutes patch just for this, okay I get that a lot of tweaks were made to the job advancement, and stuff. But really? Not even one lame event?

  2. I see the extra skill points are just for advancements. I should have known because otherwise it does not make sense at all. My stupidity at work and I was thinking ‘ what the hell is going on’. lol

  3. its gonna be easy dude .. remember the 4th at lvl 100 what we need more then that … and lvl 150 also easy to reach 🙂

  4. Hello Shakar
    What do u think the chances that the black mage will be released in the tempest update? and what the chances of nexon to revamp the whole game systems like in bigbang(maps,exp, monsters levels, etc)

    • he meant that at levels 80-85 and 90-95 you need more exp to level up, but he was actually wrong, they REDUCE the exp needed to level up in those level by giving +15% EXP at levels 80-81 and 90-91, +10% EXP at levels 82-83 and 92-93, and 5% EXP at levels 84-85 and 94-95. you automaticly gain the exp bonuses when you level up to those levels.

  5. What we are going to get in the summer is:
    1) New Continent (folder’s nubmer is 4)
    2) New Classes/Race (the ids 6100&6500)
    3) New High Leveled Content
    4) New Enemies/Monsters

    If anyone wants to read the Details of the subjects above, and link to Spadow’s post in southperry at the end:

    1) New continent might come, since there is a new floder in Map.wz/Map (0-maple island, 1-victoria island&ereve&rien&crystal garden, 2-ossriya, 3-edelstein, 4-the new folder I metiond that wasnt exist before kmst 1.2.434/1.2.435, 5- lol 1 map that isnt accessable, 6-amoria/fast wedding thing, 7 and 8 dont exist in kms, only in gms, 9- event maps), also it was mentioned in that conference video according to Spadow’s post in southperry.
    2) New Classed will probably come this summer, it was mentiond in that conference video according to Spadow’s post in southperry, and also in the wz files, the ids 6100 and 6500.
    3,4) New High Leveled Content & New Enenies, it was mentioned in that conference according to Spadow’s post in Southperry.
    Link to Spadow’s post in Southperry:

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