KMS v.1.2.155 ~ Mihile

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Only 2 days ago, the new job Mihile or Mikhail was released to KMST. The day after, another patch was released, and many skills were changed once more. I’ll discuss the skill changes, along with the new events~

KMST v.1.2.425 -> KMST v.1.2.426

Mihile (Beginner)
Guardian of Light
Cooldown Decreased (300 seconds -> 180 seconds).

[Echo of Hero was added]

Mihile (1st)
Soul Blade
Required MP Decreased (15 at max level -> 14 at max level).

Soul Jump
Required MP Increased by 12 (10 at max level -> 22 at max level).

Mihile (2nd)
Duration Increased (155 seconds at max level -> 180 seconds at max level).

Soul Driver
Required MP Decreased by 7 (25 at max level -> 18 at max level).
Delays Decreased (1601 ms -> 1081 ms).
*The delay change also applies to the UA & Dawn Warrior Soul Driver.

Shining Chase
Required MP Increased (21 at max level -> 36 at max level).
Damage Increased by 20% (380% at max level -> 400% at max level).

Mihile (3rd)
Shining Buster
Required MP Increased (30 at max level -> 40 at max level).
New Feature! has a 20% chance to stun the enemy for 4 seconds at max level.

Soul Charge -> Shining Charge

STR Bonus Increased (40 at max level -> 60 at max level).

Amount of HP Increased every 4 seconds Double (150 at max level -> 300 at max level).

Mihile (4th)
Soul Assault
Damage Increased (290% at max level -> 320% at max level).
Stun effect removed.
New Feature! Has a 40% chance to inflict darkness on the enemy for 100 seconds and lower its accuracy by 30% at max level.

Shining Blast
Required MP Increased (45 at max level -> 75 at max level).
Damage Increased (380% per attack for 4 attacks at max level -> 280% per attack for 6 attacks at max level).
Number of Attacks Increased (4 -> 6).
New Feature! Has a 40% chance to stun the enemy for 6 seconds at max level.

Soul Rage
Cooldown Decreased (300 seconds at max level -> 270 seconds at max level).

KMST v.1.2.426 -> KMS v.1.2.155

Mihile (1st)
Soul Jump
Required MP Decreased (22 at max level -> 20 at max level).

Mihile (4th)
Soul Assault
Damage Increased (320% at max level -> 360% at max level).

That’s all for the skill changes, I’ll update the skill tables… Whenever.


InB4NegativityCrapAgain -> Lame events.

Lucky 3!3!3! Event

Part I:

Every day when you log in, you’ll get the following items:

  • 1.3X EXP coupon.
  • 10 pots that recover 3,000 HP/MP.
  • Teleportation rock:

Part II:

Log in for 3 days and get 1,000 Maple Points. Wow, as if you can do so much with 1,000 Maple Points.

Part III:

Kill 300 monsters within your level range and you’ll get this box~

If you finish it 3 times, you’ll also get the red (“golden”) one, along with extra EXP.

From the box, you may get:

  • 3X3 scrolls for gloves for ATT (30%, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, 100% chance to destroy if you fail).
  • 3X3 scrolls for gloves for a specific stat (70%, +4 of the stat, 70% chance of destroying the item if you fail).
  • Personality traits potions (what’s with those?).
  • Same ol’ pots.

And from the red box you can get:

  • Chaos Scroll 60%.
  • Clean Slate Scroll 10%.
  • Enhancement Scroll.
  • Potential Scroll.
  • Power Elixirs.
  • 3X3 scroll for 1-handed/2-handed weapon for ATT (30%, +5 Weapon/Magic ATT, 50% chance to destroy the item if failed).
  • 3X3 scroll for Armor for a specific stat (30%, +5 of the specific stat, 50% chance of destroying the item if failed).
  • 3X3 Gloves: Level 40, +1 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, 5 slots. Untradeable.

Mihile Events

Part I:

When you make a Mihile, you’ll get this chair for FREE:

Part II:

Get to level 50 on a Mihile and you’ll get this ring:

+3 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF, Can be transferred once between your account. Bonus for 3rd/4th job Mihiles: +2 All Stats, +1 Weapon ATT, +100 Accuracy.

Part III:

Get to level 75 and you’ll get a sword:

+100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +88 ATT, +10 Accuracy, 7 slots. Level 100+: +8 ATT.

Part IV:

Equipment boxes for Mihile, you already know about those.

Part V:

Advance your Mihile and get rewards:

2nd job: That earring (+3 all stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT).

3rd job/4th job: Mastery book (lasts for 30 days).

Part VI:

3/24 -> The hat I told you about.

3/25 -> 30-day fairy pendant.

3/31 -> Positive Chaos Scroll.

4/7 -> 100% Potential Scroll.

Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery

I briefly explained it here, everything except the rewards.

Every time you finish a season (or a photo), you’ll receive a Jewelry Box which contains Spiegelmann’s Jewelry Strap.

The strap, like the Monster Park badges, has random stats. And, of course, it’s temporary.

When you complete all the quests, the big picture that had a curtain on it will be revealed. You can enter and fight Framed Spiegelmann, which will drop a belt or an envelope that contains scrolls.

The belt adds +1 on all stats/Weapon/Magic ATT/Speed/Jump, and 3 slots. The scrolls are for the belt obviously, and they are: Chaos scroll: 30% chance to work, 70% chance to blow up if you fail, For ATT: 20% chance to work, +1 ATT, 100% chance of destroying the item if failed, For a specific stat: 30% chance to work, +2 of the specific stat, 70% of blowing up the item if failed.

That’s all for now… Busy week this week, UGH…


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61 comments on “KMS v.1.2.155 ~ Mihile

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      • It’s a freaking complaint generator. Shakar, calm down. if anyone needs to GENERATE a complaint against you, I think it’s shame on them.

      • Ohhhh, that makes sense. I was thinking to myself, “why would someone waste so many hours writing an entire sophisticated essay to complain against me.” I mean, the language used was really high-leveled (even though I understood all the words, yay for massive SAT vocab. studies!) and I was pretty skeptical about the fact that one of my critics would write such a thing. Plus, some parts of it make no sense.
        Online predator, you suck.

      • Oh my god.
        That was hilarious.
        Mainly because it takes up almost as much space as the blog entry itself.
        And no, shanana, I didn’t write it, before you jump to that conclusion. I just appreciate a good laugh.

      • Since I can’t reply to replies, I replied to this random guy instead.
        LOLOLOLOLOL, you got massively trolled!

  1. Hmm… events have been really disappointing lately. I’d rather have well thought out events instead of this garbage they keep barraging us with. Ah well…

    • If you are playing a Mikhail, you cannot see any of the Chief Knights in Ereb. Their sprites simply do not appear (their text does though, lol). You can see them as green dots on the minimap if you get far enough away (a bit past Neinheart), but you won’t be able to actually _see_ them. I assume it will be the same for all the others. This essentially confirms, if it wasn’t already confirmed, that the other instructors will be playable characters as well, at some point.

      • That’s a pretty neat point of view as a player with that in contribution; after all, the Mikhail class is technically the NPC himself. Wouldn’t exactly make sense to see two Mikhails (excluding the fact that other players are around) at the same place with the job instructor area.

  2. I was gonna write about how GMS sucks beacuse they mess up all the patches, and about how the 1000MP is cool, but them I took an arrow to the knee =P dam Bow Masters!!!!

  3. Well, I can’t wait until Mikhail comes to GMS…so it can also be released on the far superior pizza slices.And then I won’t be able to wait until the next class comes out. Because the HATERS WHO HATE won’t be able to shut up long enough to realize nothing’s stopping them from playing a new class instead of continuing to hump the legs of the SUPAH 1337 ADVENCHURERZ. But damn. This is gonna be a fun class, flash jumping to enemies, rushing them into a corner and spamming lazorz in their face point blank WITH STUNZ. I’m in love. Again. Until Big Nex rapes the class. Oh well.

    Keep the updates comin’, shak. Lookin’ forward to the next one.

  4. looks cool, but really nexon? a whole new arc of classes? Anyway i lol’d at the 5 people who think they got first

  5. Now that leaves me to wonder, if the instructors are in the fight what will they do with the normal cygnus knights? Hm… The instructors “are” separate from the normal knight right? Are Kmst updates exactly the way content is utilized in the legit game (just working out the kinks) or do they just experiment in kmst? It would make more sense to me if instead of making a new character class they just expanded the original knights into this. I’m not sure how the ck instructor classes will affect CK creation if they aren’t the knights themselves. But if what you are saying is this is a totally new character class like demonslayer or something I can’t see why they would then expand normal knights into a fourth job… Having three claw users would just be ridiculous. Well, educate a poor soul if you feel like it..

    • “Now that leaves me to wonder, if the instructors are in the fight what will they do with the normal cygnus knights?”

      They can still be created, but due to their level limitations and bland skills, these new classes were meant to completely replace them without actually replacing them.

      “It would make more sense to me if instead of making a new character class they just expanded the original knights into this.”

      The reason they can’t expand the original knights is because the original knights get extra AP to compensate for their lower level cap. Reworking those classes would mean not just going through the code and replacing all the skills (which would be harder than just adding in a bunch of new ones), but they’d also need to tinker with both the AP gain and level limit. Starting from scratch was just a more practical option.

      “I’m not sure how the ck instructor classes will affect CK creation if they aren’t the knights themselves.”

      They ARE the knights themselves. The original knights were just disciples of the true knights, which does explain why most of their skills overlap with adventurers since, without joining the knights, they would have been adventurers. But all the new instructor classes will still count as Cygnus Knights and be able to get all the benefits. The only thing different is a level 200 cap and they only get 5ap every level up.

      “But if what you are saying is this is a totally new character class like demonslayer or something I can’t see why they would then expand normal knights into a fourth job…”

      Because it would be redundant. These new instructor classes have all the benefits of knights, better skills and a fourth job. Adding a fourth job to the original knights is unnecessary, not to mention the point of these classes is to get you to switch over.

      “Having three claw users would just be ridiculous.”

      Dizzy please. How many sword and axe users are there? How many staff users are there? How many bow users will their be once Irena (sp?) the archer knight comes out? How many knuckle users will there be once Hawkeye comes out? Weapon classes get reused, except for unique ones used by only two legends. Both Evan and Aran were badass normals. Elf Queen Mercedes and Pimp Daddy Phantom are the only two chaacters from ye olden times with the money and authority to have their own original weapons. Also, DBs, but only because they’re the disciples of a tradition that specializes in using kataras. The Knights on the other hand, are just a bunch of badass normals like Aran and Evan who got dragged into being heroes. They weren’t originally badasses, nor did they comes from a proud tradition of elites. It’s a matter of course that they’d use traditional weaponry like their disciples. Just wait for the pirate hero, who’ll probably use anchors (I’m calling it now) to smack around foes.

  6. To all the Maplestory fags out there, Shakar is so right when he claims events are gay and such. Do you really find it fun that events is always login and do this or kill mobs and collect blah blah blah for some fucking shithole rewards?
    And to all the faggots that goes ooo I love new classes ill suck nexon’s dick for more. THE NEW CLASSES ARE SO FUCKING GAY! Nexon makes them OP and then attempt to “revamp” other jobs blahb blah blah dont even know what fukcing revamping means.
    In conclusoin Maplestory is a game where if you dont hack, dont buy nx from selling your house or dont suck nexon’s dick, your better off not playing it.


    • Why are you even reading this blog. I don’t hack , I don’t buy nx by selling my house or suck nexons dick and I still like this game. So the conclusion is haters like you should avoid this game or any other game and get a mother fcking life by not raging maple on a maple blog and describing the players as faggots.

    • I like the new events and classes. I don’t suck Nexon’s greedy wang. I don’t think anything needs a revamp. I don’t hack. I don’t buy NX. I don’t suck Nexon’s greedy wang. AND I STILL PLAY THE GAME LOLOL!

      Your argument is invalid.

  7. I know this question has nothing to do with this post, but how much do the Phantom cash shop items cost (the permanent ones)? I’m from gms. Someone please write something like: Cape is ??? NX Gloves are ??? NX, Hat is ??? NX Shoes are ??? NX Armor is ??? NX, whole package is ??? NX. Thanks in advance to whoever answers

  8. I was just wondering shakar, did they apply the nerf to the Barrage and Energy blast that you mentinec on the previous KMSt – Mihile? If so, Nexon truly hates fists >.>

  9. Pingback: KMST v.1.2.427 ~ Warrior Revamp | shakar96

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