KMS – The Removal of Mihile

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I logged on to KMST today, and noticed one major thing: Mihile was removed. And not just from creation, but from the actual game. No more Mihiles…

Kind of sucks, I wanted to be Hawkeye. Well, I guess the hypothesis people made about it being an April Fool’s joke were right.

Anyway, I’ll guide you through what happened to existing Mihiles. This is the first time Nexon actually removed a class o_o.

This is the last picture of my Mihile, at least when it was a Mihile. To the character itself, they didn’t really take anything except the shield:

Yep, they only took away my shield. They even forgot about the medal^^.

Also, since my Mihile is level 120+, it was changed to a Paladin:

미하일 (Mihile) ->; 팔라딘 (Paladin)

Dammit, I don’t like it. I used to have these cool skills:

With cool lasers. But now, I have Paladin skills :(. I basically gave up at distributing my SP because they reset all of them -_-.

Also, characters that were Mihiles still get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • They still give blessings to other characters (Blessing of the Empress)!
  • They get to keep their link skill.
  • The Ultimate Adventurer quest was not removed, they can still make Ultimate Adventurers!
  • Echo of Hero skill was not removed!
  • They still have the Noble Spirit skill (which is the skill that levels up the blessings up to 30) and all the quests to level it up.

The 10% free EXP after every level was removed, however :(. Well, just think of it as a bonus EXP event. Oh and they can do the annoying Lunar Dew quest to get Soul Driver.

Anyway, characters under 120 turned into Dawn Warriors.

I made this character right after the patch^^. I only trained on that character till level 27, and now after logging in, I found myself as a Dawn Warrior:


Well, as I said previously, at least they didn’t take away my medals and one-of-a-kind chair.

In addition, I got some AP back. If you recall, Cygnus Knights get 6 AP after every level. So yeah^^.

The link skill is still there, but because I’m a Cygnus, I also got the Enhanced Spirit Power skill.

As for quests, they were all removed. They were useless anyway :P.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you guys are happy that ‘Mikfail’ was removed.


P.S. – Sorry I had to ruin it, but this is fake. Happy April Fool’s everyone :).

P.P.S – GMS is getting the Eric class that was suggested back in the Legends update:

61 comments on “KMS – The Removal of Mihile

  1. Thanks for the joke. By the way it’s still 3/31 for some/most of your readers. This would have been better for tomorrow.

    i wish i can play kms
    hey where did the phantom creation thing go
    mikhail looks epicly good
    phantom is still my type of character


    Anyways, that’s pretty cool of u to make a joke (negativity affects me a lot.), and good try Shakar to troll us with pics that does the opposite: prove that u r trolling. Thus, u failed the art of trolling. Congratulations! XD

  4. (No insults were taken into account, therefore, if any1 does say that’s insulting, then I would say, UR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. LIKE. A. BOSS.)

  5. >Post this
    >it’s no where else to be noted.

    Yeah, okay. Take pride that some people want to believe this.

  6. Wow, i fell for it for a second. xD I think the Eric class is Nexon pulling an April Fool’s joke on us. I mean is it even possible for GMS to get an exclusive class? Highly unlikely…

  7. …The moment you actually called the laser skill “cool” was the moment when I was convinced that you were joking. Nice April Fools joke thar XD

  8. i hope it will be true. Mihile really sux. the only reason to create Mihile is the link skill.

    PS: Eric is better than evan. at least eric doesn’t hack and boot. XD

  9. damn you shakar i was super happy when i saw the removal of mihale oh god dammit why! why you raise my expectations why you hurt me and troll me i was so happy but you ruined it

  10. I fell for this until I read about the April Fool’s thing. It wouldn’t be so convincing if Nexon wasn’t, well, Nexon. But you know, Nexon.

    Good joke, though.

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  12. omfg you suck at april fools jokes idiot, this was just that idiot who fails at april fools jokes trolling and what im more surprised at is that, ALL OF YOU BELEIVED HIM

  13. I was reading this and thinking – jeez, Nexon sure effed up this time, having to withdraw a character.
    But when I saw the PS, I literally shat a mountain. You can still see it, go to Fiji.

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