Alliance Unbound Hints – Putting Them Together

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Over the past few days, ever since the announcement of the Alliance Unbound patch, Nexon has been putting all sorts of clues or puzzle pieces on their Facebook page. Today, they finally finished the puzzle.

The message says:

Maplers, we need your help. Something is brewing in Masteria.

Nothing to argue over, obviously Masteria Expansion. I have a feeling it’s coming really soon!

They also uploaded a video a couple of days ago:


Yeah it’s all sucky drawings unlike the KMS videos which are all animes.

Sure our latest Alliance Unbound video was a bit dark but there is something about this screenshot that is caption-worthy!

Errr, I really wonder who’s in charge of the MapleStory Facebook page (lulHime).

Welp, so now we’ve got all the evidence! The expansion might come sooner than we expected, might be released to GMST or the real server even this Wednesday!

Just please, don’t get your hopes up. Remember the disappointment from Capture the Flag.

I fear we’re getting excited over nothing…


By shakar96 Posted in gMS

38 comments on “Alliance Unbound Hints – Putting Them Together

  1. That video was awful, I am really disappointed. Did they get massive budget cuts or have they always made videos this bad?

    • Actually the Basil picture that shows all four together was submitted March 9th, Shakar made this post March 10th, So technically Basil was faster.
      Why do you always have to be a downer Shakar? I’m sure this is going to be great!

      • WHAT.
        They really should have opened Tesipa to test the new content..
        ….made by them….so we’re talking…unspeakable things……unspeakable Glitches, Bugs, and…oh god. *Just the thought of it makes me cringe.*

      • WOahh Wait shakar! i have a tespia account! its closed down?! D:< for how long just for bad patches? or is this perma closesed?! :[

        BTW great work on gms content i love masteria its the reason i play maplestory lol :] cant w8 for a revamp or expansion of some kind! 😀

      • Yeaah.. i did notice every time i tryed to load it it would try for about 5-10mins and i would be put to a blank page.. thats pretty lame :[ GMS Tespia was nice.. oh well cant w8 for excluesive content for masteria! :]

  2. Someone said it looks like some of the aliens from the omega sector in there, it really makes me wonder what the content will be.

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