Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #16!

Well, I just woke up and found out that there was a new entry in Inkwell’s Diary! I have to go to school in a second so I’ll make it quick. The title of the post is “Light born in the darkness” (어둠 속에 태어나는 빛), and Inkwell left the following message:

위대한 이야기의 결말이 빛과 함께 공개된다.

The great end of the story will be revealed in the light.

End of the story? Are they finally introducing the Black Mage? Will Magnus be released? I mean, there were some NPC’s in the WZ and this stand. Although, there’s still Guwar to release… So… I don’t see how it will be the end.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait. And speaking of new classes, Dragon Warrior was released to CMST yesterday. I might cover it in a number of day once I finish a program I’ve been working on that, in my opinion, is really cool :).

So far, we know about 3 jobs that will be released this summer. Exciting content, I guess.


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48 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #16!

  1. Yeah I meant 4 days until the next video which hopefully has some gameplay in it, but I’m not getting my hopes up….

  2. Can someone explain to me what are the 3 jobs? this guy and….?
    And if it’s really 3 jobs then wow, they haven’t released 3 jobs at once since Big Bang!!!

    • When you say 3 jobs at once, you mean in the same patch? Or all on the same day?

      I’m pretty sure Legends released 3 as well.

      • in kms they will just release 2 new jobs: this one and a new warrior, i think magnus
        cms will release their exclusive dragon warrior class
        and gms will release their exclusive jett class

        so actually 4 new jobs will be released, just in different versions

  3. if you read the manga tower of god x maplestory, the final charakter looks like him. guessing it is the final hero

  4. I think this guy is the thief resistance or sure
    Cus of that stand u found
    Or could be the other class 61XX one
    But exciting stufffff

    • hey you could be right. and yea whats up with the class ID 61XX. ??
      i wonder if its related to Jett, Dragon Warrior, or this Mystery Monochromed Eyes dude.

  5. to clear up confusion we got:
    Jett – GMS exclusive class
    Phantom – soon to be released after Jett patch (for GMS)
    and theres…
    Dragon Warrior for Taiwan and China MS.

    These are the 3 new characters.

    As for Guwarar? well its understandable that many of us dont really care to pay attention to questing but Guwarar was that Black Tree monster thing that showed up as a “warning” from the Birth of the Alliance quest, when you talked to Kyrin and Athena after finding a old piece of wood.

    According to the short questline Guwarar is one of the 7 Black Mage’s commanders, and Guwarar is said to be the most wild and ferocious of the commanders, so therefore we could potentially see Guwar as another major Boss. (imo it would be really cool if it was like that Malaysian boss Krexel, and its a composite boss like Zakum and Horntail.) And I think its about time that we get to see another composite boss. 🙂

    This new character is exciting. Question is… is it a mage? or a pirate? Sure doesnt look like a pirate? And how about that weapon? It is a staff? or a double bladed prong fighting like staff?

    One thing is for sure, and thats he looks like the dude from the Tower of God video.

    • he has the id 27XX, so it’s not a pirate (that would be 25XX) and it’s not a mage (that would be 22XX and that’s already evan), so it’s something very new

      • but the id’s were found in the kms data, right? if they would add the job id’s from other versions to the kms data, they would add dragon warrior, too.

  6. It’s look like a both-sides-sharp weapon…
    If it’s the pirate hero, I will be the happiest person on earth.
    Really, if they rinish the current races, I can even get 1,000 more jobs and i’ll be fine.

    Thanks agn Shakar 😀

    • Except he’s wearing white here and has a that floating white orb near him, while the one in the manga was in black and had dark energy. I actually agree with Shakar who had the most reasonable reaction to this diary:

      “Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait.”

      People are presuming that the existence of this character will mean all kinds of crazy pessimistic things, let’s see how this plays out first before we start seeing crazy things like “this means no pirate hero”.

      • I agree, this is just a teaser trailer to what KMS Maplestory is planning.

        And its an old fashioned yet effective marketing tool to give us addicted maplers something little, and beg for more.

        Doing this tatic will then let our imaginations run wild… like OMGosh is it the Final Hero? Final Resistance? Reverse Mage? Black Mage as a playable character? i like pie? i love cake? etc?

        But it is fun to play the “OMG?! WTF?!” game 🙂

    • No, it’s the other way around. The guy in the comic looks like this guy.
      The comic was not drawn by Nexon, it was fan art that Nexon picked. I guess they got the idea from the guy who drew it.
      Actually, I don’t remember who drew it. If it was some random Mapler, then Nexon stole the idea. Otherwise, Nexon probably told the illustrator what to draw.
      Why does it matter anyway… LOL…

    • ‘the great end of the story will be revealed in the light’
      resistance is a underground, behind-the-scenes group so….
      and its titled
      ‘light is born in the darkness’
      which is similar to the resistance, the black wings take over their town and they’re the light which is born
      assuming nexon will do a typical patch
      there will be revamps/nerfing, events and perhaps 2 other classes or a release of a new place who knows…

  7. Umm… shakar… u realise that the “mystery stand” is for the upcoming Resistance Event…
    i checked on and its the new Event starting tomorrow to create a Free Lv30 Resistance

  8. This little orb extremely reminds me of Ronan’s Orb as an Aegis Knight from the MMORPG Grand Chase..
    Anyways, it looks quite interesting.
    And I was hoping for another Cygnus Master based class like Mikhail ):

  9. who the hell is guwar???
    ca someone post for me a pic or an explenation (how do you write it?) about him?
    i was in bullgaria for six days and my maple world was changed too much!!

  10. Well this is just my two cents. I think that maybe, the pirate hero was one of the Black Mage’s generals much like Demonslayer was. He realizes that the side he was fighting for was actually wrong and decides to right his wrongs by joining the fight against his former master.
    As with Mercedes and Phantom, he uses a new class of weapon. Hey, if a thief like Phantom can have a cane and cards for weapons (which are by far distantly associated with thieves), why not have the pirate hero use weapons that are not traditionally associated with pirates.
    A double ended staff/cane could be his main weapon and much like the current trends of having secondary weapons, his secondary weapon could be those chain-like structures (which maybe a throwback to the fact that chains are actually associated with pirates).
    In the end, this are just my speculations.

    • Good two cents, RyeMcEvans.

      well, the possibility of the “Final Resistance” character has been ruled out considering the “new resistance character stand” is for a current/on-going event of creating new resistance characters from the 2nd Resistance Revamp patch.

      So like RyeMcEvans’ idea suggests this can be a pirate hero that is not necessarily “Piratey” like. I guess we just have to wait and see.

  11. how can it be pirat? he have staff…. and something that you dont say: he have shoes for mages and i thinking that the overall is for mages too…

    • If we go by that statement you’ve just said, I could argue about the wardrobe choices for the past few characters. For example, Demonslayer’s clothing are more in line with pirates than of warriors (if there was a thing as a butler class, he would look the part). The same could be said of Mercedes. If you play as a male Merc, then the clothing looks likes it’s a mesh between a warrior and a bowman. And no one would have ever convinced me that the white top and ornately designed pants of Phantom were ever related and even associated with thieves. If that was the case, he should have worn more discreet and less conspicuous clothing which is more in line with his respective class.

  12. and he 100% close to the black mage in the time of the heroes and generals he is in tample of time of hundreds years ago

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