KMS v.1.2.163 ~ Resistance Revamp

[Click to enlarge and view the animation. Actually, you better. I wasted 4 MB on uploading this picture!]

So, I’m still not done with my program for extracting skill animations and such (I’m stuck on the z-values, why the hell are they stored as strings -_-. I would appreciate any help, by the way!), but that’s fine because there was another patch in CMST recently that changed Dragon Warrior once more and they will probably have many more patches until its release (which is on the same day as the release of Jett!).

Hm, not too many skill changes, but a lot of events.

KMST v.1.2.434 -> KMS v.1.2.163


Wild Hunter

Wild Hunter (4th)
Sonic Roar
Delays Decreased (1980 ms -> 1800 ms).


Mechanic (Beginner)
Mechanic Dash
Distance Traveled Increased (1300 -> 1370).

Mechanic (2nd)
Atomic Hammer
Range Increased.

Mechanic (3rd)
Damage Increased by 30% (240% at max level -> 270% at max level).

I missed some icon changes which I will report tomorrow. I’m using an old program so it doesn’t show me icon changes :/.

Resistance Celebration Events

So, of course, with the revamp came several events. The events are pretty much like those of the other revamps, and therefore I don’t see why I’m even reporting this o_o.

First event is an EXP event. If you open a Resistance character, you’ll get 4X EXP from levels 1~29, 3X EXP from 30-69, and 2X EXP from 70 to 119.

Every Resistance character will get an SP Reset Scroll (a 3-day one) and a Metal Armor Chip. You can only use the chip if you are a mechanic, however, and you want to change your suit’s color.

Get to level 50 and you’ll get the 2012 Resistance Ring (+3 all stats, +50 HP/MP, +3 W./M. ATT):


Get to level 75 and you’ll get to choose a weapon. The weapons include:

Staff: +71 W. ATT, +113 M. ATT, 7 slots. Level 100+ bonus: +8 M. ATT.

Crossbow: +98 W. ATT, +62% knock-back, 7 slots. Level 100+ bonus: +8 W. ATT.

Gun: +74 W. ATT, 7 slots. Level 100+ bonus: +6 W. ATT. That’s pretty racist. Nexon is A RACIST.

Advance a resistance and get stuff. 2nd job = Resistance earrings (+3 all stats, +1 W./M. ATT). 3rd job = scrolls. 4th job = mastery book.


You get a buff at level 10 that gives you +10 Weapon ATT and 100 HP (or M. ATT and MP for battle mages). Every 5 levels, it will increase by 1 ATT and 100 HP/MP.

After level 30, you will get an EXP capsule after every level. The capsule will give you 10% EXP if you are below level 50, 5% from 50~99, and 2% from 100~149.

And there will be 2 Hot Time events: one on 6/23 and another the day after.

6/23 => 2-Star Equip. Enhancement Scroll & AP Reset Scroll.

6/24 => Mesoranger (o_O? Was the event even released?) capsule which gives you 50% EXP.

Oh and the odd resistance stand is for an event. Bummer.

But hey, I found many pictures that relate to some “Crystal Cave.” I’m guessing it’s the Black Mage’s lair, perhaps?

And speaking of finding, bad news for KMS’ers:

It seems like Nexon will add the cooldown system (or at least that’s what the guys at call it, I don’t really know much about it), or a system in which people under the age of 18 are only allowed to play for a certain period of time and, after that period, they are kicked out of the game and they have to wait for a short (or long, we don’t know) period of time until they can play again.

+_+”. Psh, and we thought that the removal of KSSN’s was good news. Mhm, I think this system will totally fail. Multi-accounts?


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30 comments on “KMS v.1.2.163 ~ Resistance Revamp

    • Well I play Korean Elsword hosted by Nexon and they do have the feature where if you are below a certain age you have a time limit to play and once that time limit is up you have to wait till 6am Korean time I believe before you can play again and I think the limit is until 8pm or so Korean time so that is probably what they will do for Maple I presume. And besides that I made a account for my friend and I did not need a KSSN and the account was made like a month ago and he still uses it without any problem besides the time limit since it treats his account as a minor.

  1. 3 more days till more info on Jett…hopefully it isn’t like the Dragon warrior class…but i have a feeling its going to be another (samurai jack style) animation that doesn’t tell us little to nothing at all then show us in the last minute of its launch that its exactly like dragon warrior just with a different storyline T_T but w.e I’ll still play it >_>

  2. IM in TAiwan so i’m gonna be missing out on all this events to help level my wild hunter up she’s only lke lv 55 which is sad。

  3. Didn’t know about the KSSN removal. That’s awesome! I think it was ridiculous for them to have such sensitive information. After being victim to a database leak before I definitely don’t want Nexon to have my sensitive information. I was hoping for Storm Growth potions for the Hot Time events. I need my 2nd level 200 plox!

  4. Shakar, remember that awesome looking stand which looked like its for a resistance character, it is for them, its just that you get it if you use this special coupon to get an instant Level 30 resistance character. (This is all I heard)

  5. Shakar or anyone, would cyclone work in PvP? Since you can’t move anymore would the skill pull in people or just damage them if they’re close?

  6. I’m curious to know about the Theme Dungeons.

    So far we got Mushroom Kingdom, Kerning Square, Neo City, Orbis:Chryse, Elin Forest (well sorta like theme dungeon), Lion King Castle, Golden Temple (located in Mu Lung, and has added to Mu Lung map), Fantasy Park (located in Ludi, and is it part of the Ludi map?), and recently Cherry Blossom Castle (nerfed JMS Kaede/Ninja Castle)

    Okay my questions to you shakar96 are:

    Is Cherry Blossom located in Mu Lung’s Peach Forest? or Korean Folk Town?

    and is Chryse (Orbis’s lvl50-lvl70 dungeon) will be lvl50+ like Mushroom Castle and Kerning City, and LHC, and NeoCity has no minimun lvl rescrictions?

  7. what sucks about maplestory now is all these nonstop events and exp times
    back in the days before pirates, we had to really work hard just to hit level 50, and big bang was a good idea and all…its just that there is no such thing as a no event time and 1x exp. instead of all these repeat events they could just try to expand on the actual content

      • yea ikr?, well pre-Big Bang was cool at its time, and nostalgic to think about it today, but it was pretty much grind grind GRIND!! + KS WAR crap (henhoehunting ground coolies @ dead forest, golems at secret fog map, singapore mp3 map, gallops, windraiders lower decent, and ofcourse still ongoing jesters.)

        What you should “really” say about what sucks about maple is EVERYTHING!!! lol.
        From the FM wh0res, heneshoes, item/wep dupers, vac hackers, hacked weapons, meso sellers, hackers in PvP, and many hackers in general are totally phucking this game and its economy up the ass, and basically owning/running Maple. ~_~

        Its being more overloaded with inventory crap systems like Makers/Craft Jobs. Maple today is not about “the old school main content” of questing, PQs, exploring new towns, and ofcourse grind grind grinding/training, but its all about “braggin rights” “stroking you ego to everyone with annoying smegas” making “money” off of fake moneys (mesos) and worst of all Merchant Wh0res!!! DX, these total lifeless loser Merch hoes some would claim they only play Maple for “making money” by selling thier generated hacked mesos, items, and weapons to illegal unaffiliated sellers, and stupid losers who wasted thier life savings on pixels.

        Maple is just total crap, and yet we still love it, and are addicted to it. Its INSANE!!! T_T

    • My browser doesn’t support HTML5.
      EDIT: Never mind. This class is effed up, same thing as Dragon Warrior -_-. If this is real, that is.
      And WTF, where did he get that?

      • He might leaked it o-o with google chrome element changes.
        And wow inb4 huge angry mob of pirates/thiefs but i do like the reskin 😀 better than CMS :3

      • What do you mean Google Chrom element changes?
        I checked the source and stuff and it’s not there. I’ll double check by completely downloading the page but I really doubt Nexon would STORE a video on their website/server (only on YouTube o_O).

      • I don’t know if you heard of TF2’s Meet the Team, but Meet the Spy was leaked a day earlier than expected because iPhones could see videos normally unlisted from computers with the iPhone’s Youtube interface, and Meet the Spy just happened to be uploaded, but unlisted.
        Maybe the same thing happened with this video?

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