KMS v.1.2.157 ~ 9th Anniversary!

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UPDATE: Updated to v.1.2.158.

Only 6 days ago, this update came to the test server. It brought the Fantastic Park theme dungeon, the jobs added in the Legends update, and, most importantly, MapleStory’s 9th anniversary.

The events are actually kind of fun, although I believe it won’t last for long. Remember how last year we got all excited about the new book event concept? That concept just pissed me off later on because Nexon overused it. I fear they’ll do the same for this event, which is a board game!

I promised you this post would be big, and it is! Oh and, all of the events end in ~June 1st. Just read on~

Skill Changes: KMST v.1.2.428 -> KMS v.1.2.157



Mercedes (3rd)
Stunning Strikes
Damage Increased by 5% (115% at max level -> 120% at max level).
Amount of Enemies Hit Increased (4 -> 5).


Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer (4th)
Demon Impact
Amount of Enemies Hit Increased (3 -> 4).
Delays Decreased (1470 ms -> 1200 ms).

Infernal Concussion
Delays Decreased (990 ms -> 900 ms and 1230 ms -> 990 ms for dummy skill).

Cannoneers, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers are not all back yet, they will come at different times:

4/26 – Cannoneer.

5/3 – Mercedes.

5/10 – Demon Slayer.

6/13 – Bye-bye again?

9th Anniversary!

Happy birthday MapleStory! This year, as I mentioned earlier, they added a new type of quest series, which can be accessed through the die on the left side:

But, before I start going over the game, I’d like to start with what the whole point of the event is.

Like every year, there are coins you gain. The purpose of the coins, like every year, is to purchase equipment from the shop. Inkwell is at the Free Market now:

And his shop is pretty much the same as last time:

Aside from the first tab, the shop is the same as every other event +_+… Except for the recipes, which they added the one for the Angelic Blessing Ring for a whooping amount of coins, 200! They also added recipes for EVERY Empress equips!

The first tab, however, only contains the Maple Equipment for this year, which are all for level 79 and have different stats (list of stats will be given, read on). Equipment in addition to weapon scrolls, again, that give 7~9 ATT.

Monsters also started dropping Maple Leaves (obviously, exchange 100 for 1 coin), along with a new box (“o rly?”) for the anniversary. There are two different kinds of boxes, one of them is obtained through the boxes that were added to towns.

Yep! Towns were decorated like in Christmas and basically every event afterwards +_+. Random Maple Trees and [Neon?] Maple Leaves signs were added, in addition to a band:

If you click on the band, they can play your favorite tune:

Those are categories of music. The categories are:

  • Hopeful Music (희망찬 음악)
  • Exciting Music (신나는 음악)
  • Warm Music (따뜻한 음악)
  • Relaxing Music (편안한 음악)
  • Celebration Music (축하 음악)

And, of course, it will play a MapleStory BGM.

Also for the decorations, you can also see a box that you can click on^^:

Those appear in every town. Click on it and it will drop Maple Leaves and a 9th Anniversary Gift Box:

The other things are just for a quest, except the cute potato thing in the middle (which I’ll get to in a second). Oh and there’s a low chance that they’ll also drop a 1.5X EXP Coupon, a Maple Coin, or other lulPots (you know the drill, Reindeer Milk & Sunrise Dew).

So anyway, this is the box:

UPDATE: They changed this box’s image so it doesn’t look the same as the other one:

Now, be careful! This box, that you get from the decorations, only gives you pots and Maple Coins. It can also give you a better box, the box that you obtain from monsters, the 9th Anniversary Celebration Box:

Now this is the box you want. This ones gives Maple Coins along with a Maple Weapon! You can get it from monsters around your level (oh, and speaking of which, by ‘around your level’ I mean within the range of 11 levels under yours or 21 levels higher than you).

The Maple Weapons are also for level 79, and they (along with the Maple Equipment) come with a ‘Rare’ potential rank. Also, the box can also give you a FREE Empress equip., for level 140 obviously~. They also come with a hidden potential.

Here are all the Maple Equipment/Weapons:

[Click to enlarge]

There’s another benefit. The equipment/weapons come in a set:

For equipping 5 items: +3 Weapon/Magic ATT, +150 Accuracy/Avoidability, +200 HP/MP.
For equipping 7 items: +5 Weapon/Magic ATT, +5 All Stats.
For equipping 8 items: +7 Weapon/Magic ATT, +11 All Stats, +10 Speed/Jump.

In addition, if you have all 8 like me, you’ll get a cool effect!

Well, that’s as far as the rewards go. Now let’s go on with the events!

9th Anniversary Board Game

As I said earlier, if you click on the die on the left side (or actually, you can also click on a die in your set-up inventory), you can see this board game!

The board game is pretty much like Monopoly, you have to obtain dice (you get one for free every 10 minutes) and then you can roll it and land someplace on the board. You can either land on a quest, a bonus, or a mystery spot.

Every time you complete a quest or gain a bonus, you gain 1 Maple Coin (unless otherwise specified).

For bonuses, you may get:

  • 1/2 free coins.
  • 20/50 Maple Leaves.
  • 10 Power Elixirs.

  • 9th Anniversary Gift Box.
  • 9th Anniversary Happy Maple! buff (+20, 30, 40 ATT for levels 1~30, 31~70, 71+, respectively).
  • 1.5X Drop coupon.

You still get the Maple Coins if you get a bonus. Anyway, you probably won’t land on too many bonuses so let’s go over the quests!

Sweet 9th Anniversary Cake Making

So, Chief Stan, being the old annoying dude that he is, asks you to get his ingredients to make a cake. He asks you to go around and kill monsters around your level (or you can also get it from the town decorations, but pretty rare on 1X drop) and get him 15 Creams, Sponge Cakes, and Birthday Candles.

Mr. Lim’s Giant Project

Mr. Lim wants you to kill 300 monsters to help him with his ‘giant project’. Such a waste of time. Don’t worry, this is pretty much the longest quest in the board game.

Tell His Uncle the News of the 9th Anniversary

The lolDragon will ask you to contact his uncle to tell him the news of the anniversary. Hunt monsters around your level and get a white capsule:

Double-click it and you’ll be warped to his uncle’s place:

Nice house actually, great view of mountains and such.

Complete the quest and and you’ll be sent to Orbis.

Spiegelmann’s Funny Numbers Game

This is kind of stupid. Spiegelmann offers to play a game with you, so he gives you Spiegelmann’s Unknown Box. The box generates two random numbers between 1 and 10, and their sum must equal some number Spiegelmann has in mind.

In other words, just click on the box until the quest is completed.

Complete the Gift Packaging

Yeah so Inkwell needs to pack packages (Nexon: Messing with Inkwell since his release) and needs your help. Get him 20 9th Anniversary Wrapping Papers & Ribbons from monsters around your level or (rare) from town decorations.

Secret Fruit’s Golden Leaf

Sir Ped0 Bear III wants you to raise the item we’ve seen earlier, a Maple Seedling:

Really simple, you can just get one from any monsters around your level or the town decorations and feed it. It only sleeps for 30 minutes, and once it’s awake, it grows into a large tree and gives you this fruit:

When you click on it, the quest will be completed.

If you’re not doing the quest, however, you can still raise it. The fruit will give you Maple Leaves, Maple Coins, or even 7-day mounts (balrog, mushroom, and yeti mounts. I’ve got them all :D)~.

Here are the possible rewards:

Cassandra’s 9th Anniversary Quiz

Wow, she’s been married for the past 9 years? HOLY, show me her husband RIGHT NOW.

Just kidding. Anyway, she’ll give you a quiz about the Maple World. If you’re one of those people who just click enter, you fail. If you get one question wrong, you’re out. By ‘out’ I mean you won’t earn the Maple Coin, but you can still go on with the puzzle.

So just click enter and roll the dice again.

Blake’s Dream Shall Go On!

So that high kid from Kerning Square (he gets high on the perfumes, don’t even ask) asks you to get a golden Maple Leaf.

All you have to do is open a 9th Anniversary Celebration Box and you’ll get the leaf:

High on maple, yeah.

Uh, that seems to be about it for the board game. Every time you complete a full round, you get 5 Maple Coins! It doesn’t end there, you can go again! Yippee…. :O.

Other Events

Maple Leaves from the Sky

Once in 10 minutes (the quest reappears 10 minutes after you finish it), you are sent to a map where Maple Leaves are dropped down from the sky on you for 3 minutes. It’s basically FREE Maple Leaves.

The best way to show you what it’s like is a video:


As you can see in the video, it’s not ALL Maple Leaves. There are some other items that are dropped down:

[Click to enlarge]

NOTE: The picture above is for KMST. In KMS, they changed the golden leaf to be 5 Maple Leaves and added a rainbow leaf that gives 10 Maple Leaves.

So avoid the rocks and snail shells and try to get golden leaves.

At the end, you’ll see how many leaves and coins you earned. You can only get 1 coin max but around 200~300 leaves at each run (without even moving).

FREE Maple Coin Every Day

FREE Maple Coin Every Day.

FREE Title

FREE Title.

FREE Coin for PQ’ing

Clear a PQ 3 times or 15 waves of Nett’s Pyramid PQ or Spiegelmann’s Strange gallery daily and receive a FREE Maple Coin.

Level Up Event

Level up and you’ll get a specific amount of Maple Leaves (according to your level) and 10 Maple Syrup Potions (+100, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 HP/MP for levels 30-, 30~69, 70~99, 100~119, 120~149, 150+, respectively).

PC Room Events

Only for PC Room users. Get 30 of those boxes from all monsters to get 1 Maple Coin.

Also, you get free Cash Shop items every day:

Aran/Evan Level Up Event

Level up an Aran or an Evan to get gifts.

At level 50, you’ll get this ring:

+3 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF/Accuracy. Bonus: +2 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT for 3rd/4th job Arans or 7th~10th grow Evans.

And at 70, you’ll get a special weapon. If you’re an Aran:

+100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +92 Weapon ATT, +10 Accuracy, 7 slots. Bonus if you’re level 100+: +10 Weapon ATT.

And Evans:

+100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +62 Weapon ATT, +95 Magic ATT, +10 Avoidability, 7 slots. Bonus for levels 100+: +9 Weapon ATT, +20 Magic ATT.

They also get some scrolls when they advance (and a +3 all stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT pair of earrings at 2nd job), nothing special though.

Weapon Boxes

Free weapon boxes for Arans and Evans (makes no sense, they weren’t even revamped), once again, from levels 10~70.

Fantastic Park


As I told you last time, a new theme dungeon was added to the Maple World, and it’s called Fantastic Park. It’s for levels 120~130, and it has 3 stations:

Funny Station, Extreme Station, and Fantasy Station.

Fantastic Park can be accessed through Ludibrium. In fact, it was just added to the right side:

As you have seen in the info page I made above, you have probably noticed that it’s the same thing as GMS’s and, in fact, other MapleStories’ Malaysia.

I was planning on making a whole guide, but honestly, they are so straightforward that I just stopped at one point. Only quest that I recommend you NOT to do is the one with the 5 envelopes. Oh God, if you thought peridots or those papers in Neo City were rare, just wait until you try to get these. In KMST, every Harp drops a peridot because of the high drop rates. Here, it took me at least an hour to get like 2 +_+. And the reward was even more annoying, it’s just a stupid bear doll.

So, anyway, you probably know that there are two bosses: Scarlion and Targa. There are 3 phases to each and they have different stats from GMS, obviously:

Scarlion & Targa
Phase I:
Level: 135
HP: 8,000,000
EXP: 110,000

Phase II:
Level: 135
HP: 16,000,000
EXP: 220,000

Phase III:
Level: 140
HP: 150,000,000
EXP: 1,344,000

And the rewards from the storyline are even worse. You get the Fantastic Baby medal which only adds +5 on all stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +100 HP, +200 MP, and +150 Accuracy/Avoidability. And the Scarlion and Targa helmets are just awful: Level 110, +5 all stats, 7 slots. Targa hat adds 110 Weapon/Magic DEF and Scarlion adds 100 Weapon/Magic DEF (and 100 Avoidability).


You can also get a glove that adds +6 on all stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +45 Weapon/Magic DEF, +100 Accuracy, and 5 slots. A little better.

Well anyway, you can play around with the outline of the map and stuff… Remember, you can click on the mini maps to see the whole map (and, tip, you ALWAYS could). Oh and, I translated all of the monsters’ names into the GMS names because it wouldn’t sound as well.

Other Changes

  • New item was added to cash shop to switch the looks of two items. Just to clear up confusions, all it does is switch the icons and all of the images of one weapon onto another. The synthesizer looks like this:

The right side is the appearance (외형) item, what you want your item on the left (AKA the item with the abilities [기능]) to look like.

In short, this process can best described as:

Just a couple of obvious restrictions -> Must be the same weapon type, can’t be stuff that you can’t normally see such as pendants, etc., and has to be of the same gender.

Also, when you use one you’ll get a lulbox:

From the box you can get:

  • A Pink Bean hat (+1 all stats).
  • Traveler’s Wing Glasses (+2 All Stats, +20 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Jump, 3 slots, ofCourseIt’sUntradeable).
  • Maple Sword.
  • 100 Elixirs.
  • 50 Power Elixirs.
  • Buffalo Riding Coupon.
  • Bunny Wagon Riding Coupon.
  • Giant Elixir.
  • Halloween Invincible Elixir
  • 50%/100% One-Handed Weapon for ATT/M. ATT.

  • Oh what do you know, a new type of Miracle Cubes was added for the 9th anniversary. Fantastic Miracle Cube.

The cubes are used on Maple equips., obviously. They are supposedly better than the normal Miracle Cubes.

There’s also the new Amazing Miracle Cube, which is the same thing as a Fantastic Miracle Cube except it works on ANY equip.

  • Magical Teapot was added. It is the same concept as the egg, peanut, microwave, legendary orgel, and crystal libra machines. Basically, you just find the tea bags from monsters and open it. You will 100% receive a Maple Coin and a red button, but you can also get a bunch of rewards:

  1. Android coupon.
  2. Hairstyle coupon.
  3. A bunch of scrolls (chaos, potential, enhancement, etc.).
  4. Pendant box.
  5. Vicious Hammer.
  6. ETC. items (probably for forging or something).
  7. Jewelry box.
  8. Mastery Books.
  9. Uh the bags from the profession skills.
  10. Frog hat.
  11. Some polearm, bamboo stick, and skis.
  12. Face decorations: Ice decoration & Pinocchio hat.
  13. Pink Bean hat/suite.
  14. Legend equipment +3 pre-scrolled.
  15. Chairs: Toilet seat, the night thing, super elixir, and HP/MP bottles.
  16. Various weapons.
  17. Mounts: Maximums, power suit, and car.

  • And, of course, a bunch of Hot Time events^^. They are:

4/28 – SP & AP Reset Scrolls.

4/29 – MapleStory 9th Anniversary Card (you get EXP when you open it) & 9th Anniversary Medal (+9 on all stats, +99 MaxHP/MaxMP/Weapon DEF/Magic DEF, and +2 PVP damage):

5/5 – White Angelic Blessing (temporary version) & Maple Coins.

5/6 – The Mercedes hat that was given not too long ago.

5/12 – The Demon Slayer hat.

5/13 – Maple Coins & 9th Anniversary Android Box (to get an android).

  • Gateway to the Future is a party zone now. Therefore, of course, the monsters’ HP and EXP were raised significantly.
  • Cash Shop was updated… Those three new chairs were added:

You can get them from the following box in Cash Shop:

However, you can also get a cake hat, there are actually various kinds.

  • Events were added to Legends job. A teleportation rock, a new Legends ring, and 100% working 4th job mastery books (a special mastery book is given at 4th job) were added. Buffs are also given every 5 levels until level 100 which improve every as you level (and even give you 109 Weapon ATT at level 100 o_o, good thing they last for 30 minutes).
  • Item locks can be bought for mesos, 9K for a week and 39K for a month.

Welp, that’s all for today. See you next week ^_^.


P.S. – After May 17th, the creation of Mihile, Dual Blades, Aran, and Evan will be limited. Heck, so much for ‘Dual Blades are coming back for good.’

P.P.S. – Taiwan MapleStory is also getting an exclusive hero with the Justice (AKA Destiny) patch. It was described as a pirate with a gun, could it be the pirate hero? Is GMS also getting it?

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67 comments on “KMS v.1.2.157 ~ 9th Anniversary!

  1. Hm. I’m really getting irked by that level restriction when doing events. ToT makes me tired at this point.

  2. except from the birthday, evrything is just bad.
    the meesage tells you that all of the Legend characters can be created until June 13th, so at the end, there will only 3 types of jobs that can be created (after all of the restrictions):
    Adventures, Cygnus, and Resistnace.

  3. Aran and Evan will be limited? THAT’s surprising more than anything else. Maybe that’s a sign Nexon is gonna introduce more characters very soon.

  4. a NEW miracle cube? omgosh nexon when will this stop?
    so does this new miracle cube add a new tier like 15% per line or something?
    or does it make it easier to advance to the next tier?


  6. cool now i can switch up with MY item and soom NOOB item that i buying from like 100 mesos to look like noob and stay pro XD

  7. my theory with the exclusive classes:
    theyre all pirate heroes and all servers r getting exclusive classes but they have different names and skills.
    so gms’ could be Lotus (and in kms Lotus is named Suu right?) but maybe 1 or 2 servers r gonna get the same. just a guess. but im actually hoping its the Thief Resistance that gms gets

    • Pirate hero’s name is Lee.
      This isn’t the pirate hero, the pirate hero is a female. And I hardly doubt any job in MapleStory would have different names in different MapleStories (I mean, ignoring translation errors).

      • well isnt a corsair (gms) a captain in kms? or was that when pirates first came out because when they first came out i didnt know any 4th job names. not even Night Lord

      • I see what you’re saying, that’s why I said ignoring translation errors.
        All the names of the Cygnus Knights are different also. And Cannon Shooter =/= Cannoneer, etc.

  8. well, according to my knowledge of mandarin, it says that its somewhat like that guy in the anime Hitman Reborn. So what, we gonna see guy with 2 guns shooting enemies with flames?


  9. they also said that pirate revamp might not be included
    thief revamp and phantom are guaranteed
    however since they are adding the exclusive class, they might not have room for pirate revamp meaning it will get pushed to a later date
    and like WellNow said the exclusive class looks like xanxus from hitman reborn
    this one:
    but without the smile

    the rest is just about the guy participating in a lottery for free maple points, a bug in Taiwan ms and phantom name+skill names

    • wait r u talking about gms or taiwan ms? if ur talking about taiwan ms, why would they not giv/delay pirate revamp because of the exclusive class but not do anything to gms’ updates O_o?

      • taiwan ms
        according to that guy, they said that they might not have enough room to include the pirate revamp as well and i didn’t say they won’t do it to gms

  10. Hey shakar! You should come to PAX Prime 2012! I’m going and it is going to be awesome! Too bad all of the BYOC Passes sold out within the first 44 minutes, so you wouldn’t be able to make blog posts during PAX, you would have to wait until you get back to your suite.

  11. Hey, im a maple-er (?) in the U.S (NY) :). I wanna make a mercedes (im sorta desperate) :3 but i dnt know when they will come back (legends :* ), so does ANYONE know when they will come back or become available (please reply or respond) 😉 !!!!

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  14. Shakar96, can you explain to me how the Aran award will work when I’m level 198? I really want the pole arm and ring.

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