Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #17!

Inkwell is back with a new entry. He had like a week with entries, now he got lazier.

Anyway, you may be wondering, what’s the definition of the word “tempest” doing there? Actually, no you’re not. Clearly, it’s the name of the new update with Luminous and such. They even said at the bottom of this entry (named “Rise of the Storm”): “The tempest is coming… Big Bang was just a beginning” (in English, why did I just type it over o_o).

Aside from that, he didn’t leave anything. Now time for me to laugh, LOL. Tempest? LOOOL. Big Bang kind of fit, Chaos was alright, but the names of the updates thereafter only got worse and worse. They are basically throwing random English words with no relevance to the actual update.

And speaking of L’ingOL, only two more days till lulJett comes out. Let the excitement begin (NOPE).


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90 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #17!

      • Your name here is Jett….
        After seeing what a stupid job it is I would be very excited about, well, everything, and in my opinion he is gonna be REALLY awesome
        Have fun playing jett – I won’t….

      • ~Alienated Jett
        You guys only hate Jett because he/she has copied the revamped Corsair…

        Might I say that people first hated the Pirate Revamp because they were “reskins” of Cannoneer skills?…

        Cygnus Knights lost their independence, too. They were normal adventurers, but with a few different skills and gameplay styles. Looking at them now, and Ultimate Adventurers now have the same skills as they do… And the hate goes on the Cygnus Knights! D:

        ~Mikhail Lover
        Jett Is in the same situation as Mikhail. I for one am a loyal Dawn Warrior. I was absolutely excited over Mikhail when they were going to come out. I’m in it for the skills and gameplay. I’m not one of those Shining Blast spammers – they be boring anyway – I use Shining Blast, jumping around and slashing, rushing through with Shining Chase and all that fun stuff. No way am I in it for the power – which can go unfunded anyway.

      • ~Alienated Jett
        You guys only hate Jett because her skills are just reskins of a revamped Corsair…
        Might I say that people hated the Pirate Revamp because they were just “reskins” of Cannoneer skills?…

        Cygnus Knights have it all down, too. They were normal adventurers, just with their own skills and unique gameplay style. Looking at them now and Ultimate Adventurers have everything they do… And the hate goes on the Cygnus Knights! D:

        All that matters is that Jett is new, has a fun gameplay style, and I am looking forward to creating one.

        ~Mikhail Lover
        Mikhail’s in just a situation as Jett. He shouldn’t.
        I’m not one of those Shining Blast spammers. I’m a loyal Dawn Warrior who’s interested in sword slashing combos and fun movement. I’m one of those who uses Shining Slash as my main attack, and push through with Shining Chase. I’m in it for the fun – not the power. For those of you who say, “Noob use Shining Blast! You won’t win without it!” or “Mikfail…”.
        You are the one who doubts Mikhail, because you don’t understand what true Mikhail gameplay is… Noob.

      • great two cents AJ & ML. πŸ™‚

        everyone plays this riddiculously addictive game differently.
        some play to make buddies and be heneshoes
        some play to make money of merching and trading fake money/godly items for real money
        some hack to play so they feel badass about being good at hacking
        and many play because its just fun and cool looking.

        but i digress. ima loyal pirate at heart, not a fan of mages but thats just me.

    • how would you know if Jett is such a stupid job if you havent even played it first?
      dont judge a book by its cover. (maybe youre just a GMS hater? not that I don’t blame you)

    • I will LMAO when I see these same people who trash hate on Jett, then 6 months from now, posting ZOMG JETT R SO FRIGGIN AWESUM FO SHIZLE YALL. and Revamp pirates suck ass, Y we no get Double Jump? Y we no have Bucc Cair hybrid? and Y we get no cool link skill? Y i dun gots Bounty Hunter badge and belt. lol

      moral of the story, haters are such hypocrites.

  1. jett.. eww… I’m kinda sad that the new hero isn’t a pirate… I love luminous and I think it’s one of the best classes nexon could have created… but the 5th hero should be a pirate xP

    • there may yet be a Pirate Hero, you’ll see.
      so long as Nexon continues to make money off us poor bustards, they come up with 5 more heroes spelling out STORY. and other hybrid classes. lol

  2. It might be luminous plus that 61XX job that hasn’t been release yet
    And maybe just maybe 5th job
    ‘bigbang was just the beginning’

  3. I think they were just trying to make it sound like a super big bang? Like big bang may have been just a big bang but this is a freaking storm not just a bang. Nuclear explosion would have been a cooler name though.

  4. …Shakar, do you even know what the word tempest MEANS? Because the way you wrote this kind of implies you don’t. ‘Chaos’ and ‘Tempest’ basically mean the same thing (a violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult). The name is as relevant as any of the other update names–another title that’s meant to emphasize how OMG BIG this is.

    • All tempests are chaotic, but not all chaotic events are tempests. Not really relevant if you ask me, tempest is more of a PHYSICAL storm. Chaos is pretty general; you can call anything that’s chaotic “chaos.” Can’t do that for “tempest,” it has to involve an actual storm.
      And besides, we GET IT. Chaotic stuff. Big Bang, Chaos, etc. Now tempest?
      What’s the next update going to be called, explosion?

      • Incorrect. There are two definitions of Tempest. The first is your definition, and the second is, as stated “a violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult”. It is not the primary definition, but the secondary definition. This is just the way the English language works, one thing ends up meaning three variations on it. Saying that the word ‘tempest’ can only apply to an actual storm shows a rather poor grasp on the English language–you seriously have never heard the word tempest used to describe situations outside of storms? The word is often used metaphorically.

        Tempest is a nice sounding name. Besides, the whole in game world is supposed to be in this perilous conflict with the Blackwings and all–of course they’re going to choose words like tempest, chaos, and Big Bang. Not to mention that those definitely sound more engaging.

      • Definitions? Sure, you’re right. However, would it work in context? Nope.
        Let’s say there’s a nuclear explosion. Would you say “Such a terrible tempest”? No, you would sound stupid. Chaos is more appropriate, especially for MapleStory. Tempest doesn’t really work out.

      • >Comparing real world conflict
        >to a vidya gaem situations
        ha ha oh damn, Shakar, now you’re just grasping for straws. You’re not even using the word right. You’re just trying to find an excuse to nitpick and moan about something when you know nothing about the patch. Since you’re just going to act like a child over this, I think we’re done here.

      • How about (again) Super Nova? or Darkness?

        Darkness would be cool name considering a relation to Luminious and Black Mage, but it seems KMS is set for Tempest, but who knows, maybe GMS’s “creative” marketing team will pull something out of thier asses like “Darkness” (stealing my idea) or Revolutions, Rebirth, Retribution, Regeneration, or some other R word like “Renegades”.

        ya know whats so funny about GMS’s Renegades are the Justice Coins for the “Justice” events. lol So if GMS’s Justice = Renegades then what the heck is the J coins suppose to stand for? Jett? lol what a joke. Gms should have left Justice name alone like Big Bang, Chaos, and Legends.

        rant over. have a nice day hating on Jett. (you pirate haters)

      • Whoa damn, someones getting a little anal about “proper use of dictionary terminology” yikes. lol

        well seriously who uses the word “Tempest” this day in age? The first and only time Ive heard of that word was from William Shakespeare play and recent movie, and as well as being a fighting move in several vidya games. lol

        and LOL at your (Would you say β€œSuch a terrible tempest”?) point. It sounded Shakespearean.

        Hark!! Tis such a terrible tempest for thy seen with my own eyes, oh sorrow, such woe

      • Oh by all means I’m not calling you a pirate hater shakar, just those who hate on Jett. I suppose I meant (Jett pirate haters), well anyway GMS’s reputation as its own version still continues to disappoint us GMSers with lame lazy copy and paste patches and under-delivered exclusive content. So I understand the hater mongering on Jett, when we should just take it for what it is and enjoy it. It is a free game after all lol.

      • For the Love of GoD Shakar stop fighting with random people about stupid shit, you had it right the first time, and just cause you didn’t go researching the word for the whole thing doesn’t mean you were in the wrong for not knowing the complete definition.


        SO Iris, kindly STFU!!

        shakar stop fighting with stupid people on the internet it’s unbecoming of you.

      • Kudos PPXEXE.

        Iris is probably OCD on English/Grammar/Spelling/Dictionary/Mr. know it all, smartass type who thinks he can google his way to criticizes others for even the smallest fault.

        To Iris. get a life. and get laid.

      • Holy shit, I come back here and look at all the shit that has flown. I see Shakar’s little asspat commitee has come in to save their darling. First off, to you precious little dears, I wasn’t very aggressive to Shakar in the initial post. I pointed out he was wrong in his definition. There’s nothing wrong in saying that he used the word incorrectly. He’s the one who got all jumpy and bitchy when I pointed it out–I refuse to take blame here.


        >No one used the word
        >Unless you’re trying to seem imaginative
        ….Gee, you mean like in a fantasy game? I mean, you’d never think that fantasy games would choose names that seem imaginative. Totally seems out of the ballpark, amirite?

        @Jett (nice username, btw, lol)
        >To Iris. get a life. and get laid.

        Brilliant comeback. You learn that shit in high school? If you can’t come up with a halfway intelligent reply, then don’t get involved at all.

      • My bad for not erasing/changing those comments, they were automatically accepted.
        So uh, fight away?
        And yes, I must admit that “get a life and get laid” is kind of out of line o_o. I’m still a virgin, and I have a life :|.

      • Well, Shakar, I guess it’s mature enough of you to see what a shit storm this has delved into. I agree about the virgin thing as well–I really don’t see what sex and virginity had to do with the topic, but life is life. :shrug:

      • who the fuck are you to judge other people anyway? Are you some English professor at a prestigious university? Please get a life and stop trolling Shakar.

    • shut up you self-righteous prick. how do you do like being corrected on your own blog by your own lack of understanding of certain things like correct definitions?

      Shakur should have just IP ban you for being such a snot nose dick.

      • Fucking loser just get the fuck out of here and stop reading shakars posts because you are a retard who would go on google and search up definitions to sound pro

    • LOL, I have the perfect answer for this pointless argument.

      be sure to turn up the volume all the way. πŸ™‚

      and to Jett… ~_~ real mature man. Thanks for giving “Jett” a bad name.
      We love you shakur, and your haters too. πŸ™‚

    • well Iris, apparently no one likes you here, so do enjoy fapping off that ego of yours and put your “dicktionary” logic where your mouth is. lol

      Tempest sounds like something from Final Fantasy IMO, but meh… whatevar. hopefully its not 100% confirmed to be the next title, but who knows.

  5. I think Jett might actually be good since it’s basically just the pirate revamp except a New Char since the update got flame and love, so it’s Gms’s solution xP

    • I like your optimism VorrTex. At least Jett is supposedly a revamp Pirate with alien skin lol. πŸ™‚

  6. i think they called tempest because after bigbang we have a calm time, with justice and the other revamps, but now we have some trouble coming, like “The calm before a tempest” if with that update come more attacks of black mage, the title will make totaly sense.

    • Where have you seen the phrase “The calm before a tempest”? When there’s an actual storm involved. The second definition just doesn’t work out in context. English is just like that. For example (has no relevance but it’s more of to show you some examples of things that just don’t work in English), since we are talking about storms/chaos, “havoc” is a weird word. It won’t work out well without the word “wreaked” before it. I.e. – The tornado wreaked havoc. I don’t think you can use it differently.

      • sorry for my bad english, but in my language we have a saying “Before the storm comes the calm” or in my language “Antes da tempestade vem a calmaria” i don’t know if you have that saying in usa, but means, before the caotic time comes a good time, i think kms try to use it in that update

      • I understand what you’re saying, but it doesn’t work in English very well :/. Maybe in Portuguese it works, but in English it’s just weird.
        That’s like calling an update “Contagious.” The thesaurus says that it means widespread, rampant, infective, etc., but you just can’t use it that way.

      • sorry for repetition and annoyance, i think Darkness is most suitable. but thats just me ;P

      • oh, ok , thanks, now i understand your point, i am sorry if i have caused any trouble, i like so much your blog.

      • The Update named Justice wasn’t bad @ all. The story line of Phantom and Hilla totally made sense and the theme referred to “Justice”… The names aren’t really getting worse, but thats your opinion. Darkness sounds repetitive cuz there’s a whole bunch of tht crap already in trailers/updates. Twilight or something that refers to “change” would sound better, “Tempest” isn’t that bad.

      • Yes, there was actually justice involved in the Justice update. Just as Jett, Phantom, and Hilla are all renegades.
        But tempest, in MapleStory o_o?

      • Justice was and still a good name for an update.
        Renegades is okay too.
        as for Tempest? well is it 100% confirmed that KMS will go with that?
        Darkness doesnt sound bad either. And would fit the Return of Black Mage and Luminous, and maybe Thief Resistance should he/she comes out along with this new hero.

  7. Lulz shakar, gotta love you humor πŸ˜€
    Once again I agree with you, Jett IS going to be the lamest of all content updates.
    And this Tempest thing, I feel like 5th job is coming.

  8. Shakar, this is something for you:
    Tempest :
    1) A violent windstorm, frequently accompanied by rain, snow, or hail.
    Keyword: Violent
    2) Furious agitation, commotion, or tumult; an uproar
    Keyword: Furious, uproar.

    Now think of what was said in the other INKWELL DIARY’S. He talked about the Black Mage, and how the end for the great story will be revealed. What do we know about the heroes? That they fought a epic battle against an great evil.
    Now the Black Mage is unleashing more of his power, trying to awaken, corrupt and take control over the final hero that once tried to destroy him. Now that hero is split in two, half light, half dark. Half good, half evil.
    Black Mage = Evil
    Evil = Bad, which could be linked to Furious, Violent, all other keywords I listed above.

    Now think about the following.
    JMS had Chaos, and they called it Renaisance. Since I don’t feel like stating it all here, I will link you to the page where I explained everything in detail on why they named it Renaisance. (Link:
    So, looking at Nexon’s reasoning behind update names, Tempest can be easily Justified, even if it only involved the Black Mage getting more power. But there is more. There also is a new Hero, that is torn in two. Both light and darkness. There is a huge chaos going on in his soul. Lots of commotion going on inside his body. He has to choose. Will he do what is right, or let the darkness take over.


    • “WOW! The Black Mage’s attack is such a tempest!”
      Doesn’t work.
      And Renaissance is an appropriate name. After all, the actual Renaissance was a cultural movement in the arts field and such. The new professions in MapleStory match with the movement.

      • I know, which is why I said that the Renaissance is a good name for Chaos. Tempest = storm, chaos. So if there would be a huge storm of trouble coming over the Maple World. Or just something that stirs things up a bit, then the name would fit. Looking at the black mage stuff from Inkewell and a job that is torn appart by light and darkness, it seems like this update will bring some disturbing things to Maplestory.

    • 1) “The ‘end’ shall be revealed with the light!”
      How did the prologue end?
      – A tempest.

      2) Each climax needs to have its point with the most action.
      What has Maple World been in lately?
      – A tempest.

    • thats the spirit lad.
      too bad JoanJett ign is taken 😦
      oh well. i guess there’s “JoannaJett” lol (dont tempt yourself to google, disturbing images will haunt your innocent mind)

      • *Googles*
        First result: Joanna Jet, Joanna Jett – Tube Shemales
        Second result: Joanna Jett –
        OH DAYUM. Why would you name your character after a porn star, LOL.
        EDIT: Um she’s a shemale, and she’s not even good -_-. Nor is she good-looking, even naked (and my standards are low).
        Bad choice, at least pick high quality stuff LOL.

      • well I google “Joanna Jett” thinking that was Joan Jett’s “actual name” and then saw the “trap”.
        anyway its called a sick joke shakar. sorry if my sense of humor escapes you. πŸ™‚

  9. Aside from all the arguments about ‘tempest’ being used correctly or incorrectly, I see that they say the update will exceed (google translation of the Korean word) Big Bang. How interesting. Ignoring the fact that I can hardly suppress the urge to laugh at the idea of a tempest exceeding THE Big Bang, it is also very hard to imagine an update that would have more importance than the Big Bang update has had. I am very excited. Could the update be the death of Maplestory, or its rebirth?

  10. i love how people are using the dictionary just to make shakar look like a idiot. By the way the thread on basil need to stop it your blog and it your opinion if people hate your negativity get used to it. You guy dont know how hard it is to write blog and you see a stupid update or stuff.

  11. Why so much trolling?
    Can’t you guys keep your ego stroking to yourself and talk about how awesome Jett is gonna be I’m two days? Get lives ppl.

  12. so I guess this concludes this Inkwell’s Diary #17?

    conclusion: Most people hate Jett, even though they havent played it yet.
    Iris schooled Shakar about the proper use of the word Luminous, (which most of us, (except Iris), don’t really give a crap)

    and I will still make Jett regardless who trashes it, because it is a free game, and i am free to choice to play it. enuff said, but JETTS FTW!!! WHOO!!!

  13. I’m sorry but all of you guys are acting so idiotic right now. Who cares about the meaning or context of “tempest”? The fact is that Nexon is revamping Maplestory again.
    And that doesn’t make veteran players like me happy. I’ve just been able to stomach what Big Bang did to my child hood game, but I know have to learn to deal with something that apparently dwarfs Big Bang. And if Big Bang was just the beginning, I honestly don’t want to know what Tempest will do. I just sincerely hope that it keeps the social aspect of Maplestory more prominent because that has seriously lacked since Big Bang.

    Part of me just wants to know what the revamp will do. But most of me doesn’t want to see it in action – at all.

  14. O mai.. Tempest. I’m gonna assume nexon’s running out of names? So there was a “big bang” Which brought “chaos” Classes “jump” to action and form a “union” to return “justice” and then a “tempest” hits. It just ruins the combo -.-

    • lol interesting way of phrasing all those update names into one sentence.

      Tempest does sounds dull, considering the nature of the resurfacing of Black Mage, and the dual power persona of Luminous (Light vs Dark).

      I would go for what others’ names like “Darkness” or “Twilight”. And for me personally I would like it be called

      Maplestory: “Eclipse” or “Darkness Falls” (chessy, i know)

      IMO, Eclipse would be best and most relevant name for this upcoming major update.

      I can even imagine the artwork for the name and etc. involving a large violet, black (metaphorically foreshadows the return of Black Mage) planet/moon soaring over the world of Maple.

      As for the major changes, well obviously changes are hard to people to take, but I would like to think its a great thing to look forward. I don’t know about you guys, but I grown used to BIG BANG, and look forward to see it completely changed, and I agree and hope Maplestory retains what made it cool since Day 1.

      Really I hated how they changed the map designs for alot of places, and also nerfing the difficulty the challenge, and uniqueness. (for ex: CWK maps, Sleepywood, the many hidden maps that has no glowing portals) To me the Maple world design is too simple and easy, and I hate simple and easy.

      okay thats my 2 cents. please dont hate, and stop fighting over silly things like context. πŸ™‚

  15. Give me an S… S !!
    Give me an T… T !!
    Give me a O… O !!
    Give me an R… R !!
    Give me an Y… Y !!

    what that does spell? 5 MOAR HEROES!!! WHOOO

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