KMST – Second Term Signup

Nothing special to talk about today (5-hour site maintenance, and NO updates) so I’ll just briefly guide you on how you can apply to KMST. This term will be very exciting because it includes many summer updates (Return of the Legends for sure, perhaps even PVP revamp, and so on) which, as we know, are much more exciting than any other update. The term will run from May 1st until summer, they didn’t really specify when. Applications are due by the 24th.

Requirements: A KMS account with a level 10+ character. You must also set your main character (which is straightforward).

Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer and navigate to

Click on this button at the bottom:

Step 2: Input your e-mail address (any e-mail address, doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you used to register) and click on the left button (신청하기):

Step 3: You’re done! Now just wait till the results are up which will be, whenever.

Good luck everyone! Hopefully this term will be actually exciting.


P.S. – I’m kind of late (I was actually not going to talk about it, but the lack of rages/cries in popular MapleStory forums forced me to) but Thailand MapleStory is about to shut down. If you recall, Brazil MapleStory shut down not too long ago because Level Up! Games didn’t really love the game’s performance (1 update in 6 months, yeah what did you expect?). Now, AsiaSoft is also leaving Taiwan MapleStory. You can read more about it here.

What does this mean? End of KMS/GMS? No, Nexon still holds strong. However, MSEA is also kind of in trouble. I fear that, if the economic crisis continues, MSEA will be shut down as well.

39 comments on “KMST – Second Term Signup

  1. Never knew maplesea was in such a crisis, it holds dear memories of my first days on maple even though I never go in that region anymore

  2. Thanks for this post, I hate when bloggers don’t post anything unless there’s an update, it wouldn’t kill someone to post on the status of Maplestory, like you just did.

    • You are right, it is Thailand, and i saw that it is coming, since they havent had updates for like 8 MONTHES! (since August 2011)

  3. Hello Shakar!.
    I see you wrote how certain maplestory’s are closing down!… I am just curious because i know how you get blammed alot for alot of bullcrap! :[ I am just wandering when you wrote GMS/KMS does this mean Gms is closing too or no? Because i heard theres gonna be a new class really really soon from your last blog post! I am rather curious to what’s going to happen is this the end of maplestory?! or Just the smaller servers like you said before! Please post back i dont want stupid rumors going around and you are to blame again!

    • And also, don’t you mean its Thailand Maplestory thats closing down?
      I think MSEA should allow Thailand Players to play SEA as well since currently in MSEA there are Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine Players. Would be cool to have Thailand Players to join MSEA and sustain the growth of MSEA

  4. Sorry to say this shakar but it is indeed Thailand MS instead of Taiwan MS. Moreover, I think that Thailand MS is closing down because of lack of profit instead of lack of patches. As a player of MSEA and KMS, I feel that MSEA would not shut down since it uses events which requires you to buy @cash (like nx) whilst KMS releases many patches to promote the buying of nx. I mean, before the high number of patches, many versions of maplestory didn’t close down. Lastly, another reason why MSEA would not close down is because of the adding of more countries. It was initially for Singapore. However with the addition of Malaysia and Philippines in the recent patch, there should not be no nett loss in profit. Perhaps, they would add Thailand in MSEA too. MSEA is a growing server. Since MSEA is not Maplestory Singapore, it is flexible and can slowly add more countries into the server, just like what GMS does

  5. Its Asiasoft we are talking about, I mean just look at how many games they shut down on Asiasoft SEA. If I am not wrong, more than 5.

  6. Is it available for Korean people only?
    I mean, can I apply even though I dont have a kms account/I’m not from korea?

    Never knew MapleSEA was in trouble though, only knew that they have a horrendous amount of hackers 😦

  8. Is anyone else getting an error trying to click the button for the invite beta thing? I click it and a window pops up then I get some kind of korean error pop up and the original pop up closes

  9. Why now then say ThaiMS is closing? Anyway, MSEA won’t be so easily closing down cos Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are playing the same server. And Asiasoft is reaping profits from it.

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