KMS – Valentine’s Day Events

UPDATE: Look at the bottom.

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The events were actually added to KMST a long time ago, but I didn’t want to report them because of my great disappointment. Today, they were added to KMS so I figured, what the heck, nothing better to do and therefore came to the decision of preparing a post dedicated to those new events.

If I get mad during this post, please pardon it. The events follow the same [damn] concepts as all the others in the past and present. In other words, more trite events :(.

On the bright side, however, I did get to play KMST a little bit and get my Phantom to level 7X! Yay for super EXP/drop rates in KMST (along with a bagillion 1.5X EXP coupons).

All monsters will begin dropping those heart boxes, blah blah. Open them and you can get:

  • 1 Justice Coin.
  • Loveseat chair (30 days):

  • Another temporary face accessory, yay… (30 days):

+3 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, 5 slots.

  • Scroll for that^ thing:

50% chance of working, adds +1 to all stats.

  • Useless medal above your head.
  • Personality trait potions (what’s with those?!).
  • lulUntradeablePotsAgainTheStupidReindeerMilkAndTheDewsCrap.

Mhm next event:

Drop from all monsters, get 100 of them, trade for 1 Justice coin. MapleStory events, you’re too much to handle.

I know you can guess what this is…

30 damn minutes later:

And your worthless reward:

Use it…

Oh look, buffs.

  • Level 30- = 30 minutes, +20 ATT/+40 Speed.
  • Level 31~70 = 30 minutes, +30 ATT/+40 Speed.
  • Level 71+ =30 minutes, +40 ATT/+40 Speed.

The originality of these events are just killing me.

Okay bye. Maybe next Wednesday will be more interesting (inb4 another revamp).


P.S. – March 5th, two things: Phantoms can’t be made anymore (WTF, seriously Nexon?!) and Aswan World Competition will be closed; that and the 4 modes will be combined into one.

34 comments on “KMS – Valentine’s Day Events

    • Could you like update the mother fucking skill table? You clearly have free time because your able to post this so why not do the skill table. geez this si why i like Max. At least he does stuff and is updating his blog regularly. #waste

      • Dumbass, look at how my post is brief. I don’t have time, I have a lot of other things to do.
        And Max doesn’t update his skill tables either, so shut up. I LAUGHED at the part ‘he’s updating regularly,’ no offense Max.

      • really, why do you want to put competition between OrangeMushroom’s blog and Shakar’s? i mean, its okay you like it, but you dont have to come to Shakar’s blog and start ranting for the stuff he does, if you dont like it, dont read it, as simple as that.

  1. shakar whatdo you think next class will be? i am very intrested in knowing about how the pirate hero is going to be. yes i do know we just got all this new classes… but humas want what they dont have XD

    • its gonna be @@FIH@#G*EEUGDQUGY*R@(DQUA*R$(IDQUYYYYF*ERU#CJDHQDSAJHVEWVGFFVFCWCHwchehfiHKHFIDVHJDIUVJHFWVFjudHCDfjudwvfugfugewfugwefgwefgewfewfgdjbvczbjcds bvsjbv

      yes!!!! 4th poster

  2. Hey Shakar, why are you wanting it tp be wednesday? What revamp do you think is going to happen? Sprry fpr typo’s, iPod’s sux

  3. Maybe this time we can have a twisty storyline for one of the new classes instead of this cliché “we all wake up at the same time to seal up the dude we sealed up 100 years ago” crap. Like maybe the Mage sub-adventurer (ie. Dual blade, cannon shooter) can be the black mage’s apprentice or is the black mage’s new soon to be body. Or maybe the pirate hero defects to the black mage’s side or something exciting. Demon slayer was the only one with an acctually good story.

    • That ruins the point of trying out a Phantom o_o.
      Although, it is getting pretty boring so I guess I’ll just level myself to 170, LOL.
      EDIT: It’s not for all jobs, doesn’t work.
      I’ll level a corsair instead, just because.

  4. Shakar, I have to be honest. I absolutely … HATE… the background collor.
    1. To Girls-ish
    2. hurt meh eyezzzzz…

    srry man not trying to be really negative, just hoping that you change your background …. maybe blue/black/white ?
    This just doesn’t make any sense, besides being Valentine-ish

  5. I mean seriously, or nexon is planning that there will be only limited number of the 5 heroes so they can make Black Mage expedition or something or that they are super cheap on character slots.

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