KMS – The Return of the Saint Saver

So, clearly, Nexon ran out of ideas for updates to make this Wednesday. Therefore, they recycled the good ol’ Saint Saver event.

You’re probably expecting them to at least change something. Boy, are you going to be disappointed. The event is the same EXACT event as the ones we had almost a year ago.

When you log on, you’ll get 2 stones (or rather, 1 stone). You’ll see a purple rock on the left side of your screen, which you can use to receive information about the event (LOL), and the Maple Admin will give you a stone in your set-up inventory.

The stone is given so you can save the saint (?). Anyway, when you have the stone, you will see the bar at the top right and you’ll need to hunt in specific areas to fill it up.

Anyway, you need to get 500 hits to fill the gauge. When you finish, press your attack key and you’ll get a lulbuff:

The buff lasts for 1 hour, and it gives 20/30/40 ATT if you’re level 30 or lower/31~70/71+, respectively.

You will also get a 1.5X EXP coupon on the first time.

And, as you know, this is a part of a book quest. The rewards are as follow:

  • 3 Days – 100 lulUntradeable Power Elixirs.
  • 4 Days – lulUntradeable Mystery Recipe.
  • 5 Days – lulUntradeable 15% Scroll for Accessory for ATT/M. ATT.
  • 6 Days – lulUntradeable 10-day horsey mount coupon.
  • 7 Days – 3 lulUntradeable Advanced Equip. Enhancement Scrolls.
  • 8 Days – 3 lulUntradeable Special Potential Scrolls.
  • 9 Days – 3 Tradeable (why?) Vicious Hammers.
  • 10 Days – Tradeable lulUntradeable Saint Saver Goggles:

Stats: +4 all stats, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, +30 Accuracy/Avoidability, 5 slots. You can use a lulShare Name Tag to transfer it between your account.

The second part of the event is Ergoth.

Ergoth will spawn in one of those maps from 10 A.M. to midnight, and all you have to do is kill him.

When you kill him, he’ll drop a lulbox which you can open. And from the box you can get~

  • Scroll for Pet Equip. for ATT/M. ATT (60%).
  • Clean Slate Scroll 10%.
  • Advanced Equip. Enhancement Scroll.
  • Chaos Scroll 60%.
  • Scroll for Weapon for ATT/M. ATT 60%.
  • Scroll for Armor for ATT/M. ATT 15%.
  • Scroll for Armor for a specific stat 60%.
  • LULPOTS -> 10 Reindeer Milk/Sunrise Dew.
  • Personality traits (those are starting to tick me off, by the way).

All untradeable by the way^^.

Or, if you’re a noob and you can’t get those things, you’ll get weapons/armor instead:

  • Levels 1~28 -> Level 30 equip.
  • Levels 29~48 -> Level 50 equip.
  • Levels 49~68 -> Level 70 equip.
  • Level 69+ -> Free sex Level 90 equip.

And yeah, that’s all for KMS today. Next week will probably be more interesting.


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60 comments on “KMS – The Return of the Saint Saver

  1. You’re not really negative here, but negativity would be totally justified in this case. Recycling the exact same event is just bullshit

  2. 1st?

    By the way is Mihile like the version of DBs/Canoneers for warriors or nexon is making a class of Oz, Irena etc…? If so… Gosh enough with the jobs xDD

    • I noticed. I hate it, I never even gave him permission. And what pisses me off is that he copies all my posts, word for word, even the pictures, and that he never mentioned my website ONCE.
      And honestly:

      Helpful Websites
      ElinForest – An English Korean Maplestory community, along with things like a registration guide.

      Insoya – A Korean MapleStory website with many helpful posters and information.

      MapleStory Inven – A Korean MapleStory website with things like articles and drop lists that are a collaboration between users.

      OrangeMushroom – Your guide to the new and exciting things in MapleStory

      BasilMarket – Global Maple Story Website.

      HiddenStreet – Global Maple Story Database.



      Im a new job at maple story!

      Empress cygnus choosed me to be the Knight of Light!


      EDIT: That stupid noob even deleted my comments. Wow, time to get serious.

    • I looked up your IP. You have the same IP as the owner of
      I must say this: You’re an idiot. You were just looking for attention and fame.
      Why are you an idiot, though? Because I saw a LONG time ago. How? Well, when you’re stupid enough to link back to my blog, WordPress alarms me and tells me what blog linked back to mine.
      You, sir, fail. Nice try, though.

  3. yea it suck and i read on basil about the new leaf saga masteria update video and how they talk about ur negative side ppl need to STFU cuz they have negative shit to plus your negative side make me laugh sometimes

  4. you should be negative on this post and any other post that has stupid shit and fuck wat ppl say about you negative side ur a awesome blogger and give us info quickly.

    P.S i read the basil post about new leaf saga. They need to stfu up about you. there just stupid people who think they there better then ppl and tried to make u feel bad and curse and make u have a bad rep.

  5. Well this Event isnt that bad. They revamped the rewards though. But re-using old Event is kinda normal for Nexon nowadays. So I dont expect much for them anymore. Btw will they release Oz class ? Shes my Fav CK ;D

  6. lol nexon are just recycling old (and bad) events.
    nexon needs to be more original (that is why the name fuck-son is better for them)

  7. Why is everyone beefing over his negativity? Last time I checked it is his post. GTFO much? If you don’t like the product don’t buy it, if you don’t like the show don’t see it. Yet, they come back every update. People hating on his posts = definition of a troll.

  8. all leafre’s people fight agains me about your blog is a shit or good source!
    they are losing….

  9. why are you talking only about the pis? he takes everything, including Videos that Shakar recorded, links to Shakar96 blog, and pretty much most of the text.
    im guessing he isnt even playing kms lol

  10. Wow, Shakar, that guy copied a LOT from your blog, like your sidebar and Max’s posts. Can you (or Max) do anything about it?

  11. Shakar, here are some steps to help prevent that stupid mihile kid from copying your work, 1st, on image previews, put in 2+ watermarks that are VERY VISIBLE,, like for mikhile, put them in his eyes, and right on top of his mouth. also, put in TONS of shakar96, shakar, createdby$hakar, and other annoying things that should eventually have that idiot to screw up.

  12. lulPost…

    haha, i really enjoy reading your blog and somehow, no matter how lame lulNexon is you always manage to make me laugh…

    keep it up man, good job!

    and fuck those idiots that still complain about negativity and the Shakar-wannabe.

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