GMS – Alliance Unbound

Unlike Nexon Korea, Nexon America simply can’t decide on a name. Or, at least, they confused us with name overload to patch overload. We thought KMS’s Union’s Advance would be called Alliance Rising, but it turns out it’s now called the Alliance Unbound. Sounds stupid :/.

Anyway, this march the first part (KMS | KMST) will hit GMS. Excited? Don’t be, nothing special till the thief/pirate revamp.

So… uh… What’s going on?

The Resistance, Evans, and Arans are getting revamped. In addition to that, Elin Forest (yeah Nexon spelled it wrong) gets revamped and a whole questline is added. The final boss is Ephenia:

Nexon compiled another epic video for the new Elin Forest:


I love those videos :). They have an enormous damage but guess what? They use the wrong skills when fighting bosses. Starting to believe that the people who play in those videos are indeed monkeys.

They also mentioned some of the PQ revamps… The Dojo & Monster Carnival Revamp and the Sea of Fog & Nett’s Pyramid Revamp. Hm, it’s actually called Ghost Ship Dual Raid.

Last thing that might interest you is what everyone is going crazy about~

Rumors are bubbling up from the New Leaf City of Masteria about…aliens?! Exclusive global MapleStory content is coming your way at warp speed!

No tricks here, Visitor Event is coming back Fine, you got me. It can also be Masteria Expansion because it says ‘exclusive content’. But then again, this is Nexon America we’re talking about here…

In case Visitor Event is coming back, if you don’t remember it or never saw it, it will most likely be the same as it was before this year so just look here.

That’s all for now, if you want the original article it’s here.

The Alliance… All in the Little Indian Event map…


P.S. – Happy Leap Year…?

P.P.S. – As most of you have already heard, Cygnus is defeat-able in KMS.

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97 comments on “GMS – Alliance Unbound

  1. umm union’s advance from kms was not thought to be alliance rising. alliance rising is actually the last part of kms’ legend update union birth. union’s advance with be alliance unbound which makes sense. union and alliance are synonyms. birth and rising are too, and advance and unbound are similar. so nexon isn’t confused with the names.

    • This. I actually like that they renamed the core patches with phrases that have a much more solid connotation. Alliance Unbound feels a lot more valiant than “Advance of the Union”, Ascension gives off a stronger vibe than Jump, and referring to the assembly as an Alliance feels more militia-esque than referring to it as a “Union”, but I guess the name itself doesn’t particularly matter. The content is what we all came here to see, and from the looks of it, it will bring me a greater incentive to continue training my Mechanic.

  2. Shakar, for the love of god, take away they, FOLLOW SHAKAR pop up. I can only see 1 line of text on my DSi thanks to that and I cant click it away cause it keeps following my movements. You are the onky blogger I know that does this. On pc it shouldnt be a problem,but i cant see anything on my DSi. Remove it PLEASE. I created this comment with precise timing since the popup has some movement delay

  3. Maybe I’m not reading something or misinterpreting. But I don’t see how everyone is so sure that this is the Visitor PQ. I’m thinking it’s content related to the Visitors event, but not the return of the PQ.

  4. How do you take aliens in NLC as being VPQ? Stop spreading rumors. I’ll believe it once I see the data extractions.

    • Dude most ppl think its not visitors because of aliens being in the sentence… but check the grammar and the emphasis on the sentence “rumors about aliens?”<– that means that they thought they saw aliens not that they are aliens… and the visitors look a little like aliens but are actually maplers from the future…

  5. It will be really awsome to see the visitors pq comeback since i missed it i dont know how good is it but now i can do it with my guildies and friends still i just hope that ellin forest quest line is atleast 120+ if not totally useless to me

  6. Alliance Unbound… Name Suxx … Hope Evans get Holly Revamped … coz tey get less noticed than other class πŸ˜›

  7. Why would they bring back the visitor events? Nexon is not known for repeating and if they were, they would have tespia.

  8. Bill, you’re wrong.
    Not only Marksman can hit over Damage Cap.
    I hit almost 2,000,000 damage a hit on my Mechanic.

    I hate people that doesn’t really knows the facts right and comments stuff like if they’d really knew everything about the game.
    Get your facts straight. Do some research.

  9. I currently got 3 classes 2 play but hard to choose 1 as mah main … πŸ˜› .. any suggestion guys? .. i got Aran , Evan , DB … Got any ideas ?? o-O

  10. Who said that vpq comes back?
    1) The visitors are not aliens but maplers from the future.

    2) The monsters in crimson wood mountains/keep are aliens… (Well, actually creatures from another dimension but they are closer to be “aliens” than the visitors…

    I will be deeply disappointed if this new content is vpq because I (and many other ppl) am looking forward a new masteria content for a very long time.
    Except of nice awards, vpq is not that good. both enjoyment wise and exp wise, and I hate doing stuff just for equips/exp.

    • Aliens?<– its more of a question like "i think i saw aliens" im not sure if its aliens but it still might not be VPQ

    • But everyone thought they were aliens at first. Unless you finished the storyline of the Visitors event, you wouldn’t have known that they were Maplers from the future πŸ˜›

      • I still prefer a masteria expansion instead of a party quest.
        Think of it, what is better, a whole new contect with a storyline, prizes and new monsters, or just a new pq which doesn’t give exp and probably 80% of the maplers will complete JUST for farming vip weapons?
        I think that for the long run, a new contect will be much more enjoyable than vpq.

  11. No … Its like Mapler’s travelling from Future to Past …. in Past the Funture maplers are Visiters … while … the unknown creatures in past we call it Aliens … Might be… Im not sure πŸ˜›

  12. Nothing special in this patch? Shakar are you kidding?
    BaMs will be able to use all 3 auras simultaneously which is a huge buff, Evans get another +1 attack speed to the prior +1 attack speed they got last patch (allince raising) and some nice dmg buffs to some of their skills, and finally Arans get a huge set of skill buffs to pretty much all of their skills.
    Please read again the KMS patch notes before stating there is nothing special about this patch. I was waiting very long to this patch to arrive (especially the Evan revamp part)

  13. Nothing special? My Hero gets buffed up, I’m super excited. However how do you know it will be Visitors PQ. The visitors where not aliens they were future maplers, only aliens in maple story are some people in NLC like The Glimer Man(is that his name?).

  14. didnt u say that in one of ur posts that the march update would take away mercedes, dual blades, Cannoneers, and Demon slayers, then the Phantom would come out? but in one of the other older posts u said that GMS was like 5-6 months
    behind the update o_0

    • Uhm… I think I understand what shakar meant. In the march update, mercedes, dual blades, Cannoneers, and Demon slayers are taken away, and then, after the march update, Phantom will come out later. It’s just some grammar issue, I think.

  15. say then wouldnt that mean that phantom would come out like during summer vacation or a little bit into the school year by like a few weeks?

  16. i would think after this so called union patch then it’s time for maple birth day which will be like 1 and half month next we got justice

  17. U can’t just claim that visitor pq is coming back without prooof For all we know it could be Versal i mean wasn’t he an alien?!?!

  18. It’s not Visitors. Visitors =/= Aliens. Visitors were just Maplers from the future that needed the suits to live. Sorry if this was posted already.

  19. LOL they bring out visitors when cygnus weps come out..
    and i hope its a expansion in masteria im sick of the same maps over and over

      • Visitor PQ or Masteria Expansion. However, Masteria Expansion is TOO original for Nexon America so I’m guessing it’s Visitor PQ.
        Could be Masteria Expansion, and actually I remember Nexon talking about it a while ago, but it just seems like something Nexon America can’t do.

  20. Wait, I have a question: Back before the Resistance was released in GMS, I played very little MapleStory. But out of the few times I did play before Big-Bang, I remembered that OSSS required you to be level 120. Am I mistaken or is it true? I also remembered that my brother somehow managed to wear the suit “mining” things as well as defeat the Visitors. The suit had weird attacks and it seemed very similar to basic movements for the Mechanics’ Prototype skill. Please clear up any misunderstandings I may have.

  21. Anybody know anything about the Mechanic revamp?
    I’d like to know what’s gonna change.
    Please, ONLY respond if are true facts, thank you.

    And I don’t think Visitor PQ is coming back, think about it:
    If Visitor PQ comes back, everyone is going to be able to get VIP equipment, this is BAD… BAD BAD BAD, because the economy will drop way too much. VIP equipment is by far the best in the game, all other weapons would be worthless then, everyone will have VIP equipment and that’s bad for Nexon; people would only need to scroll them and that’s about it, you have your ‘Ultimate Weapon’ as I like to call it.
    I hope they do come back and maybe the PQ, but not the VIP equipment. It would suck (I’m not saying it because I have a 10b-worth-VIP weapon) but c’mon… nearly all existing equips would be replaced sorta–
    If VIP equipment is ‘gettable’ I hope to God they’ll make it HELL-DIFFICULT TO GET.
    In other words:
    – ‘Noobs’ would be able to get godly equipment.
    – ‘Pros’ wouldn’t seem THAT pro anymore.
    – Economy on weapons will Hell-Drop.
    And I don’t know, too much more changes if this happens…
    Mechanic changes, please!? ):

    • The cost of everything in GMS is too damn high. Hackers and dupers run the economy, but Nexon deletes the hacked and duped weapons that were once legit. So not only can’t dupers keep prices low, but the removal of some legitly obtained items only further restricts the supply which in turn causes the price of the rest to skyrocket. Throw in superbosses and the competitive nature of the game, and that even further overvalues the cost of good items. Potential was supposed to offset this, but allowing NX cubing to “cheat” one’s way to a perfect weapon just bumped up the glass ceiling to requiring NX. Inner abilities will only exacerbate the problem. Only items nobody wants are priced anywhere near their actual value.

      HOWEVER! If there’s an NX-less way to obtain good weapons, that’s one small step in the right direction. Still, it’s only one step. The market will still have no integrity whatsoever even if VIP weapons return, so you have nothing to worry about.

  22. I srsly doubt its Visitors…

    Masteria Expansion is wonderful. I really REALLY want to venture into Versal. AND THEN WE CAN GET THE WHITE MAGE TO KICK THE BLACK MAGE’S ASS!


    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–‘β–‘β–€β–€β–„β–‘β–‘β–‘ β–‘

    couldnt find all the things meme so i used this one if u guys have it copy paste it
    in comments please

  24. After this 2-3 week after this patch we get part 2 and about another 2-3.5 week we will most likely be at the start of justice patch

  25. Dear Shakar, the name of ElinForest in most server are ElinForest with one “L” im guessing they used the code from KMS


    ….. M7. …..=+=..
    ..=.. MD …++++~..
    .=++~… ., .. M. ..++=+++…
    ..,+++++… … ..+.. …..M …~+++++++..
    .+++++++… .=… ..++.. …,+++..M..,+++++++++.
    ..++++++++. ,++.. ..=++.. :++++….=++++++++++ .
    ..++++++++++,.. .~+++:.. ..+++=. :+++++..,+++++++++++=. .
    …+++++++++++~…=+++++…,++++. ..,++++++:+++=+++++++++=..
    .+++++++++++++:.=++++++..+++++. …~++++++++++++M++++++++~.
    .. ..++++++++++++++=+++++++++++++=..+++++++++++++++M+++++++~..
    . ..+++++++++++++++++++++MMO,?M=++++++++++++++++++M++++++~.
    .. …. …++++++++++++++++M,:,:::::::$++++++~8…M+++++?+++++=..
    .. ..=++,… ~+++++++++++++++++=N,:::::,=MMMMOIM. M.M+++++++++=.
    .. ..++++~…. ..+++++++++++++++++++~MM:. M. .8+++=++++=..
    .. …,+++++~. . …+++++++++++++++++=+. +. ,MZ D..=++D++++…
    .. ..+++++++,.. .=+++++++++++++M…M. OM . MZ. ,=+M+++,.
    . ..,+++++++++,.++++++++++++M.. DN.,MMMMMMMM+. M+M++=..
    ..++++++++++++++++++++++=.. M$..MMMMMMMMMMMM. ..=O++. .. ..~.
    .+++++++++++++++++++++++IM.D 7MMMMMMMMMMMMMM O~+~.. …….. ……=+++:
    .=++++++++++++++++++++++M. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. M++.. ,~++++, . ..++++++,..
    ……+++++++++++++++++++++8. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. .,M+++++++++:.. ..=+++++++…
    .=+++++++++++++++++++++++++M. MMMMMMMMMMMM .M7++++++++.. …+++++++++…
    .+++++++++++++++++++++++++N. MMMMMMMMMMM. .M7M++++++…~+++++++++=.
    …=+++++++++++++++++++++++=$. MMMMMMMMMM . ..ZI77++++=.+++++++++++~…
    …++++++++++++++++++++++M$ . M+MMMMMM~. ..7777N++++++++++++++….
    ..,+++++++++++++++++OO+++M. .MMM=..M, .N7777N++++++++++++,.
    …..,=++++++++++++++++++=M+++++++M.. . .M777777=+++++++++=.
    …:+++++++++++++++++++++++M=++++++++++M8…. ….M7I777777M++++++++.
    …~+++++++++++++++++++++M++++++++++++++Z77MMMMMMD777777777777++++++= .
    . .+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++MII7777777777777777777++++++++~

  27. + M .=+.
    .++. . + .+. ,+++.
    .++++, .+. ++ .++.+++++.
    .+++++.+++++ :+++++M+++.
    . .+++++++,:::M++..++=++.
    ..++. .+++++++M. M.M+++.
    .++++.++++M M MMMM D+.
    +++++++++= MMMMMM .=..+~ ~++.
    .++++++++++. MMMMM 7+++..++++.
    .~++++++++D MMM. .77+++++~.
    ..+=++++++=++++. .I77++++

    can u tell this is all the things guy?

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  30. We thought KMS’s Union’s Advance would be called Alliance Rising, but it turns out it’s now called the Alliance Unbound. Sounds stupid

    Yeah agree on this part, just like your name, shaker = sucker

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