KMS v.1.2.162 & Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #12

The patch didn’t come yet, but whatever; it’s just a bunch of events. The events are the same as those of every year, so I’ll just dash through them.

Sorry I’m late, it took me FOREVER to load the MapleStory website. Internet Explorer is probably the stupidest browser ever -_-. So, instead, I downloaded Chrome, but what sucked is that it didn’t work either.

Anyway, I’ll cover the diary entry first (the image is at the top) and then the lulEvents. Also, I have more info on CMS’s (could also be TWMS’s because it’s a pirate) exclusive hero.

폭주! 상승의 반격은 지금부터!

Unite! From now on, rise of the counterattack!

Resistance revamp, wow.

Great, well, let’s go to the lolevents.

You may remember it from last year, it hasn’t changed. It’s the coolers event; a [damn] book event.

All you have to do is open 1 cooler each day. The rewards are:

  • 3 days – 50 untradeable power elixirs.
  • 4 days – 15-day luluntradeableaccessory: +5 all stats, +3 Weapon/Magic/Demonic ATT, +10 Weapon/Magic/WhyAmIEvenWritingThisIt’sObviouslyBoth DEF, +30 Accuracy/Avoidability.
  • 5 days – luluntradeable  advanced equipment enhancement scroll.
  • 6 days – lOluntradeable vicious hammer.
  • 7 days – |0|untradeable Chaos Scroll.
  • 8 days – 7-day \O/untradeable lulbadge: +5 all stats, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP <- such inefficiency, +15 mhm both att’s, +20 accuracy/avoidability/speed.
  • 9 days – Buff & 1 Gallant Emblem.

The ice boxes can also give you the stuff above^.

Monsters drop surfboards^.

Yeah, I am lazy. I know.

Anyway, let’s talk about CMS’s exclusive hero!

On my last post, someone found the link to this thread. I’m actually familiar with the website because they translate my posts all the time :P.

This is the new exclusive hero for CMS. The name is Dragon Warrior, and it’s a pirate. TWMS said that they are getting a pirate also… Maybe they are getting the same one?

Well, it’s NOT a hero; it’s an adventurer. New pirate (? Or warrior, don’t know) adventurer, Yippee. Wonder what its ID is… And the storyline.

And is adding a new class with a special shield like a trend now? Really…

Anyway, seems interesting. I’ll keep you updated with the job, and I might actually download CMS myself to try it out :P.


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73 comments on “KMS v.1.2.162 & Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #12

      • If its an adventurer, wouldn’t it be yellow in the background of the character creation box? Unless they changed it. yellow= adventurer blue = heroes Green= KoC lightish red (maroon) =resistance

      • he has a point. maybe Jett (even tho theyre not getting it) will have a red background too.<<dumb theory

  1. Shakar, can I download and make a CMS account although I don’t live in China just to try the new character? It looks awesome and I wish I could try it.

  2. How to fix images:

    1. Middle click to open in new tab.
    2. Click the address bar.
    3. Hit enter.

  3. Awh, i expected better for this ‘exclusive job’ btw, shak any update on if GMS is getting pirate thief revamp?

  4. WOAH! Dragon warrior! i hope Gms gets something good name like that later (Jett is a gayish name for a class…)

    • I don’t see how you can label someone/something as “gay” just by it’s name. It’s like saying the name Jake or Mark sounds gay just because.

  5. OMG guys maybe the Jett class its Phantom .. they change hes name like they always do between KMS & GMS in most games …
    what did u think shakar?

  6. shakar i downloaded TMS to try the dragon warrior
    do u know how i can get an account on TMS or have a guide in english to make an account?

    • Well, for one thing, it’s not out in TMS yet. The first one to get it is CMS.
      And I don’t really know any guides, I’m kind of struggling with that also.

      • i spend every summer in taiwan and all the new updates come out during the summer, so i decided to play TWMS this summer. the problem is after i downloaded it there is a pop up from bean-fun and there is a picture and then just ????????? all over the rest of the pop up. then there is the problem with making an account. so if u ike figure out how to work this thing may u like post it here or on another post? (watching TVgets boring after a  few hours and i really want to play maple。)

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  8. For TWMS and CMS, u need an Chinese Identification Code, which is only issued after becoming a citizen of China, and over 18.
    So unless Leafre also does it for CMS\TWMS, then I don’t see you can get ur hands on one. Unless ur Chinese and you got a brother or sister that’s older than 18, or your parents.
    Trust me. I played CMS once. Registering requires an ID Code.

    So, in summary, to register, u need something like KSSN, but for China.

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