Jett Revealed!


I’m really confused about what happened… First, I heard people say Spadow “leaked” it. Next, I hear about releasing that same video. Right after, GM Hime announced it on Twitter/Facebook.

This is pretty messed up, just like the video. I mean, it’s the SAME thing as the Dragon Warrior! It’s basically Mercedes + revamped Corsair -_-.

I wonder if that’s the video they were planning on releasing tomorrow. Probably is, damn. Call me negative but I really dislike the class now, more than I imagined (I was excited at first :/). Rule of thumb: don’t get excited over anything -_-.


lulpoll time:

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43 comments on “Jett Revealed!

    • It was going to be a rip either way, no point in complaining.

      I wanna Bandit/Bucc/Mercedes with only the flashy physical skills using the knuckle weapon.

    • Even if its a copy I like the concept of the Job and it looks good I for one like it, just because you don’t doesn’t mean everyone hates it. Poll should have a I like it button too.

  1. Fourth,
    You guys said you didn’t like the revamp, and you didn’t want it.
    Wish granted.
    Be careful what you wish for~

  2. this screws over so many players. the pirates that were expecting a major damage increase so they can be of use in bossing/training and future phantoms like myself who wanted the upgraded rapid fire for obvious reasons. i just wish nexon would have done a poll or something at least then we could blame the population it seems like they just assumed a lot of people would rather have the old skills and be weak than have the revamp.

    • And have the players pissed at each other when they didn’t get what they wanted. LOL. Yeah that will go down real smooth, so many bans would happen.

      • you have a good point there but the fact is no matter what happens there will never be 100% agreement thats just how the world works. so even if a large amount of people are pissed at least Nexon can justify their own actions instead of just making a decision like this which i consider quite insulting. they know that a large mass of the population looks at KMS content to know what we are getting to plan accordingly so lots of people pushed their funds towards this revamp.

  3. Well, if you think about it, they havent made ANY announcement. don’t be quick to judge! But, yeah, if it’s cancelled, well…idk.

  4. Ewwww… I was excited with Dragon Warrior… It was lame… I was expecting something lame from Jett… Horrible… If GMS and CMS want to make new classes, don’t copy skills… Worst… classes… ever… D:
    Everyone check the video on 0:40. At the left side of the screen there’s the Justice symbol from the Justice event quests. Maybe we’re getting the revamp too… Or maybe global nexon wants us to think that the J is from Jett and not from Justice…

  5. *puts on flame-proof vest*

    I think Jett’s a pretty cool class. It’s like a corsair, only with STYLE. Because ye olde sea pirates just aren’t good enough in the age of SPACE PIRATES.

    • Revamped corsair did look pretty cool, and thats very similar to what Jett is. I think people are just hating on it because nexon just screwed over corsairs and buccs.

  6. This looks awesome! I’m a Corsair to the bones and I loved Mercedes when she came out. Sad that the only comments and posts about these things are negative, not hating on you Shakar it’s basically every single person who knows how to blog or even comment. If you don’t like it, don’t play it =3

    • I agree with you. I actually like the way this class looks. The people complaining that most of her skills are copied should take a look at all the laser skills.

  7. Hm, only going to post here once just for this Jett thing.

    Alright, yeah, Jett is just really bad. I knew my guesses were going to be correct for it to have a move that is like exactly of Ishtar’s Ring. Also, some skills like that Phantom’s 3rd job skill (the one that a card shows and you slash several times to an enemy) and Partial raid, 4th job corsair move with some others. Man, I’m disappointed a little.

  8. Its an all in one pirate lol, its got cannoneer laser, rapid fire, flash jump, some rush skill, pretty much an alien pirateship ult and im pretty sure that the lock on skill early on is a snipe. Her weapon is a rifle i believe like caitlyn’s rifle from league of legends, if it is i have no idea why she would get a rapid fire.

    It just goes to show how much nexon america has fallen in terms of the quality of their service to its maplers in comparison to kms and more importantly it shows that the game is dying and that the company is just trying to squeeze out a couple more bucks by giving people “what they want”, surely everyone can see this through their recent events.

  9. Also on a hopeful note i was thinking maybe nexon will actually come up with a new rebalance for the old skills and basically just raise the damage %s on everything. my phantom would just love a 400% rapid fire. Plz and Ty Nexon

  10. Well, Jett seems pretty strong but the job feels too sci-fi for me. I prefer Dragon Warrior even if both Jett and Dragon Warrior are merely mixtures of other jobs.

  11. normally i would say your being negative but even i agree this class sucks so bad.

    what happened budget cuts, lazyness?


  13. Omfg, Jett is a completely fail…. I see Fucillade, Shockwave, Fist Enrage, Rapid Fire ( With Ishtar Ring Animation ) , Headshot, Valkyrie Banzai Bill skill

    Time to quit my Viper in MSEA since MSEA is bound to copy-paste GMS patches -_-

  14. I liked the hurricane.. it’s like what? the FOURTH HURRICANE SKILL?
    Field attack’s just a copy of cannoneer’s field attack… everything else is Dragon Warrior based >.>
    But hey, credits for all the visuals they put in…. a laser cannon is a lot easier on the eyes than shotguns

  15. Everyone is freaking out because Jett is similar to Dragon Warrior and therefore isn’t “exclusive”, but I think KMS probably just gave the other regions a skill table and said “make a class out of this.” They couldn’t realistically have every region have a special class because then you could end up having a single class way better than the other region’s classes they made themselves.
    Also on the topic of the classes just being a compilation of other classes, that’s what ALL the new classes are. Mercedes is a bm/db, demon slayer is a reverse aran, and Luminouse is a Battle Mage/Demon slayer. No matter what the class was it was always going to be similar to other classes, that’s Nexon’s style now apparently.
    Regardless I’m very excited for Jett. I never really liked corsairs, but now that I have a class that’s similar to them and my favorite class, mercedes, I can’t wait to give it a spin.

    • At this point Nexon has so many classes you cannot argue anything is 100% new. Luminous seems pretty original as well, but Nexon has so many classes you can always argue a new class copies an old class. Kinda what happens when you have around 30 classes.

  16. Why are the comments here soo negative? I really look forward to this. The skills look damn flashy. Corsairs have never appealed to me in the past, so Jett is a good change from all that pirate nonsense.

  17. so is jett a human or an alien?…. i think jett is a good class like the dragon warrior and so as the other class but im more excited for the phantom than this.

  18. Hey Shakar, pirate revamp has been confirmed by Nexon so…umm…lmao. And that poll isn’t biased, considering who’s blog it’s on 😉

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  20. Well nexon screwed the 2 adven pirates over. Other than that it looks awesome. I wanted to play the kms revamped sair. Now i get that plus mercedes’s jump skill and some bucc thrown in, with a shiny new coat of paint as a futuristic class.

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