Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #18!

There was another patch in KMST yesterday, but it was a really small one with a couple of changes to Luminous. No big deal, I’ll just update the skill tables when the job comes to KMS.

Well, for this entry, Inkwell is giving us a warning of an upcoming tempest (as in, storm!). On the 5th of July, there will be a tempest, or rather the Tempest update will come.

Pretty quick, I must say. The job isn’t even stable yet, nor are all the skills adjusted to 4th job’s new beginning at level 100. And worst of all, there wasn’t even a conference! We know NOTHING about the update (aside from Luminous and job changes, but that’s probably just 1 part out of 3).

Let’s wait, only a couple more days.


P.S. – I’m thinking of dedicating a post to the Dragon Warrior class that was released not too long ago. Should I? Leave your thoughts below.

P.P.S. – Oh crap:

More world alliances are forming. One of them is between Demethos, Galicia, El Nido, Zenith, and Arcania. The other is between Bellocan and Nova. Click on the image to learn more.

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26 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #18!

  1. You can compare between Jett and dragon warrior, cuz they’re not 100% the same. For example, dragon warrior’s tornado’s range is much wider, and they have a rushing skill in 1st job.

  2. Cerberus is somehow behind the world alliance. You know it’s true. Nexon’s not saying it’s aliens… but it’s aliens.

  3. I guess you could cover Dragon Warrior. I would like to know the storyline. Not interested in skills though (they’re just copys –‘)

  4. Galicia, we’re done. After I get from 193 to 200, I’m making my Phantom in Renegades. We had a good run, but I want my world to be dead. Galicia don’t deserve this, and it’s just the idiots on basilmarket wanting a “better social community” when they can’t fking see that all channels in LHC are full.

  5. Hmm, I wonder if the update begins on July 5th for KMS. The “Tempest” blocks our view of that date and the five shines in white. But thinking about that’s only 5 days away in Korea, I cannot believe the update will come so soon.

  6. Personally I would like to know the changes that were made to the Dragon Warrior’s skills from the test server to the live server.

  7. Hey Shakar, have you heard anything about the two classes JMS is gonna get? I think they’re called Samurai and Shrine Maiden.

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