KMS v.1.2.154 ~ Dual Blade Revamp

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We all knew that the update that came about a week ago would come today. Nothing really changed, I covered basically everything in that post (massively updated it many times!), except the White Days events which I just don’t want to talk about. Guess I have to, though, since I’d feel uneasy if I don’t cover them :/.

Also, something weird. It says ‘v.1.2.153’ EVERYWHERE on the website, but it’s really v.1.2.154… No way Nexon could mess up that bad (yeah, right). EDIT: They changed it, and they changed the picture above also^. I’m not changing it, haha.

And for anyone who’s about to argue with me and say something like “ZOMG U SAID MARCH 5TH UNOOB STUPID STUPID MYMOMMYTOLDMENOTTOSAYSTUPIDIDISOBEYMYMOMCUZISOCOOL”, you must have misunderstood what I said. I said that on March 5th Phantom will be removed & Aswan will be merged, I never said anything about the Dual Blade revamp.

Well, let’s start with the skill changes first.

KMST v.1.2.422 -> KMS v.1.2.154


Sharp Slash
Required MP Decreased (14 at max level -> 13 at max level).

Dual Blade
Blade Recruit (2nd/1st+)
Tornado Spin
Dummy skill removed, combined into 1 skill.
Required MP changed. Still 36 at max level, but that MP is consumed when you activate the skill, regardless on whether you use it or not. In other words, it changed from being 16 at activation and 20 when launched to 36 when activated.
Range Increased.

Blade Lord (3rd+/3rd)
Life Drain
Probability Increased (5% at max level -> 10% at max level).

Blade Master (4th)
Final Cut
Damage Increase Bonus Increased (40% at max level -> 60% at max level).
Duration Increased (40 seconds at max level -> 60 seconds at max level).

Blade Fury
Damage Increased by 15% (150% at max level -> 165% at max level).


White Day events weren’t added yet, but the rest of the events are the same as the ones discussed here.

Other Changes

  • ALL Dual Bladers receive ALL Skill Books (in this event). Sorry for all of you who actually bought it :/.
  • The Leveling Event (the one in which you get a prize every 5 levels) is available to ALL Dual Bladers level 10-100.

  • ‘Special Items’ added to Cash Shop.

  • Effect for Cygnus Set was added. You can get baby Shinsoo if you have (the items were added a while ago, by the way, just Cash Shop items):

Ereve’s Star (에레브의 별)
Angelic Emerald (엔젤릭 에메랄드)
Cygnus Dress (시그너스 드레스)
Cygnus Sandals (시그너스 샌들)

  • New pet was added (‘Dark Soul’), OH MY GOSH!


  • Other equips:

Necro Pescas
Required Level: 120
Required STR: 75
Required DEX: 160
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
Number of upgrades available: 7
+105 Weapon ATT
NPC Price: 1 mesos
Attack Speed: 4
[Untradeable once equipped]
[Platinum Scissors of Karma may be used]

Stone of Eternal Life

Required Level: 0
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
Number of upgrades available: 0
NPC Price: 0 mesos
+3 Weapon ATT
+3 Magic ATT
+3 STR
+3 DEX
+3 INT
+3 LUK
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]

Flame of Hell
NPC Price: 0 mesos
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]
Number of upgrades available: 5
Required Level: 130
+7 STR
+7 INT
+7 DEX
+7 LUK
+100 Weapon DEF
+100 Magic DEF
+100 MaxHP
+100 MaxMP
+2 Weapon ATT
+2 Magic ATT

Maple Intellectual Guidebook

Required Level: 0
+1 STR
+1 INT
+1 DEX
+1 LUK
Number of upgrades available: 0
NPC Price: 0 mesos
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]

Stone of Eternal Life = Pocket item and Flame of Hell = Earrings in case you didn’t know.

And some Cash Shop items which I don’t care about…

  • Hilla’s (the level 190 one) EXP was divided by 10:

EXP: 204,000,000 -> 20,400,000

  • Other monster changes that we don’t care about, they include: Buff of Seruf (HP: 1,050,000 -> 1,400,000), King Clang (HP: 697,500 -> 930,000), and ‘nerf’ of Thanatos (EXP: 107,436 -> 51,160).
  • Lots of new medals:

Aswan’s Savior: +4 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +100 Weapon/Magic DEF, +60 Accuracy/Avoidability. You get it by clearing Normal mode of Hilla.

Hilla’s Well Acquaintance: +6 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +120 Weapon/Magic DEF, +60 Accuracy/Avoidability. You get it by clearing Hard mode 50 times :/.

Aswan’s Phoenix: +5 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +150 Weapon/Magic DEF, +60 Accuracy, +65 Avoidability. You get it if you clear Hard mode without dying.

Aswan’s Light: +5 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +170 Weapon/Magic DEF, +60 Accuracy, +65 Avoidability. You get it by clearing Hard mode within 7 minutes.

  • The event medals which I showed you last post were redesigned:

Still the same stats.

New Rewards for Hillla

Normal mode Hilla:

  • Necro equips (which were added but I never felt like posting them :D, they’re just level 120 weapons like the Pescas above).

  • Stone of Eternal Life (shown above [I mean except the image above]).

Hard mode Hilla:

  • Necro equips/Stone of Eternal Life.
  • Necro scrolls.

  • Flame of Hell (shown above [Not just the image above]).

  • The new pet (?! Lasts for 90 days) and its equipment, Dark Soul Earrings. Also, some scrolls that give you +2 Magic ATT at a 20% chance (50% chance to destroy if you fail).

Monster Park Changes

I wasn’t able to test Monster Park in KMST, but the patch notes explain it pretty well.

Well first off, the drop rate of tickets were doubled. Yeah who cares.

A ‘Special Monster’ may spawn during the PQ, that monster is this guy:

If you kill him, you’ll get item with ‘Epic’ potential.

Bonus stage was also added at the end, you can enter it if you found the ‘Special Monster’. Kill robber Spiegelmann and he will drop a Box of Greed. From the box you can get~

  • Mystery Mastery Book.
  • 1.3X EXP coupon.
  • Chaos Scroll.
  • Mystery Recipe.
  • lulMonster Park Coins.
  • Pendant of Greed (+2 All Stats, 5 slots, can be transferred within your account).
  • Scrolls for that pendant^^.
  • Pots

Well that’s all for now… I got my Dual Blade to 120 in KMST :). I’ll upload more videos and add more information when I get a chance.


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66 comments on “KMS v.1.2.154 ~ Dual Blade Revamp

  1. Shakar, I must admit, your posts are making my day, im like entering your blog 20 times a day waiting for a post, so thanks god ur exist, if not I would be driven crazy already. now.. lets read this post.

      • actually those arent skill books either. skill books are the books that drop from zak and need to be sok’d to trade, that actually teach the skill. those ones are still technically mastery books. but sometimes skill books and mastery books are refferred to collectively as skillbooks.

  2. HI i have two questions
    1( I have a lv 107 mercedes and do u guys have any suggestions on where to train and the fastest way to lv up?
    2( There was an event where all lv 30 mercedes got a choice of ONE Mastery book
    and it was for the fourth job advancement but i am kinda close to the 4th job advancement but i dont have the book in my inventory anymore, do those books expire or ……………………………..?_? 😦

  3. Can I ask you to get the new “Jazz bar” map in kerning ?
    I’ve seen you can get the map like how it looks in game, (like you did for aswan maps) It would be usefull if you teach me how you do that. I’m from Leafre if you didn’t recognize my name 🙂

  4. Overall great blog! Can’t wait for these updates.

    Also F.Y.I. You and Max should hook up and do a duo some time! It would be ADORABLE ❤

  5. i have some question for dual blade, u know that db have new skill at job advance 3 which called shadow evade something, which also require mastery book so is that avalible from cash shop and does old db need buy that book?

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  7. I wonder what will be GMS exculsive content, I just hope it won’t be as Age of Triumph, with a really bad PvP mode, or anything else thats worth nothing
    Hope that they won’t ruin it as those GMS exclusive events.

  8. By “ALL” do you also mean the ones that were created before the event? (Probably a stupid question, just wanted to be sure).

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