Jett – The Final Countdown

Only 4 (?) days until the class is released and Nexon has already added the update’s highlights. Surprisingly, they are following what I predicted they would do at first; follow what CMS/TWMS planned and ONLY revamp thieves. The update will bring the thief revamp, but, I’m sorry to say, the pirate revamp won’t come until the end of the summer :/.

Well, let’s see what they posted, shall we?


So, the video pretty much contains everything. Jett, thief revamp, part-time jobs, character cards, level up guide (LOL, why did they include that), and navigation system (LOL @ this also). Same thing as KMS, minus the pirate revamp.

So, Jett. Already saw her, and, again, she’s nothing special. Of course, she’s related to aliens because that’s all GMS cares about. Let me show you what happened:

*Release of VPQ*

Players’ responds: ME GUSTA!!!

GM respond: You me gusta? I me gusta!

*removes event simply because the deadline came*


GM respond: So they like aliens…

-Later GMS-exclusive updates-: Attack on NLC by ALIENS. Release a new job that’s an ALIEN. And what the hell is up with that Cerberus crap? Come up with a better name, really -_-.

So, they are getting a revamp and this is all Nexon cares about. Their new ninja ultimate that they got from Dual Blades +_+. The best part of the revamp is that skill.

Are you serious…

Ms. Appropriation? What is this I don’t even…

And the whole point of part-time jobs was for midnight ban. What’s the point of it in GMS? That’s basically giving people rewards for sleeping.

Due to overpopulation? Really? Do you have any ideas how many servers KMS had when they implemented that system?

Uh, as you know, character cards are basically free buffs if you are pro enough to level up many characters. If you are not (like me) then, sucks for you :P.


Recommended Quests:
– Hero’s Gladius
– Manji’s Request
Recommended Hunting Fields:
– Cursed Temple – Temple Entrance
– Orbis – The Road to Garden of 3 Colors.

– [Info] Intercontinent Travel
– [Theme Dungeon] Kerning Square Shopping Center
– [Boss Content] Lord Balrog


High-tech Maple Positioning Satellites?


That’s all I’m going to say.

Cerberus Academy of Science.

Cerberus Academy of Science.

Cerberus Academy of Science.


Whatever. Neo City revamp, PQ changes (the level requirements and stuff), and some T-shirt event for married couples (LOL).

Level-Up Bonanza. What the heck is bonanza -_-. EDIT: Looked it up, don’t define.

Well, the event is basically any leveling event for any revamp. It’s for both thieves and Jetts.

And the Renegades Festival, what a fail. Renegades Coins, yet they have a ‘J’ for Justice on them. Haha. Don’t laugh. It’s just like the Justice shop.

You know what it is. Archaeologist (OMG spelled it correctly) event. Let me relate it to aliens, though: Cerberus hit the sun because Jett is so bada** that she used her gun to shoot the whole planet to the sun. She went Pew-Pew and they went like Uh nooo and the planet went boom-boom and rocks hit the m00ple world. Now she has to find them to rebuild the planet for the next GMS-exclusive events.

Don’t argue on this one, it’s 100% true.



P.S. – Cerberus.

By shakar96 Posted in gMS

124 comments on “Jett – The Final Countdown

    • You sound more like a hater than a professional blog writer kinda sad since most people just want the news not what you personally hate about it. (which is apparently everything GMS makes and you gasm over KMS even if they make the crappiest move).

      • omg people like (ALEX) still exist and havent DEAD….
        they hate shakar and NEVER FAIL to visit this blog…
        and for god sake…
        still COMMENT and angry shakar?????

        ps. love this post…crack me up so much

      • so do i, me thinks alex is just a paid peon of gms. if your dont like it, dun read it, max is a great alternative so why don’t u just go there?

      • im with u friend
        he only says y hate this this this this this and that over there
        also there too
        i hate how u look the game if u just post to say that plz dont port anymore…
        we still have orangemushroom’s blog..

      • How in the world is Alex being a hater? “You sound more like a hater” isn’t necessarily an…insult. “You ARE a hater” and “You SOUND like a hater” are two different meanings. You people overreact to the littlest of words in the English language.

        Calm. Down.

    • Please continue to be you shakar. You are free to be yourself and express yourself in anyway that you please. People like this alex guy just hate other peoples opinions and should stop going to place where people speak there minds, thoughts, ideologies, and opinions. It saddens me to see such idiocy over something as small ass a few extra words here and there Alex if your reading this you should rethink your life and if you really do not like others opinions you should stick to orangemushroomblog thats the place for you where the blogger does not express himself in anyway, shape, or form

      re P.S cerberus =)

  1. First!
    No pirate revamp for now, a “new” “””””””””””original”””””””””””””” class and Renegades, that’s so stupid.

  2. Why do you have a negative outlook on everything Nexon does? I mean seriously, it’s hard to even read your blogs like that.

  3. HaHaHa!!!!!!!! I love your additional comments, they made me laugh. Idk the obsession with aliens either… oh well, phantom is coming out soon enough and we can all move past jett together. Also the thief revamp is something to be excited about!

  4. CERBERUS, are you spelling it wrong on purpose lol? After reading this entry, I really have to wonder why you blog on a game you seem to think is so awful. And I love how you made sure to start the post off by making sure we all you know you predicted the revamp schedule correctly, too bad people have these inconvenient things called memories that imply otherwise.

    • Hm? I may have changed my theories a number of times, but my original theory was the thief revamp. Yes, I later on said that no revamp is coming at all, but that was basically to secure my correctness. If no revamp came, I could say that that was my second prediction. Likewise, I can now say that my first prediction was just the thief revamp without the pirates.
      Cerebrus. Cerberus.
      Or, in English, Derp-a-Herp.

      • That entire explanation…my god. The problem was never your opinion, but how you presented it. You didn’t start getting flamed until you refused to support your opinion with anything other than “how DARE you criticize me” which you can actually be quoted on saying, plus some nice explitives.

      • Yeah, I don’t like to be criticized. Neither do you. Especially when I’m criticized for something that I shouldn’t be criticized for.
        By the way, I’ll start erasing your comments. Just because I can. I don’t enjoy my democratic rights of expressing my opinions and thoughts in public with no criticism, and therefore I will take away some of your democratic rights of criticizing me. Thanks.

      • There is no democratic right of not being criticized, there is a democratic right of not being censored which I would never suggest. I can wonder why you blog on this, but I won’t make a basil thread asking for you to be shut down even though I disagree with your tone. People at first had a valid issue with things you said until it started getting nasty, but sure, delete whatever if I have to say if it matters that much to you.

      • shakar does a fine job, and trust shakar opinions on the matter, because 80% of the time it right on the dot. Maybe shakar is taking the Cerberus thing a bit to seriously, but everything else is spot on.

        The only thing long time players is getting out of this is the Revamp for Thief. Everything else is pretty poor, or just holding the hands of those not willing to explore themselves, or do some online research.

        Besides Nexon does a poor job of trying to make things seem new. When we’ve been waiting for this for half a year.

        So lay off, if nothing else shakar makes re-read things we already knew was coming more entertaining.

      • Thanks for the advice, obviously I won’t and pretty much don’t but drama from basil is probably what brings people here at this point. And I know how to find the info, blogs aren’t where I get it.

  5. Haha
    Your side comments make me laugh
    And if they do bring the pirate revamp
    Then it would just be basically
    Pirates and Jett r the EXACT same thing

  6. Thanks Shakar 🙂 I think the next exclusive content is going to be related to aliens… I’m not sure if they like Jett more, but they mentioned NOTHING about Phantom. There’s also no word on if P v P is leaving (Lul no one uses it)…

  7. Shakar, your such a hater. Do you hate all the events? I think Applepious is right 100%. Btw I’m so happy the thief revamp is even coming, Really be more GRATEFUL. Well, Jett also looks cool. Last thing maybe
    either Delete your whole blog, or don’t post anything about Renegades. -_-

    • Or you could simple read the Nexon blogs on the MapleStory web site next time.

      Seriously if you don’t like how shakar does things, don’t read. I been coming to this blog since it started, and i find shakar opinion on Nexon hand holding style just right. I knew this stuff was coming, we likely all did, so don’t bash on shakar blame nexon for treating us like we didn’t know this was coming.

      • I understand what your saying. I like his blog, but this post has to much hate, I don’t see one good thing about the whole thing. DIDN’T everyone want the thief revamp? That’s all i’m trying to say

      • Read my Post above, i explain everything there. But I’ll just quote my self to save you some time.

        PPXEXE: “The only thing long time players is getting out of this is the Revamp for Thief. Everything else is pretty poor, or just holding the hands of those not willing to explore themselves, or do some online research.”

  8. “So, they are getting a revamp and this is all Nexon cares about. Their new ninja ultimate that they got from Dual Blades +_+. The best part of the revamp is that skill”.

    “Are you serious”… Seems kinda negative to me. “LOL”.

    “Recommended Quests:
    – Hero’s Gladius
    – Manji’s Request
    Recommended Hunting Fields:
    – Cursed Temple – Temple Entrance
    – Orbis – The Road to Garden of 3 Colors”.

    – [Info] Intercontinent Travel
    – [Theme Dungeon] Kerning Square Shopping Center
    – [Boss Content] Lord Balrog”

    “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL.” This is all on the quest helper -_-, Why so much dam hate, nexon is just trying to help people train, I think the system is kinda cool.

    • It’s how Nexon showed it really, like if we only care about that one skill. Most people want the pirate revamp more then the thief revamp, so there is that too.

      And about the training system, its only for people who aren’t already playing maplestory or are having a hard time getting to higher lvl’s. Plus the places the recommend aren’t very good. I don’t know anyone who really does the lord balrog quest, but on the other hand this might make the quest more populated so there that too.

    • “So, they are getting a revamp and this is all Nexon cares about. Their new ninja ultimate that they got from Dual Blades +_+. The best part of the revamp is that skill”.
      ^^What I mean by that is that Nexon is supposed to show the HIGHLIGHTS of the revamp. That skill is not the HIGHLIGHT of the revamp, it’s more of a nice addition. It’s not even new! If anything, they should show Quadruple Throw or SOME skill that’s actually EXCLUSIVE to this revamp.
      And the quest helper system is stupid. If you train in those areas, good luck winning MapleStory.

  9. You’re soooo good at predicting things, I wish I was ballsy enough to say I was right when I came up with like 20 theories…. /sarcasm

  10. YOSHI i wish i was so pure heart like you…..

    u dun expect so u wont know…
    poor kid….
    explore the word “revamp” pls….

  11. shakar, You should stop being negative.

    You always say “oh, so lame, Jett is lame, the events are lame, the new content is lame”.

    Jett is awesome (most of the skills aren’t mixup from another jobs) and is very fun, as it seems.

    This patch is going to be amazing, especially the Part-Time job and Level-Up Guide.

    So, consider your words, sir.

      • OK Then let’s say, not the Level-UP Guide.

        Let’s say Jett, the new Pirate Hero.

        What is so bad at this class? Right, some of the skills were taken from Cannoneer + Mercedes, but most of his skills are original. Why say he’s bad and sucks?

        Also in KMS, you say about new updates “Really? This is lame”.

        How does it bother you? If a certain update doesn’t ruin your experience, don’t just say it’s lame.

      • @Censored
        Idk if you know much about kms, but if you had known, you wouldn’t have said that…
        Every single skill of Jett is a copy from teh pirate revamp from kms. In kms they revamped pirates just like thieves, a total revamp, gms chose not to revamp them but they took the new skills from the revamp and added them to a new class.
        Nothing is original…
        I’m still going to make one so I can laugh from the storyline. XD

      • You ask why he calls everything lame yet you read his blog. Have you not seen the crap that Nexon is giving us? A space bounty hunter may sound cool on paper, but actually putting it into Maplestory is a massive disappointment. Also, everyone saying Shakar is negative is giving Nexon way to much credit for screwing us over and giving us awful events. I agree with him on everything he writes and if you don’t then why even bother coming to the website?
        P.S Cerberus.

    • did you really say most of jetts skills arent from other jobs? LOL. Theyre clearly reskins of other jobs skills. Are you blind or something?

      • ever heard of sarcasm?
        and @people who don’t like that shakar is so “negative”, only worth while in this patch is Thief Revamp and character card system, i don’t care for anything else (and Jett looks meh)

  12. I for one am excited about the release of Jett. It’s much better than the pirate revamp by doubling the fun into one.


  13. Your the boss Shakar… Keep ur the blog this way
    i agree with u… All this patch and events are lame and to those who dont like ur blog or ur opinions
    shouldnt even enter or commen in ur blog
    lova ya shakar i wish u be a girl xD jjk

    • That’s a little creepy….

      Anyways, do you know if Leafre is down or not. I’m having trouble connecting. (Darn Luminary crowd…)

  14. Stupid basiler critizing Shakar96. I mean seriously we all have opinions on stuff. We all flame when Nexon exdands maintences, so why can’t he complain about crappy updates. Unlike other bloggers hes being honest.

  15. I don’t get why everyone is hating shakar for something he’s done for years and got popular for doing I personally think he’s right. High levels chars get almost nothing for this update except some crappy acc maybe. Plus OVERPOPULATED? Didn’t
    Nexon just merge some servers because they didn’t want to just delete them for having no one on them. Seriously haters leave because Shakar is just sharing his opinion just like any blogger out their, heck even Spadow did it.

  16. so no pirate revamp yet? ;i though pirate revamp comes toguetter with hilla boss, anyways , y thieve revamp first?.

  17. Really?.. Really? How lame can nexon be? I am totally with you shakar.. And all noobies around think it’s cool, wake up, this class is just a copy with other skill animation, plus it’s not any pirate hero, the 5 hero are already filled with the new Luminous.. (I really want to call each one of you but shakar and his approves, an idiot)

  18. I’m going to go all cerberus on those maple cards then cerberus all over the revamps. All these cerberus getting all cerberus on this cerberus. You all need to get the cerberus off of shakar’s cerberus!

      • CerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebusCerebus

  19. Hey shakar, I’m kinda new in KMS, and I wanted to make a thief, and some how it made me to choose Warrior O.o
    What should I do?

    • i think at level 5 you get a quest which allow you choose what class/job you want to be
      you might have chose the first option which is warrior, i think the 3rd option is the one for thiefs

  20. Seriously people, Shakar is allowed to have his own opinion. II come here to see someone agree with me that Nexon of america sucks. If you want a blog minus the opinions, go to Max’s blog instead of annoying Shakar. Seriously.

    P.S Cerebus

  21. Hey, shakar, whatsup. I’ll just give my opinion. We ALL know that GMS SUCKS at making exclusive events. But at least they TRY to give us a bit of fun. It’s like when a friend or someone gives you a present that you find UGLY, you laugh at his face?, you tell him that is the worst present you ever had?, I don’t think you do.

    You are such a GREAT blogger, very informative and such a great writer. But don’t mess it up. I found it funny in the beginning, but then you passed the line. I though that the purpose of a blogger was to inform, criticize and give opinions. Not to jeer.

    And yeah, please, stop saying Cerberus, you just look lame.

  22. at least its still better then dragon warrior of cms/tms? :/ right? lol i mean cmon yea all skills r copyed i hope theres AT LEAST 1 ORIGNAL Jett skill that was never made :[ i really hope… and if pirate revamp comes out they have to REVAMP Jett or it wont work :/

  23. Yall just have nothing better to do but argue with this guy huh o_o
    If you dislike the way this information is handed to you (OH HEY HONESTY! IMAGINE THAT!) Then why don’t you wait for another blogger to have up the ‘sugar coated sissy version’ you want so badly.

    ~An anonymous idiot reader~

    • Well hes the last hero so hes part of the storyline. We will get him as well but thats gonna take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

  24. Shakar96 is a little negative, and this post was kind of boring to read and still at the same time annoying, but a blog is a place where the writer express his idea about what he’s talking about, and shakar96 isn’t wrong, Jett looks a horrible class, with copied skills, and lame animations, and yes I play (I’m DjKofee) kms, and they’re just doing the same events, and some classes the same. Though Shakar shouldn’t take some critics (critics doesn’t necessarily mean bad things about something) as if it they were bad (though hardly ever see any constructive critic, even mine isn’t exactly constructive), shakar is right most of the time, works alot on this blog and talks about everything a little. Keep it on Shakar!

      • when ghostwarfare said “horrible class” i dont think he was talking about its damage, or how it plays, or anything like that.. simply that its completely copied from other classes.. horrible as in not unique.

  25. Hey at least GMS tried… (yea right ~_~) something new.
    I just hope the “exclusive content of Jett overall is not under delivered like NLC revamp/expansion or de-expansion since they used thier Midas touch on Masteria, except instead of turning it into “Gold” GMS’s Midas touch turns it into shit. lol

    anyway lets give Jett and a chance and hope it doesnt suck “TOO BAD”.
    and hopefully pirate revamp will come along with phantom patch.

  26. well screw everyone’s opinions, I’m gonna play and enjoy Jett.
    why let hate mongering ruin this awesome new content when you havent really given it a chance?

  27. Hey Shakar96, it me again…tht cowboy basilmarket, the TB.. you made me laugh so hard tht my mom thought i was having a problem…

  28. Yeah, i don’t get why you hate on gMS so much.. and about the names they use, sure you don’t like them, but must you so redundant about it? I agree with alex though, the way you blog about a game isn’t as informative as the others who do it… its more opinionated than knowledgeable…

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