KMS – White Day Events

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As White Day is approaching, a couple of new events were released today to the real server. Surprisingly, those events have been running for a while now, since the beginning of the term. White Day is basically like Valentine’s Day, and the events, as you may have guessed, are stupid and annoying. I really wanted to not write this post, but today is a Wednesday so I might as well just write about anything that’s new in MapleStory.

Ugh, this is the second time I’m writing this post. Stupid WordPress, deleted my whole post.

Let’s get this over with.


Kill monsters your level and get 30 sugar cubes & 10 ribbons. Wow, how original. You’ll get a candy:

The candy is actually not really meant for you, it’s meant for you to give it to an instructor. A FEMALE instructor (which makes perfect sense in our society; a boy giving candy to a girl & a girl giving candy to a girl are both fine, but a boy giving candy to another boy is just… No.):

You can choose to give it to:

헬레나 – Helena
카이린 – Kyrin
리린 – Lilin
시그너스 – Cygnus
오즈 – Oz
이리나 – Irena
그냥 먹는다 – Just eat it

If you eat it, you get a lame amount of EXP. However, if you give it to one of those girls, you’ll get a box:

Why is it always a box?! Open it and you MAY get:

  • PQ bag.
  • 6-slot mineral/herb bag.
  • Mystery Recipe.
  • Nooby Dooby Balloony Capey (Real name is ‘White Day Heart Balloon’, how original). +35 Weapon/Magic DEF, 10 slots.
  • Scrolls for the cape – 30% ATT or 30% for M. ATT: +2 ATT/M. ATT & 100% chance of popping the balloon if you’re an unlucky noob (just kidding, if it fails). 70% for a specific stat: +4 of that specific stat % 70% chance of blowing it up if it fails.
  • 1.5X Drop Coupon (Oh look, it’s THAT reward again).
  • Mysterious Love Letter.
  • 10 Untradeable Dew/Reindeer Milk (OH LOOK, IT’S THOSE REWARDS AGAIN).

Also, there’s another benefit to participating in the event. If you participate in the event for 3 days, you’ll get this not-so-useless medal above your head:

FINALLY, they’re starting to make those useful! We first saw a title that adds stats like this in the Silent Crusade Revamp, and now it seems like they’ll start giving those away more frequently!

Anyway, this title adds +1 to all stats & +40 Weapon/Magic DEF.

Another benefit is that you’ll get this crown if you participate in the event and get 7 stamps. I’m not really sure what that hat is, I don’t remember seeing it before and the stats aren’t shown on the website.

Loving Monsters

Same thing as last year, those monsters spawn all over the Maple World with high HP and they drop a reward. The areas they spawn at include:

Victoria Island
[헤네시스] 골렘의 사원 일대(20Lv) – [Henesys] Golem Temple (Lv. 20)
[커닝스퀘어] 1층 2층 일대(40Lv) – [Kerning Square] 1st & 2nd Floor (Lv. 40)
[오르비스] 세가지 빛의 정원2 일대(40Lv) – [Orbis] Garden of 3 Kinds [2] (Lv. 40)
[아랫마을] 필드 일대(60Lv) – [Korean Folk Town] Any field (Lv. 60)
[지구방위본수] 로스웰초원 일대(60Lv) – [Omega Sector] Boswell Field(s) (Lv. 60)
[아리안트] 선셋로드 일대(80Lv) – [Ariant] Sunset Road (Lv. 80)
[마가티아] 알카드노 연구소 일대(80Lv) – [Magatia] Alcando Lab (Lv. 80)
Mu Lung/Golden Temple
[빨간코해적단] 해적단 소굴 일대(100Lv) – [Red Nose Pirate] Pirate’s Lair (Lv. 100)
[황금사원] 수행자의 숲 일대(120Lv) – [Golden Temple] Attendant’s Field (Lv. 120)
[리프레 전장] 켄타우로스 지역 일대(120Lv) – [Leafre] Kentuarus Maps (Lv. 120)
[리프레 영의숲] 용의숲 일대(140Lv) – [Leafre] Dragon Nest (Lv. 140)
Temple of Time
[신전] 추억의 길 일대(160Lv) – [Temple of Time] Memory Maps (Lv. 160)
[신전] 후회의 길 일대(160Lv) – [Temple of Time] Regret Maps (Lv. 160)
[신전] 망각의 길 일대(160Lv) – [Temple of Time] Oblivion Maps (Lv. 160)

And guess what they drop? A box (awesome guess!):

And from the box you can get…

  • Chaos Scroll 60%.
  • Clean Slate Scroll 10%.
  • Vicious Hammer 50%.
  • Potential Scroll.
  • Accessory for ATT/Accessory for M. ATT/Armor for ATT/Armor for M. ATT – 15% chance of working, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT.
  • Accessory for a specific stat/Armor for a specific stat – two versions: 60% chance of working, +2 of the specific stat, OR 100% chance of working, +1 of the specific stat.

Cassandra’s Love Crystal


-30 minutes later-

A lame 15-minute buff (+40 speed, +20/30/40 ATT for levels 30-/31~70/71+, respectively) or a 15-minute 1.3X EXP coupon. THOSE rewards again.

Hot Times

Only getting lamer and lamer:

3/10 – Miraculous Chaos Scroll. 3/11 – Vicious Hammer 50% (Seriously, just add it back to Cash Shop).

And lastly, this event was added not too long ago but I forgot to mention it:

This event is also


-worthy. Hold it for 30 minutes and you get a lulbuff.

That’s all for KMS events, now for GMS news.

On my previous post, someone posted this picture and I later found it on the MapleStory Facebook page.

“This is just the beginning…” Looks like my [second] prediction was right, Masteria Expansion is coming with Alliance Unbound!

Now to wait till next Wednesday…


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44 comments on “KMS – White Day Events

    • Hint, the internet and world is full of idiots like you who find pleasure in Judgement, the source of all evil. Also, that’s prejudice against people who are.

      Hint, nobody like that that I have ever met is the cliche.

      Don’t go online or anywhere just to hide your sadness with judgement.

  1. Shakar, the second part of the NLC expansion teaser was given to Mr. Basil of Basilmarket to post. Check the Maplestory facebook page; they updated the second half of the poster. The full sentence is “Maplers, we need your help.”.

    • He called it fake when I mentioned it but Mr. Basil posted before Nexon made an official announcement so I don’t blame him.

      • I meant fake as in not by Nexon.
        Besides, it’s nothing special. Just the other half of the picture which anyone with basic image editing skills can make.

      • No, Basil and Nexon are close friends. Besides, the picture is pretty much meaningless and so is Nexon’s Facebook; it’s probably run by Hime LOL.

      • Lmao I gotta admit that was funny, Hime is so useless xD. I remember I had a problem a year ago that a lot of other people were having with the game, and all she did was link us to the FAQ, lol I fixed it myself in the end.

        NICE POST BTW!

    • You’re a fucking idiot, there’s no way you can pass 10 30% scrolls unless you’re a hacker or God. And if one fails, boom boom.
      Fake Spadow-wannabe.

      • Doesn’t protection scroll work? Just get like 20 protection scroll and some white scrolls to perfect it.

      • Right because 20 protection scrolls are enough. And there are so many people who can afford buying so many protection scrolls and white scrolls.
        Even the ones who can would turn to hacking because it’s much cheaper. Anyhow, scrolling that cape in a legit manner is not possible.

      • There’s something called protection scrolls. Spadow wannabe? wow you are such a failtroll. Feeling like a 2nd?
        The spadow link was just to get you derp.

  2. Hmm, i wonder why people keep hating on shakar. Hes just trying to inform us on maple. if someone doesnt like the blog then go somewhere else than being mean to him. Its just a game anyways…

  3. Nexon released a new video for that patch.

    Spooky. O.o

    I really hope that it is connected some how to versal and that it’s permanent.

  4. Are these White Day events KMS exclusive or will they also come to GMS? I’m looking to get some Accessory for ATT scrolls 😛 Thanks in advance for the reply 🙂

  5. Your nasty attitude is seriously driving people away. You need to quit being so rude, REGARDLESS if they are being rude to you.
    Be the bigger person.

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