Masteria Expansion – Over 9000% Confirmed

In the most recent GM blog, Nexon just exposed the whole update and showed us its lameness. Yep, it’s like Gateway to the Future, basically Future NLC. I’ll basically analyze the story for you.

Stirgeman’s Call to Action

The Bigger Ben clock tower pitched as Stirgeman raced across its roof. He was almost there, almost to the tower’s edge. Tiles buckled under his left foot, but Stirgeman was quick. He jumped, throwing all of his might into one powerful leap.

He soared through the air like a robust eagle, his manly belly jiggling with fire, and hit the platform hard. The ground moaned as it shook once more. Stirgeman steadied himself and pulled out his telescopic Stirge-noculars.

The mayor, Icebyrd Slimm, was organizing the masses. Jack Masque, the miscreant masked crusader, was helping a group of shaken old ladies. Lita Lawless was yelling orders to her deputies. Stirgeman’s ever-loyal sidekick, Rob, was…running full-speed out of town?!

“Rob!” he yelled, “My paragon of friendship! Where are you going in our town’s time of need?!”

His most trusted ally was taking the coward’s way out! Stirgeman’s heart tore in two. To protect the city he loved more than any gourmet hamburger in Maple World or to follow after his dearest friend?

“Why, cruel fate?!” Stirgeman thrust his fists into the air. “Will the trials of Stirgeman never end?!”

“That chubby guy in the cape is yelling at the tower!” yelled a hooligan from the street below.

He must be causing this! Let’s throw rocks at him!” yelled another.

Stirgeman’s decision was made. He ducked and weaved as a hail of pebbles rained over him.

The earthquakes were subsiding. Stirgeman would return when the criminals came out to prey on the weak. New Leaf City would never understand how much it needed him, its guardian, but he would never stop protecting it.

He bounded toward the Masteria fields, where he had seen Rob moments before.

TL; DR: NLC is under attack, and it’s up to Strigeman and his loyal sidekick Rob to protect it. However, Rob was smart enough to run away right when the attacks began, and Stirgeman was, excuse my language, ‘butt-hurt’ because his friend left him there. He didn’t know what to do, either leave with Rob or stay and protect the city. At one point, however, the citizens of NLC notice him on the top of the tower and blame him for causing the attacks. Therefore, he decides to leave to where Rob went, Masteria fields, and return only when the real enemy appears.

Rob’s Time to Shine

I shoulda called Stirgeman to help me! Rob thought as he peered out at the strange worksite below him. I’m not ready to take on a bunch of aliens!

The gangly figures that walked amidst the site had large, glassy eyes that made it hard to tell where they were looking, and their strange, squeaky language sent a shiver down his spine.

Rob pressed himself against the ground. The aliens might see him if he tried to leave, but sitting here was a surefire way to get caught up by their patrols. He was so swept away by the strangeness of it all that he didn’t even notice when Stirgeman trampled up the trail behind him.

“Rob! The city is in danger and I find you here practicing your fauna identification?!”

“That’s not what I was doing, Stirgeman! Get down or they’re gonna—“

Sirens drowned out the rest of his words. Rob and Stirgeman stood dumbstruck as the spotlights swung toward them and a horde of beanpole beasts from beyond the stars merged on their position.

They were trapped with only one route left…

“We’ll win this day together, Stirgeman,” Rob said.

“We will indeed, my forever-friend.” Stirgeman replied, “And it shall be the greatest battle in the history of Maple World.”

TL; DR: Stirgeman was an idiot. While he thought Rob was running away because he was a coward, he was actually going to Masteria fields to find the aliens who are attacking NLC. Stirgeman was even stupider because he caused him and Rob to be noticed and captured.

The Greatest Battle in the History of Maple World

Space Memo Number: 0094488503-30-04
Subject: New Prisoner Report

We’ve made first contact with the bizarre beings of this planet. We now have two in custody. For the time being, we’re calling them “Maplings,” but we will soon reach consensus on a name that’s more descriptive, like “Headmonkeys” or “Goblinfaces.”

There was some minor surface damage to the Galacto-Drill during their capture. The Goblinfaces proceeded to throw pebbles and twigs at it for approximately three minutes, resulting in a dented fender. Gleebor, the Galacto-Drill mechanic, assured me he would have it fixed within the hour.

I stuck them in the Cell of Everlasting Itch earlier this evening after our mining operations caused minor seismographic anomalies in a nearby city. The Headmonkeys were dressed strangely, in masks and capes that we assumed to be symbols of shameful surrender but are now believed to be outfits of war.

I’ve been watching them for the better part of an hour and I’ve discovered some interesting things. Their odd grunting is a form of rudimentary speech, which I’ve programmed into the universal translator.

The two Maplings call themselves “Stirgemanandrob.” They seem to identify themselves as a sort of collective organism. Perhaps these Maplings are a hive-mind race similar to the Buggonian Brood of Roachikon VI? I’ll begin dissection as soon as I get my lab privileges back (and that “How to Dissect Foreign Species” guide I was promised when I signed up for this job).

I believe we have nothing to fear from these Maplings. Their oversized heads seem to have no bearing on their intelligence, and their technology is primitive at best. We will take their precious Lianium Ore and leave their planet a hollowed-out shell!

I would also like to use this space as a reminder of my request for transfer away from guard duty. I am tremendously sorry for missing little Gloopglop Bleeperson’s Ceremony of Great Largening, but I feel my talents are being wasted on guarding deformed Maple Goblinfaces. I would be much better suited to piloting a Deathbot or being a movie star.

Reporter: Glorp the Guard
Galactic ID Number: 24601

TL; DR: This is stupid. So, the Maplers threw rocks at the aliens’ Galacto-Drill and they were caught and sent into the Cell of Everlasting Itch. Oh and the guy who watches them wants to be a movie star.

Stupid I know. Only important thing we need to know is that the aliens came to earth to get its Lianium Ores, and they’ll leave once they get them.

T-2 (?!) days till the update. Remember that I told you to not be excited. Seems extremely lame, it’s most likely the same NLC map except ‘destroyed’ with some aliens that were modified from the Omega Sector ones.

That’s all they gave us so far. If you actually read the story, it’s pathetic (fail jokes about Stirgeman’s weight). And it’s funny because the story they told us displayed Stirgeman as a weak (and overweight), unintelligent person while he’s supposed to be the ‘hero of NLC’.

So lame, I know. But that’s Nexon America for ya.


P.S. – New video about the revamps, don’t even bother watching it because it’s so bad:

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71 comments on “Masteria Expansion – Over 9000% Confirmed

    • EDIT: are you sure it’s T-2 days? and i wanted VPQ 😦 didn’t understand anything last time so i didn’t get a chance to get anything

  1. All I see in your posts is “I hate this, I hate that.” Your pessimism and expressiveness is pathetic. You’re making assumptions and you in reality have no clue what you’re talking about. Your blog posts are really starting to get on my nerves especially when there’s one a million times better to read about.

      • Please leave if you wish to, better than staying and being accused. Judgement is the source of all evil.

      • Hmm.. I can understand your attitude, Nexon America is indeed a reason to be mad. But some readers may be thinking right now about you being a dirty jerk by writing some of your opinions about their “favourite” game. However, it may be true. I mean.. you came here to report people about the new updates of the game, not to talk bad about it, sooo.. yeah.. readers should be a bit more tolerant and you should keep your opinions that may “hurt” some people for yourself. Thanks.

      • i see nothing wrong with shakar96’s attitude, in fact; that’s the reason i choose this blog instead of any other, we all know GMS is pretty much screwed, and nexon america only cares for player’s money and not to improve or fix anything.

        why do you guys always have to blame shakar96 or anyone that says the truth? blame nexon instead, if they were nice to players, players wouldn’t say bad things about them….

      • Woh DFH. I agree, there is nothing wrong with Shakar’s attitude. However, there is nothing (well there is, but not largely) wrong with NA.

        Number one rule of the internet: Complain about your side.

        Also the stupidest reason people use the internet for. NA has little wrong, all that’s really going on is that people love to complain, the two main reasons people come on the internet other than research is to complain and judge others.

    • Honestly I think you are just as bad, but in the other direction. Nexon is the worst company I have ever encountered, and there are a million reasons why (not going to list them all here, but I might as well list a few: poor/nonexistent customer service, lack of GM presence, ridiculous overpoweredness of the potential system, ridiculous OPness of new classes that Nexon “tries” to rebalance by buffing up old classes, only obviously that’s not working, the recent autobanning of players, etc etc, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). Oh, and who can forget that it’s now been SIX weeks since we have gotten an update??
      Maybe it’s annoying to complain about Nexon about everything, but at least that’s better than acting like Nexon’s the next God or something. This Masteria update is not something we should be jizzing ourselves over; it’s something we should be expecting, and it shouldn’t have taken three years for us to get that update.

      TL;DR, why the hell do you bother reading this blog if it bothers you so much?? There are many other blogs/forums dedicated to MS, and I’m sure you can find one that is more suited to your tastes.

  2. While the story sucks the content could be good. Hoping for something lvl 60-70 range or 100-120 that isnt Pirates and LHC

  3. Question shakar is this Future nlc are you sure about this? will there be a world map? and is this just an event? or is future nlc here to stay? :] not sure if u have the anwsers comment back tho on your thoughts plz!

  4. Weren’t they suppose to release the expansion of Bigger Ben? Since there’s like Tombs there. I thought they were gonna add bosses.

    • Isn’t Bigger Ben the tower?
      AND LOL @ NEXON AMERICA ADDING BOSSES. They would add a boss with like 2,000,000 HP, call it ‘the strongest’, and not expect people to 1-HKO it.

    • I love how…
      -Nothin to say- Mature response – Shush.
      But really, I’m not disappointed yet but I’m just saying that all of us will most likely be.

      • It really depends on what NexAM thinks we need at this point in time. If they’re smart they’ll release content that at least attempts to fix certain problems we’re having (bosses sucking, ways to get money getting harder and harder, lack of real meso sinks), but that’s a tall order, so whatever.

      • If you think some great patch is coming ahead that will fix all of GMS’ problems, then man, you ARE going to be disappointed.
        Update in a nutshell:
        – Copypasta from KMS (jobs/PQ’s/quests revamp)
        – 3 maps with a super lame storyline that was written by a 3-year old added to NLC.
        Bug fixes? Nexon’s response – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  5. not to offend but all i say is you being negative and critizising gms and all that if you don’t like it don’t blog about you grind half the people here’s gears. the only reason i come here is after i check max’s blog to see if you put something up before him and also he doesn’t do gms but if your just going to keep critizising then you will lose readers. god, don’t have to be such an arse torwards gms and even kms all the time, i hope you pick up your act.

    • Nah, I think I’m good. Thanks, but honestly this is all bullshit. Even when I’m excited, people complain. There will always be faggots out there and changing my mood/tone won’t decrease the number. Therefore, all I can say is: if you don’t like it, bye. Don’t care if I lose all my followers if it means that nobody is telling me how to control MY site.

      • I don’t wanna start anything, but after all it is your site, therefore you should be able to express your own opinion. That’s one of the things about blogging. 😀

      • There’s a HUGE difference between having an opinion and downright bashing every god damn thing that comes out of NEXON’s mouth. I don’t think I read one thing positive in your post. I don’t think I read anything positive from you ever. When it comes to even events what you say can be summed up in this line: “I don’t need to talk about events or the prizes they give because it’s the same kill for 7 days and get a lame prize”. You want to run a successful blog stop being so judgmental and actually TALK about it instead of just going “LOL KAY KAY IT SUCKS LEMME PUT MY LAME ASS THEORY I HAVE NO BASIS FOR HEREZ”. INB4 you say I should go write my own blog. I don’t have the time nor will to want to do it.

      • Honestly Shakar, I’m sure you’re doing this, just ignore what you’re saying. If you like what you’re doing, keep doing it. 😀 Well, I hope you have a good evening. 😀

      • I agree with Waffle and SwordStaker, but you already know that from our Leafre discussion, and my MSupdate post.
        Listen kid, the last 8 months you haven’t said much positive about GMS. All you say is “oooh another OP class” or “Nexon you are lame”. Anyways, I am done with this blog. I don’t care about your life, and so do sooooo many other people. I said I never had any problem with you as a person, and I still think that way. But the fact of the matter is that in reality you are a shy person, as you admitted in your Valentine post. Because you have the annonimity of the internet you are doing everything that you normaly wouldnt do in real, like being a smartass or voicing your opinion. Now, voicing you opinion ISN’T BAD, only the negativity of the past 8 months is bad. Don’t both replying, cause I will never look at this blog again after I click on the “Post Comment” button. Gl and hf with your REAL life, I seriously wish you all the best with your IRL life. 🙂

      • same as ribbonpig said , if this was my blog idc if i lose a stupid kid reader who feel bad that someone insulted gms when around 99% of basil do that there , its your site you can type the way to like , no matter if you lose 1 or 2 or even 10 there are people who read and doesn’t bother to comment or argue.

      • oh plz allow to comment again but that Nightcodex was a funny kid LOL , “don’t bother comment because i am running away *blush* LOL.

      • I agree with you shakar it’s your website you are in control and don’t take crap from readers like them by all means they are only good at pointing fingers nothing else.

  6. Shakar, your 9000% positive? Should’ve been 1000000% positive lol. Well I guess we’ll know for sure tomorrow. 😀

  7. Stirgeman isn’t really the hero of NLC at all.

    He’s always been just a big joke who bites off more than he can chew.

    Anyways, I doubt it’s simply just a few new updated maps.

    My thoughts are that it seems to be a link to Omega Sector and NLC. Sort of like some way to tie in GMS’s content with KMS’s.
    I have this odd feeling they might be using this to add more training maps with maps that have ridiculous spawns/Exp yields. (Zombies, scarecrows, Jesters, MP3)
    GMS seems to prefer catering to the casual crowd more-so than KMS.

  8. i dont get why your all (some of you) are bashing on shakar in all truth to me he seems like a jaded GMS players that understands that GMS nexon is a pile of poo…I love maplestory its a great game.But comeon lets look at the cold facts shit we were suppose to get within 2 months we get 3~5 years later for instance this masteria expansion.I’d be negative to man they should of released this ages ago,they should listen to players inputs(the reasonable ones),they should CODE they’re own shit instead of copying and pasting everything from KMS and think its ok for the american branch.

  9. hey everyone I have a question:
    If I cube my eq show should I cube like this: red cube for 3line – legend cube until unique

    • I’m still hoping it will be VPQ, but if it isn’t I might as well go to the FM get everything while it’s cheap. -evil laugh-

  10. Your posts have been exceedingly negative lately. They used to be alright, with good information and a good discussion.

    But lately it’s been whine, whine, this is gonna suck, don’t read it, don’t get excited. As much as i know Nexon has a problem, all your doing is coasting on a nexonhate bandwagon, and it’s seeping into your posts and making you sound childish and unprofessional.

    I hope this doesn’t continue, i wanna read your blog without feeling like i’m being whined at by a teenager.

  11. Shakar, hopefully you’re working on the new post, but is there any more hints towards this image on the KMS site?

    It kinda looks like a Dawn Warrior with the Aegis sheild. Any guess at what it is?

  12. Everybody keeps commenting about negative things about shakar! So what if he streches the truth or doesnt really understand every little thing that is going on im sure he has a busy life hes blogging about kms and Gms! There pretty much to completely diffrent games! its his blog things and ppl should srsly just STFU and let him blog correcting him here and there is fine! But you guys are just being plan rude!

    • Shakar!!! D:< Everybody keeps confirming that 2mrw is the patch 2mrw 2mrw 2mrw! Im sick of hereing that does anybody really know if the patch is 2mrw? Because on there site they usually let out the patch notes a day early and they love to mention that the patch is on a certain day! None of this is set yet so is the patch really 2mrw?

      • they might have to delay the patch because of all the attacks. Sadly, this might be some kid using anonymous sites to do it :/

      • umm, ill answer to you.
        The patch suppose to be tommorow since its the 2nd week of march.
        Nexon annonced that it suppose to be in the 2nd week, and they always do maintance on Wensdays.
        So in conclusion, its 99% that the maintance is tommorow, and if it won’t be tommorow, then it will be at the end of this week.

      • Thank you Matan and yeaa i agree with u on that! Its just normally they throw there patch notes out there a day earlyer sweet hope ur right about the patch being 2mrw! i like maple i really do but atm theres nothing to do!! and i mean nothing LOL killed all the toads in kradia killed all painus zak and ht are pointless so its rather boring til this patch since im a Huge Masteria fan! ;]

  13. wasn’t the fight against the black mage the ‘The Greatest Battle in the History of Maple World’ so how come this is the ‘Greatest’ O-o
    condraction much?

  14. hey KMS got that free mastery book event after the union patch. if gms gets it, is it free skillbooks and mastery books or just mastery books? and can u only choose one?

  15. i see tons of flame abt shaker btching about Ms Na, way i see it. why not? the games got no grounds what so ever to be called good, and nexon as a company arent that great at all. i understand alot of it has to do with its user’s for example hacker problems etc etc, but when this game first came out it was FUN, no hackers (if there was it was a fking secret and it was near impossible to do) people didnt troll 24/7. this game has gone down hill.

    if they wanna revamp it? they should look into 3 very major things about there game
    1: build it back from the ground up. get rid of all these useless things like potential and sht. there danm near paying for power with merical cubes.
    2: overhual your security, one of the biggest problems with this game is hackers. i QUIT becuase i was to tired of being stressed out about my character getting hacked and loseing my items. (oh hey lets pay for saftey item locks! safety that should be garanteed anyway)
    3:they honestly need to hire more people in the support depaartment, haveing to wait a year for a fking ticket to be answered is Bs, they should also add ingame support. it could VASTLY increase the overall outcome of this games success. of this game

  16. I like how all of you guys are flaming on him on how he is flaming gms cause last time i checked everyone in basilmarket already flames on nexon members
    “Nexon and there stupid minds making OP classes”
    “Nexon and there stupid employees that dont read tickets”
    “At Nexon they are all greedy for money” and if you hate how his attitude is then why are you here.

  17. Shakar i like your blog, you keep us posted on what is going on in kms and sometimes gms, if you curse or are negative or whatever shit you do here is your problem, this is your fuking blog and you can write wahtever you want here your opinions, and belifes, if i dont like it ok if i like it ok too, i dont have time or will to do what you do for free, so keep doing it, its important!!! max do a god job too but i like to read both your and max’s blog cuz you post different stuff even about the same update! keep the good job and congratulations for your determination!

  18. Pingback: GMS v.1.07 ~ Alliance Unbound! | shakar96

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