KMST v.1.2.437 ~ Luminous Storyline!

[Entrance to the Black Mage’s room]

[Black Mage’s Throne!]

UPDATE: The teaser was added! Check the bottom of the post.

On my last post, I really wondered WHEN this patch would come because the job is coming to the real server in 8 days. Unsurprisingly, they released this patch. Oddly enough, the trailer wasn’t released yet. Even more odd, the actual beginning of Luminous was not added yet, just a couple of quests for levels 10+.

This patch includes a lot of content besides the storyline, such as Guwaru, Magnus, and even the Black Mage! They’re just NPC’s for now but I really wonder what they’re for. There are also more ID’s from the same race, except, while the other one was a warrior, this one is a pirate! We can assume that both Guwaru and Magnus are being released, and one of them is a warrior while the other is a pirate. Black Mage commanders as jobs, mhm.

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