Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #15

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Oh my Gosh, Inkwell, just stop -_-. He posts an entry like every single day now. This one is just a post about the Resistance revamp we saw in one of his earlier posts, and it shows the new Battle Mage (titled “The Return of the Battle Mage’s Storm”).

His message:

파멸의 소용돌이! 강력해진 싸이클론!

Swirl of destruction! Powerful cyclone!

Many promises but no updates. How great, Nexon.


By shakar96 Posted in kMS

35 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #15

  1. mabey they are trying to give us many clues because its huge update?
    i mean it may be the final hero and a battle aginst the black mage!

  2. In my opinon, nexon made a big mistake when they made the aran chartes aviluble they should make all the 5 heros at the same time becuse now its make me feel like the latest the stronges one although i dont think so ..

  3. how i forgot it???
    mabey now we will discover what happend at orbis tower?
    and the other black mage’s heart targets like erev!!!

  4. -facepalm-
    The title is ” 배틀메이지 폭풍의 귀환”
    “배틀메이지” which clearly means BattleMage, not Black mage…

  5. Shakar typo? You state that Inkwell says “return of the Black Mage’s storm”, but Max states “Battle Mage, Return of the Storm”.. his seems more like a good translation because why would they talk about the return of the Black mage when it is abuot the Battle Mage

      • uuh huuu. Or was it? Maybe you have a secret second life as a Nexon (Korea) Employee and you know that that every Battle Mage Character after this revamp will transform in a Black Mage look-a-like and becomes his follower…. :p

      • Maybe you are somehow related to a Nexon Korea employee, and now you are giving us hints of our next update.
        You forgot the aliens, though, if you want it to come out to GMS.

      • Maybe YOU are acting like you aren’t a Nexon Korea employee and are giving us hints by “making up” hints that I could give, like the aliens. Do you know something I don’t about aliens 😉

        You forgot the Panda’s though… (didn’t you get the company memo of last week?!)

  6. Battlemage really needs a revamp. I only do like 60k damage at lvl 121 compared to Evans who does 164k damage unfunded at lvl 104.

    • evans are supposed to be LEGENDARY not only that, but a legend who is legendary for his STRENGTH, i swear, if anyone says or implies that an equivalent class (like a mage to evan, a warrior to aran a theif to phantom, or an archer to a merc) should be on par with a legend class again on a forum that has likes and dislikes, im going to dislike it immediately.
      no class should out do or even keep up with its respective legend, since that legend is legendary for its strength, nexon actually did a good thing by tiering the opness of a class by its order (legend/hero>resistance>adventurer>cygnus in fact, they did it pretty much exaclty how i would’ve done it, actually exactly, but with the release of cygnus instructor classes, i would tier it legend/hero>ckinstructor>resistance>adventurer>ck, which, again, is how nexon did it


    Battle Mages might be worth using after the new revamp…providing their blow attacks do AT LEAST mid tier 1v1 damage and their best mob attacks don’t have those annoying cooldowns anymore.

    But shit tier damage + unnecessary cooldowns = a shitty class most will simply keep overlooking

    If the following doesn’t happen, along with the mandatory percentage buffs, then the class will be the shit it’s always been:

    Dark Shock (no more cooldown)
    Twister Spin (no more cooldown)
    Hero’s Will (no more cooldown)
    Body Boost (cooldown halved to equal max duration)

  8. Dude, its a diary, there’s supposed to be an entry every day, so he probs writes one every day (canonically), but until recently, they weren’t able to leak the contents of it daily

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