KMST v.1.2.428 ~ 9th Anniversary, Fantastic Park, and The Return of the Legends

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I don’t really have much time to write this post, so I’ll just rush through the update right now. Sorry, but I am very busy now since the year is almost over and every teacher decides to assign projects -_-.

Anyway, in this update the 9th Anniversary events were added along with Fantastic Park, which is basically Malaysia in GMS and other MapleStories. And also, the Legends jobs (Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer) were added and revamped. Honestly the revamps were lame. You might have not known this, but every time I put ‘by …%’, it means that all Nexon did was change 1 number around, and therefore the change applies to all levels.

So yeah, let’s get to the skill changes:

KMS v.1.2.156 -> KMST v.1.2.428



Cannoneer (2nd)
Scatter Shot
Damage Increased by 40% (180% at max level -> 220% at max level).

Barrel Bomb
Damage Increased by 10% (40% at max level -> 50% at max level).
Explosion Damage Increased by 50% (250% at max level -> 300% at max level).

Cannoneer (3rd)
Cannon Spike
Damage Increased by 70% (170% at max level -> 240% at max level).

Monkey Wave
Damage Increased by 100% (760% at max level -> 860% at max level).

Cannoneer (4th)
Cannon Bazooka
Damage Increased (600% per hit for 2 hits at max level -> 500% per hit for 4 hits at max level).
Number of Attacks Increased (2 -> 4).

Cannon Barrage
Damage Increased by 35% (285% at max level -> 320% at max level).
Delay of each hit decreased (90 ms -> 60 ms).

Anchors Aweigh
Damage Increased by 100% (300% at max level -> 400% at max level).
Self-destruction Damage Increased by 100% (420% at max level -> 520% at max level).



Mercedes (2nd)
Parting Shot
Damage Increased by 10% (60% at max level -> 70% at max level).

Mercedes (3rd)
Aerial Barrage
Damage Increased by 10% (100% at max level -> 110% at max level).

Mercedes (4th)
Spikes Royale
Damage Increased by 20% (520% at max level -> 540% at max level).

Lightning Edge
Damage Increased by 15% (405% at max level -> 420% at max level).

Rolling Moonsault
Damage Increased by 10% (170% at max level -> 180% at max level).


Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer (2nd)
Barbed Lash
Demon Lash’s Damage Bonus Increased (20% -> 30%).

Soul Eater
Damage Increased (100% at max level -> 120% at max level).

Demon Slayer (3rd)
Demon Lash Arch
Demon Lash’s Damage Bonus Increased (60% -> 70%).
[Therefore final damage amount increased from 80 to 100.]

Damage Increased by 50% (150% at max level -> 200% at max level).

Carrion Breath
Damage Increased by 15% (140% at max level -> 155% at max level).

Demon Slayer (4th)
Demon Thrash
[Final damage amount increased from 200 to 220 obviously.]

Infernal Concussion
Damage Increased by 30% (235% at max level -> 265% at max level).

Demon Impact
Damage Increased by 60% (240% at max level -> 300% at max level).

*Oh and also, Monster Magnet’s formula for amount of enemies hit changed again for the worse but it’s still 6 at max level.

Hm in addition to that, the legends will be back on creation on the following dates:

  • Cannoneer – April 19th.
  • Mercedes – April 20th @ 8:30 A.M.
  • Demon Slayer – April 20th @ 9:30 A.M.

Fantastic Park

So, Fantastic Park was finally added. It’s basically a theme park (WHY) for levels 120~130 that was added to Ludibrium.

I was actually excited for this, but now I’m disappointed. Yes they added Targa & Scarlion, but they nerf’ed their helmets! They suck now, only like 5 on all stats -_-.

Rode all the way to Ludibrium for nothing.

9th Anniversary

So, MapleStory is 1 year older. This year, they added a couple of different events, and they are actually original this time.

I’ll go into more details when it comes out to the real server, but for now, here’s a general overview:

  • Monsters are dropping Maple Leaves and boxes (that give either pots, new level 79 Maple weapons, or Maple Leaves).
  • Gift boxes added to each town (that drop many goodies).
  • You may wonder what that die is for^:

When you double click it, you get sort of a Monopoly game!

You get to roll the dice and to roll it again you have to either do a quest or nothing (if you get a bonus). For example, I rolled a 2 and landed on a quest from that old “hene-hoe”:

They also added a yeti to play music for you. And there’s some run every 10 minutes.

And of course, the coins are not useless. There’s a shop, which Inkwell once again owns:

And of course, he sells brand new level 79 Maple equipment.

Awesome, I actually can’t wait this time :P.

Other Changes

  • New Synthesizer item was added to cash shop.

So what it basically does is transfers the stats from the item on the right to the item on the left so it looks like the item on the right. In other words, it changes the way the item on the right looks, making it look exactly like the one on the left. Pretty stupid, but I really would like to use it on a pair of Work Gloves on a yellow pair of Work Gloves~. And hey, when you use it, you get a +1 to all stats Pink Bean hat :P.

  • Gateway to the Future is now a party zone.
  • WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? In an upcoming Hot Time event, they’re giving out a FREE White Angelic Blessing!!! What sucks is that it’s temporary, but I still want it.

There are actually a LOT of Hot Time Events, they’re also giving the Demon Slayer horns. But I really like that ring… Dang it, I don’t think I’ll be on.

  • Sick new chairs added:

Anyway, sorry I didn’t cover so much, it’s because I really had to rush this time. However, I can tell you for sure that the post I’ll write for when the update hits the real server will be BIG.


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88 comments on “KMST v.1.2.428 ~ 9th Anniversary, Fantastic Park, and The Return of the Legends

  1. I wonder when the next time will be that a totally original new region with your normal town or two and normal training maps with good EXP and spawn and normal quests and maybe a boss attached to the storyline will be added into the game… I miss updates like those.

  2. Right now, all I want the developers to do is to clean up maple and all of the bugs. For GMS, I would like it if they redid or removed quests such as those random exchangequests with horrible rewards or the ZPQ adonis but in the town that gives you useless text about Zakum in your job tab

  3. Hmmm interesting does this mean… That gms will copy the new Fantastic Park?!?!…. If so.. does that mean we will lose the real malayisa? :[ i really like the gms 1 it’s bigger better and not nerfed :/ im really intereted in this! please let me kno xD

  4. Wow. Switching stats on an item!? That pretty much means you can have a perfect empress equipment switched onto a level 0 sword? O_O holy…

    • i assume there will be limitations. for example not allowing you to do such transitions to items lower then the level your tranmuteing stats from. or the new items for example the lvl0 sword will gain the level requirements of the sword you that gave stats to it. for Exm.
      (these stats arent real just an example)

      lvl 100 sword. req. 85 stre 50 dex. has 126 atk.

      transmutes to

      lvl 0 sword. you know what im talking abt

      makes: lvl 100 sword(same appearance as the lvl 0 etc.) 100 req 85 stre 50 dex… etc etc

      this means you have the apearence of a lvl 0 sword as a wep. for the stats and the req. stats and lvl’s to use them are that of the item you transmuted from.

      this is all speculation but i dought nexon would allow a lvl 0 sword with 200 atk.

  5. I keep wondering why do you put the gMS Skill Names for the Skills? I mean gMS is always trying to be “original” with names. It’s just a habit I guess. -3-

    • He wasn’t even removed in the first place, Shakar’s post about Mikhail’s Removal was an April Fool’s Joke.
      People can be so dense.

  6. Shakar I believe this is not the big update yet this is just the prequel of it. How can I tell? Well it’s still april and may is about to begin so this is just another revamp so I believe that the real big patch is coming around Late May, Early or Mid June :O But that’s my opinion of course. Anyways nice job again πŸ˜€

  7. Quick question, if i used a synthesizer with say a 10 atk pac and a clean 140 cape, would the atk move over to the 140 cape? Or are there certain specifications that are required to synthesize two items?

    • The Mysterious Anvil doesn’t ‘move’ stats. You’ll simply get either a 10 attack PAC that LOOKS like the 140 cape or a clean 140 cape that LOOKS like a PAC.

      • I assume thats what he meant. It technically ‘moves’, or rather, replaces stats, or in simpler terms, it simply changes all the images of the original to the ones you want.
        So for example, let’s say you have a 13 ATT PAC and a nooby 150 DEF level 140 cape (just making up stats). If you use the synthesizer, the PAC will be removed and the 5 ATT (and other stats) from the PAC will REPLACE the 150 DEF and any other stats that were on the 140 cape.

  8. Hey Shakar, did you see the new Dev Blog in the GMS Website?
    The writer says there’s gonna be a new character -EXCLUSIVE- to GMS in June, along with the Phantom ofc..
    You should try and get into the GMST and tell us whats going on ;).
    I’ll be glad for your opinion.

      • I really want, it will anyway, I’ll write you a credit as well as by what I saw blog for showing me not really up to date…
        I understand if you do not take it but thanks anyway…

      • Thank you for your support but what I mean is if you can add my blog to Useful Links, and I do not exactly translate you I write things you are not writing related to GMS.
        Thanks again πŸ™‚

    • so you go ahead and copy shakar, then expect an affiliation link in return as a ‘favour’? israeli players like you really do ruin the whole of maplestory for everyone else.

      • it isn’t being racist if they’re just as worse as i apparently am. all israeli players do are, for example: beg and beg and beg for noob gifts, run around screaming ‘ISRAELI?’ in the global/party/guild tabs, eliminating non-israeli players from groups while accompanying with insults (often just speaking out hebrew when they figure out who in their group isn’t israeli). the facts stand that i (read: i) have never had a positive experience with israeli players, and i have seen many other players complain about them also. there are also a lot of israeli players, so go figure why i see a lot of rude players. i am never racist in-game, i never segregate players from my party based on those things, so know the difference

  9. Wait…. the re-release of 3 Legends, does that mean that Summer update is also going to release 3 classes, there is a high chance of it (except Mikhal), especially, when we’ll left with 1 Hero, 1 Resistance and 1 Adventurer. So hence from what I see it could probally be released as
    Archer Adventurer
    Pirate Hero (Luffy, Dual Guns? :D)
    Thief Resistance (rides on mounted scooter/motorcycle πŸ˜€ )

    Frankly spekaing, I was hoping that the Legends get buffed more 😦 Especially, the Cannon Master, they should get some skills that pirate got from the revamp, but still it’s quite decent to me.

  10. Hey Shakar, I have a question. I occasionally get this message when logging out of Maplestory (GMS) That says the I get to pick from 1 of of 3 prizes and check back in 3 days to get it. Any clue on why this happens?

      • Oh, cool. I guess I should just keep taking 3 week breaks from Maple. BTW, I had a Rudolf pet that expired on the 2nd of April, but instead of turning into a doll, it just disappeared, I had wasted a bunch of NX on buying a Water of Life a couple days before hand.

  11. Wait… Did you just say the anvil was stupid? Sure, it’s entirely cosmetic, but what it does is allow you to mask your equipment’s appearance with any other equip in the same category. Warriors with DKanjhar-masked shields, Thieves wearing “Sharktooth Skipper Hats”, Making your tricked-out Lionheart Cutlass look like one of those new cool-looking 1h anniversary swords without sacrificing your damage at all. Even masking your hideous Zak hat to look like a Canopus Hat so it looks much more appealing… It’s an amazing item. No more having to weigh out whether or not you should spend mesos to acquire a look. No more having to settle for unappealing equips just because it has a potential you like. This is one of the very few CS items I’m actually looking forward to.

    • If you have enough NX to buy that item (which I assume will be expensive), you also have enough to buy a Cash Shop item to replace that equipment you don’t like.

      • I can respect that, however not only does the item increase the variety and versatility of existing equipment, but no masked items are restrained by time, they remain entirely tradeable, scrollable, and droppable, and also bring about a level of cosmetic stasis between the casual and the frequently gaudy items usually adorning the CS. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind that you don’t like the item, but it’s actually a pretty prudent item to have in the CS.

      • Typo; what I mean is that the effects of the anvil are not time-restrained. I would assume that an anvil’d temporary item will remain temporary.

    • he never left. it was shakar’s april fools saying that he left, at the bottom it said it was an april fools post.

  12. hey shakar, this question has nothing to do with this post, and i think i might’ve posted this question on a different post of urs but, during the thief/pirate revamp do the skills translate AND u can trade in old books for new ones at an NPC or they dont translate but u can trade in old books for new ones at an NPC

  13. w8 so i have venom at lvl 20 (not mastery book), and that WONT turn into a different skill lvl 20, but if i have a mastery book of venom 20, i can trade it in for a mastery book of a new skill?

  14. Hey Shakar with the 3 new chairs are they Hot-Time Exclusive or do you get them through a quest? because I Remember when 3 new chairs (nautilus,Harp,demon throne) came out they came out in chair gacha instead of quests so do you reckon GMS will do the same thing for those 3 because those chairs are REALLY awesome looking

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  16. Hey, i play in the U.S (NY), when will the legends come back? πŸ˜€ Im desperate for a mercedes.. 😦 Does anyone know when they will come back or become available :3 PLease? πŸ™‚

  17. wow is this for gms and kms if so im so glad that i found this site to make sure when the event will come btw this is the first time for me

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