Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #14!

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What’s with Inkwell lately? He’s writing posts like a pedophile gives away candy to kids -_- (couldn’t come up with a better comparison). Really, stop promising lame updates to us… And Internet Explorer still sucks; it took me more than an hour to load the MapleStory page.

Well, anyway, on this post Inkwell promised the return of the Black Mage, or at least another commander of his. I really hardly doubt Nexon would release the Black Mage, that’s like ending the game basically. But that map is the same map they show all the time when they present the Black Mage to us in videos. As you can see in the image (if you enlarge it), that’s where Demon Slayer, Mercedes, and Freed were taken down (we saw videos of all of them facing him in that room).

He left the following message:

검은 마법사! 그 가공할 위력의 실체가 공개된다!

Black Mage! His terrible power will be revealed!

Well, the past few posts hinted at terrible updates but this might be better (a boss that people will defeat on the first day, yay :/).


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25 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #14!

  1. It will probably involve time traveling to the past and the new pirate hero, and since all of them can be together now, they can beat the Black Mage, or not.

  2. yeah seems like time travel to the past to help defeat the black mage … but as we know he wasn’t reallllly defeated in the past soooo even beating him in the past again wont stop him from being alive in the future SOOOOOOO ….. beating him wont me end game 😀

    • lol ima reply to myself and say this >=3 I HOPE ITS A HERO CLASS ONLY PQ!!!!! BWAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA….. ok done 😀 but yeah id laugh like hell if it was

      • It should be! The heros are the only ones who can take down the Black Mage! Except Aran since they forgot him! That’s just mean 😦

  3. why did you saying that they forgot just aran? what with phantom?
    and its so cool if DS will have the opption to do his story line battle v.s. the black mage and than the heroes will come too!!!
    or they will relese with the 5th hero the battle!!!! DS and the last battle (heroes v.s. the black mage)

  4. oh and i forgot the biggest thing…. aren’t freud and mercedes need to be at other place when they heart? like the start of mercedes and leafre past? at those two places you can see them both heart after the battle

    • shakar there is another entry!!!!!! post at when you see it!!!
      its a man with mercedes like wings (very weird) and a man that preforn a skill like battle mage’s tornado spin but nuch bigger!!!
      and the line that she left its:파멸의 소용돌이! 강력해진 싸이클론!

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