CMS v.1.03 ~ Dragon Warrior!

I don’t usually cover CMS stuff, but it bugs me to NOT cover this class. It was released to CMST a while ago, but I was hesitant to release it. Plus, I feared that there would be many more patches in CMST to rebalance the class, but there was only 1 -_-.

But oh well, I still extracted all the stuff that were added from CMS to CMST. So let’s go~.

By the way, I didn’t translate the description of the skills. Too time-consuming, and they mean nothing anyway. If you really care, there’s Google Translate :D.

And uh, for any of you who had difficulties extracting the patch, yes, the two MapleStories have different encryptions. CMS has the same encryption as KMS/MSEA/EMS while CMST has that of BMS or the really old GMS one. I probably should have said it on my twitter when the patch came but…. Eh whatever. This is more than enough for twitter.

ENOUGH. Let’s go.

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