Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #10!

UPDATE: There are chances this may be an April Fool’s prank. Many people on Insoya say it’s fake, but I’m not exactly sure.

UPDATE 2: Their evidence is plain stupid, they say since ‘출진 빛의 기사! ‘ (the title of the previous entry) backwards is ‘사기의 빛 진출’ which means ‘Light of Fraud Entrance’, it’s an April Fool’s joke. We can’t base it off of that, so I guess we’ll have to wait till concrete proof arrives. Although, it does seem kind of fake.

Kind of unexpected, I thought they’d stick to their regular Wednesday (or Thursday in Korea) to make any update. Thankfully, they didn’t, and they released some really cool stuff!

A couple of days ago, you saw hints of what we thought would be warriors/Cygnus Knights revamp, but it’s actually a new job.

Here’s what he left:

신규직업 빛의 기사 미하일!

New job, warrior of light, Mihile!

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

<소울 어썰트>

<Soul Assault>

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

<샤이닝 블라스트>

<Shining Blast>

New warrior job? And it’s based on an NPC?! Sweet! I really want a Gaga job… Or an Erik job… But this is also good. The skills look cool, and I hope it’ll get released on this weekend.

I have a feeling this job will be super over-powered, I don’t know why. Might be because Mikhail is a strong warrior. LEVEL CAP BETTER NOT BE 120! Or actually, that’s okay if there are benefits to it (UE2, the return of UE’s?).

Soo, now we have -> Warrior: Mikhail, Magician: ?, Bowman: ?, Thief: Dual Blade, & Pirate: Cannoneer. Awesome :).


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67 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #10!

      • At least 5 more jobs as i speculate… Pirate hero; Resistance thief; and like dual blade and canoneer, a job for warriors, mages and archers…

      • @Freaky: DB and cannoneer are the third branch of thief pirate , so there won’t be a warrior and mage like them , only archer.

      • @tomoki no I think nexon’s going to even things out
        5 in resistance (WH, mech, BaM, DS, thief resistance) 5 sub explorers (DB, CS, sub warrior, sub archer, sub mage) 5 heroes (Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, pirate hero, Evan) then if mihile is the first of sub cygnus then they’ll have 5 there. then theres real explorers and real cygnus which already has 5 groups/ classes

  1. Ooookay.
    Also, I doubt this is a “special adventurer”, since it is a single-storyline class. More likely a new Knights class branch.
    Already calling Shining Blast to be lolOP. Soul Assault looks too slow to be useful.

  2. Soo, now we got -> Warrior: Mikhail, Magician: ?, Bowman: ?, Thief: Dual Blade, & Pirate: Cannoneer. Awesome

    This speculation really doesn’t make any sense. It would be more likely, that this is either a major revamp to the cygnus knights, or a new set of classes.

      • If this is a new class, this will unbalance the numbers and give nexon the excuse to make a 4 more to go along with it to balance out the numbers. As of right now, we’re only missing 3 characters. Pirate hero, thief resistance, and a third explorer bowman. I really hope this isn’t a new set of classes either, but it seems likely imo.

  3. I too doubt that this is another branch of the warrior class because For every Adventurer job there are 3 branches Except bowmen atm so this is more likely to be a revamp of the Dawn Warrior or another branch to the KoC ^.^

  4. This job. THIS JOB! Who knew that Mikhail was so much of a badass that he GATE OF BABYLOWNS enemies before blowing them away with EXCALIBURRR. That’s it. I can’t get excited for GMS Phantom after watching Mikhail make that bear regret not Fate/Staying in the kitchen. Nexon, MY KEYBOARD IS READY! I’ll just leave these here.

    Soul Assault:

    Shining Blast:

    Keep trolling, my Maplers.

    • That sounds awesome! Only if they would make the skills more like the ones in the anime.
      Also L>Fate/Stay Night character NX equips to be released 😀

    • The first link is irrelevant because many anime/manga/games have characters who can do attacks that releases multiple swords/weapons to attack the enemies. Take a look at Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Fairy Armor Mode.

      The second link is irrelevant because in the video she attacks by slashing also she does not get a wings like effect on her back.

      Thanks for playing. 🙂

  5. Hmmm is it safe to expect the other cygnus instructors will be released too. Maybe once you get your DW to 120 you can choose either to be a UE or Mikhail

  6. eh this class is sort of stupid it makes the whole point of ua and ms being a rpg game sort of pointless if u play as one of them npcs

  7. If this is fake, I will never, EVER, buy any NX ever again. To hype the release of a class made entirely of awesome and then go LOL APRUL FOOLZ…that’s the pinnacle of cruelty. They should’ve just implied that they were going to delete the Knights of Cygnus permanently and save us all the heartbreak.

  8. In honestly, I think this is gonna be something like “Cygnus Heros” or something like that and there’s gonna be one based off each cygnus knight (to a point), but with a lv 200 cap.

  9. There aren’t gonna be a new job called Mikhail, that’s stupid. The skills may be new Dawn Warrior skill though. That would be awesome! =)))))))

  10. I really thinks its only a dawn warrior revamp or an ultra good change.
    The only thing matters is that it will come to all cygnus jobs

  11. shakar- at your post you wrote that we thought that this might be a warriors/Cygnus Knights revamp but it’s actually a new job.
    how do you know that? it can be a big revamp that change skills (like the thief&pirate revamp that was).

  12. well, it looks more like it could be an ipod or facebook version of maplestory, just like the assassin one or whatever

  13. … I’m sure April hasn’t come yet, even for those in Korea. I highly doubt it’s a joke. (unless some idiot employee from Nexon Korea accidentally clicked publish or something….)

  14. Stupid? I thought it was pretty clever. I had no idea how anagramic the Korean language was. Being an English player, it seemed like a pretty good prank to me~ Either way, whether or not they actually do something as uninspired as creating playable Cygnus Captains, or granting Cygnus Knights a revamp that may make them useful beyond their level cap, I see no reason to take it so seriously~

  15. waiting so archers to shoot lasers outta their bow and mages to shoot lasers like how they shoot ice/fire demon

  16. This is boring! This is stupid! Nothing to see here move along GMS will get this too so this is going to be boring! /sarcasm

  17. I know in the picture the character is using 1h swords but can they use 2h swords? Like how Heroes can use both 1h and 2h?

  18. Hey shakar. This is totally off topic and not Maple related, but you should totally see the midnight showing of The Hunger Games movie! Me and all of my friends are going! Its going to be awesome!
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    /infomercialmode off

    • I’m actually going to see it tomorrow! I don’t really know what the big hype is all about, however; I read the first book and I didn’t really like it.

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