Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #9!

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Many of you complained about me being negative on my last few posts, but don’t worry, I’m not going to be negative now (after deleting 27 comments of people complaining about my negativity -_-), because this is actually exciting!

Inkwell wrote another entry for us, and as you can see in the picture above, it’s about the Dawn Warrior.

He left this message:

출진 빛의 기사!

Knights of light, move out!

Revamp to Dawn Warriors/Cygnus Knights/warriors? Awesome :). That shield he holds looks pretty sick, I want it.

I guess I’ll make a Dawn Warrior in KMST this weekend….


UPDATE: GMS patch notes for Alliance Unbound were updated, you can view them here. And events can be found here.

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72 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #9!

  1. Sup Shakar, haven’t been here in a while.

    Anyway, This a good idea, kinda hoping the bump the lvl cap on Cygnus Knights, or someing kinda pointless to have a Cygnus Knights themed boss you can’t beat with only Cygnus Knights’s… know what i mean. 😛

  2. ohh maybe hes the warrior-explorer class but he was a cygnus knight but he became a special explorer? Or I think it might be a revamp like they did to DBs making the DB look alittle new in the inkwell’s diary

  3. This is pretty exciting as well. I still have a little hope that the new masteria stuff won’t suck, but we’ll see soon enough.

  4. L> Shakar96’s “negativity”…

    i read his blog because he seems to be the only non nexon’s-ass-kisser around but the newbies that rant “zomg you say bad things bout nexon, you suck” are kinda lame, anyone that have seen this game go down over the years to where it is now would understand.

    • I’m starting to become negative again, just read 15 more flame comments which I deleted. If I have to, I’ll start approving those comments and curse the hell out at them, and I’ll delete the ‘ZOMG SHAKAR URUDE AGGRESSIVE NO ME GUSTA’ comments people will obviously post.

  5. Cygnus Revamp…? If it does I hope it buff up Ultimate Adventurer
    Or maybe this is the New Adventurer Warrior job / Warrior Revamp. Exciting 😀

  6. lol it looks 2 mi like something went wrong n so he made n army n betrayed empress or something coz wen u say move it it means u attack

  7. You should just let it be Shakar. You can’t please everyone and a blog should be to your style. If you start enforcing a personality not true to your nature you’ll end up thinking of your blog as a chore.

  8. im thinking demonslayer is gonna do something to dawn warriors and make them evil i can tell by that sheild and u r now LULWUTing

  9. for people who want to see it properly i only did the line art no colour and i didn;t do some parts very well and some i just drew out of imagination but yeah if u want to c what the nexon drawn dawn warrior looks like it might look something like this?

  10. This shield is too bright in this picture, comparing to the rest of the Dawn Warrior. It has to mean something…

  11. Well sometimes shakar’s negativity entertains me… And I don’t see a problem with trolling around in his own blog. Haters could just avoid this page not come here and spam their own negative comments.

  12. interesting…
    The hair is different like in the dual blade revamp 😐
    The shield is probably the most important thing cause it looks beast :3
    Idk, I hope its not a new warrior class lol

  13. Hey Shakar! it really seems to be a Warrior revamp, I really think they need one, because the 2nd job warriors look all the same, I hope they make them more different, like, giving a shield skill for Pages, right at second job, their only shield skill I know is that 4th job one that has a chance to guard you from attacks, and mechanics get them on 2nd job! That’s a bit unfair, because they’re the “defensive class”. And, about your negativity, I like it, it’s entertaining! Makes you look more human, and even friendly, because someone who’s “always happy” seems to be a little too fake.But, anyway, your blog is awesome! Good job!

  14. Shakar, i think itz a new boss/random system. Look how the shield look like an emblem.
    Also, shakar rulez at any way ❤

  15. Um…. First that thing he’s “holding” is a wrist guard shield. Second they ARE raising the lvl cap on cygnus knights and giving them all a fourth job with new skills. How will they accomplish this? Simple they don’t have to trifle with the 70 AP they simply need to raise Empresses blessing and not allow CKs to be affected by it. This means some kind of falling out with the empress. The knights will try to atone for past sins by forsaking their pride and fighting as normal maplers except they will be different. This will likely introduce a new weapon system probably having to do with the “soul weapons” that lass in NLC spoke so highly of. I predict an actual use for those annoying fairies that only serve for aggro right now. If you haven’t noticed they have been slowly integrating the base line class moves into the knight’s repertoire and this new self potential system can be modified around the new knights as well. In summary thing to expect: Improved benefits from blessing, lvl 200 knights, soul weapons, return of the krakians and expanded new leaf city story line (around pirate hero update), fourth job skills for knights, etc etc.

    Seriously guys do you really think nexon gives a rat’s rear end about class balancing or opness? You have a nice juicy story line and a treasure trove of ability possibilities and ways to tick of crusty veteran players as the ever trolling nexon why would you NOT take it? I can see it now one of the black mage generals comes up hands the knights their asses they realize they aren’t such hot stuff and with the impending approach of the black mage and for the sake of the empress and all of maple decide to discover new powers……. Friggin Obvious. Just a matter of time my friends.

  16. Only Dawn Warriors getting their own storyline and a 4th job can restore some of my faith in Nexon. After the lackluster DB revamp, Maple’s due for something awesome.

  17. maybe cygnus can become to lv 200 and pvp coming back like who will open cygnus and now open ua if you know what i mean

    • XD like I always said:
      10 lvls – begginer
      20 lvls – first job (till 30)
      30 lvls – second job (till 60)
      40 lvls – third job (till 100)
      50 lvls – forth job (till 150)
      the rest (50 lvls) – fifth job (till 200)
      a great idea that will probably be lame if nexon will try it, so I’m fine with 4.

  18. Here is my guesses:
    cygnus 4th job : 78% (warrior of light which is mihile and go forth=go 4th job probably)
    4th warrior branch : 3% (a new warrior of light which is obviously the fourth branch and this shield)
    pirate legend : 9% (in the 5 legends video of aran the 2nd character on the right was holding a sword)
    warrior revamp : 10% ( they r kinda of the lowest attacker despite doing fine in DPM charts and besides its for a strong comeback)

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  20. hey shakar maybe its not the warrior explorer job maybe they made a new branch like the sub explorers but to cygnus.

  21. i think this new DW is pretty good. i mean the cygnus knights all suck really bad and u hardly ever see them any more. i really think nexon should like add a bnch of new updates to the cygnus kinights to make them way stronger.

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